Thursday, May 20, 2010

Travis Turned Twenty-Two!

I am taking a break from resp
onding to requests to announce that my husband, Travis Andrew Engebretsen, is 22 years old today, this twentieth of May, two-thousand and ten! This morning, we have gone to get Travis's "Birthday Breakfast". Normally, Travis tries to be good and not eat too much junk, but I told him that he can be bad today because it is his birthday, dang it! Therefore, we went to Dunkin' Donuts where I got a large coffee with cream and sugar and Travis got two double chocolate doughnuts and a small strawberry coolatta with whipped cream! So. much. sugar! What a way to start off his 22nd birthday- with a diabetic coma!

I love Travis so much! I want to share some memories with you that we have shared over the years:

- April 30, 2005: We started dating after he asked my parents and they agreed.
- June 15, 2005: I received my first kiss from Travis... in front of our families at my 16th birthday dinner!

- September 10, 2005: Travis and I officially began courting; he gave me pearl earrings to commemorate the event. They have been my favorite earrings ever since.

- November 26, 2005: Travis said, "I love you" for the first time. I said it back. :)

- Summer, 2007: Travis and I began summer classes at the Florida State University!

- January 24, 2009: Travis asked me to marry him... hmmm... I can't remember if I said yes...
- August, 2009: Travis graduated with a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurship.
- December 19, 2009: Travis and I were married. This was the happiest day of our lives! :) I must say, he rocked that tux! Schmeeeexy! :D
- December 20-27: Travis and I boarded a Royal Caribbean cruise ship for our honeymoon!

- December 25, 2009: Travis and I spent our very first Christmas
together on the cruise! It was an awesome Christmas!
- May 1, 2010: Travis and I graduated in the same ceremony! Travis: Masters of Science in Finance; Me: Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.
- May 20, 2010: Travis's first married birthday- 22! What an OLD man!!! ;)

Throughout 22 years, Travis has impacted many people- through his love for Christ, his business knowledge, his many theatrical talents, and his general kindness. His joyful spirit, sense of humor, beautiful voice, and contagious smile make practically anyone he meets fall in love with him. I was simply the lucky one... the one whom he fell in love with back. I have listed just a few of the great memories I have shared (and am sharing) with Travis.

Please leave a comment explaining your favorite memory about or with Travis that you have experienced at some point during his 22 years thus far.


  1. I remember the first kiss at the Melting Pot, oh how sweet, I wanted to stuff him in the trunk and take him to the Everglades, to waste away in an Alligators stomach, how sweet that would have been! Just kidding, all great memories Happy Birthday to Travis!!

  2. My favorite memory of Travis was when I was concerned that he would not respect your desire to be "sweet 16 and never been kissed". He came into the den, got down on his knee so he would be eye level with me (I was sitting in the desk chair), looked me straight in the face and said "I would never violate that trust". Probably the turning point for me. I love you Travis, have a very Happy Birthday.

  3. hmmm i do not about favorite memory, but this is the one that comes to mind, 'cause i recently saw a picture of it. it was St. Pat's day circa 2005. Travis and I made some kind of bet(what, I cannot remember), but if he lost then he would let me color his hair green...with a highlighter. well, as fate would have it, he lost. and I colored his hair green. and his eyebrows. he went the rest of the school day with his emerald coif. that boy keeps his end of a bargain, that's for sure! Happy Birthday, Travis! I hope you had a great day!
    PS Brittany: 22 is NOT old!!

  4. @Dad That was super scary. LOL
    @Mom Great memory! :) Thanks for sharing.
    @Erica Please. Please. Please. For the love of all that is humorous in this world, show me that picture! Haha!

  5. Travis is not only THE perfect guy for you but someone Andy and I have admired since we met him. We have been impressed with his natural talents - beautiful singing (cannot listen to "I love you just the way you are" without picturing you on the ship and at your proposal!) and his financial acumen - but his genuine spirit of caring and compassion - his welcoming of us every time we've visited - and his sense of humor. We are so happy the two of you married - and 22 seems SOOOOO young (since I am a year from 60) but think of the MANY years you'll enjoy together and all the birthdays, all the anniversaries, and each and every special day together! Give Travis a hug from us!

    Note: copied from my earlier post on FB and comment above ended up incomplete - sorry!

  6. Travis - hope you had a wonderful birthday. We already know you have a wonderful wife!
    Andy & Marcy

  7. There are so many memories... beginning in 5th grade, he was my first crush upon arriving in florida (5th grade).
    6th grade... nothing particular comes to mind.
    7-8th grade- Travis, Adam, Brittany and I were inseparable. Classic. It was a blast
    9th-12th were some of the best years of my life. Travis, Clayton and I sat on the back row of Biology and earth science and probably physics (with me always in the middle of them)
    *Travis always made fun of the way I said words like "civilization", "bowl"...
    *Biology class when we were doing a cross word puzzle and I was getting more and more frustrated at the fact that I could not figure out the word... I kept repeating it out loud as "flo... flow..." ??? Finally TRavis looked over at me rather exasperated and said "Jenny... REALLY??" Its FLOWER!!! :) ha ha. It still makes me laugh.
    *The night we watched his video of Les Miserables because I was in Brazil when it showed (for which he was very upset about). His dad gave us a running commentary of the entire thing! Hysterical!!!
    *Graduating co-Valedictorian with him. I was proud to stand up next to him.

    Thanks for all the awesome memories Travis. You have been a wonderful friend through all the years! I hope you have a wonderful 22nd year!

    Love, Jenny

  8. @Marcy Thank you very much for your sweet comment and nice memories!
    @Jen I knew you would have some memories to share! LOL Thanks!

  9. will you be there wed? I'll have to dig up the picture and bring it, though it was back in the film days so the picture is blurry and overexposed and really doesn't do it justice.
    Oh I have another memory: one of the only times Travis decided to be rebellious in high school. He decided to chew gum in class(against the rules for the home schooler among us ha!) anyway, the gum somehow ripped or chipped off a veneer he had on his front tooth. I tried so hard not too laugh when he displayed his crooked tooth grin. I don't think I was very reassuring when I told him it was "not that noticeable." haha! it never pays to do the wrong thing Travis!

  10. Ha! I think I actually remember that because it was very early on in the relationship and he didn't want me to see him with his messed up tooth! LOL By the way, you are in big trouble missy for not bring that picture today!!! Tsk tsk! Hehe! Scan!!!!