Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Choose!

I have decided that instead of rambling about my life for EVERY post, I will see what YOU, the reader, want me to ramble about. (Yes... I know I ended that with a preposition... and I feel your judgment.) I mean, we all know that my life is extraordinarily fascinating, and I know that you will be in epic dismay over the fact that every one of my posts will not be about me and my life. However, it is time for me to discuss another topic, that is, unless you choose a topic dealing with me. Regardless, I need an idea. If you have one, as crazy as it may be, let me know! Remember, I am an extremely random person, so I can probably work with whatever you throw at me! :D Give it a go!


  1. Ok, I would like for you to answer this question in a blog. I am pretty sure that you could come up with something amusing to say about the subject. What is the correct answer to the question "does this dress make me look fat?" (and other such ponderings) btw ponderings is not a word and the word amuzing is a combo word between amazing and amusing, I just thought you would like to know these important facts.

  2. How about the transition from FSU into the real world, yeah sorry its more about you but it would be very interesting to read and a great insite for those of us who will eventually be making that transition!

  3. You could write about how people use the word insure instead of ensure..

    Or your favorite Bible character...

    Or the current state of the US public education system...

    Or Darlin'....

    Or the beach vs. the mountains...

    Need more?

  4. I have loved reading your blog :) It's been great to keep up with your life, haha.

  5. @Mom Thanks! I have now answered yours! :)
    @Jenna Great idea! I will get going on that one soon!
    @Travis Goodness! I guess I should have just asked you first!!!
    @Alyssa Thanks, girlie! I am so glad you read it! I am a reader of your blog (as you know), and I, too, enjoy keeping up with you and your life through your writing. Any ideas for me? Would you like to add to Travis's insane list of epic proportions!? ;)

  6. How about some of your dreams/goals for your marriage/life now? List of life lessons thus far? Best compliments/constructive criticism you've gotten?

    more silly: What was your dream growing up? Favorite movie of all time? Goofiest moments?

  7. Good suggestions, Alyssa! Thanks so much! I will get on it. ;)