Friday, July 29, 2011

Are You Pinterested?

My sister, Lindsey, recently introduced me to this nifty (yes, I said "nifty") website called Pinterest.  It is a site used for exactly how it sounds: you pin stuff in which you are interested.  Still kind of a weird definition?  Think bulletin board.

Perhaps you now have or have had a bulletin board where you would pin up interesting pictures you clipped from magazines- beauty ideas, outfits you wanted, exercise/diet inspiration, etc.  Pinterest is like an online bulletin board which stands to reason considering that everything these days is online (including some magazines).  You "pin" pictures you like from various websites to your boards (you have different boards on your Pinterest page to categorize your photos).  Pinterest automatically grabs the URL and posts it with the picture so that the proper site gets the credit for the photo. 

You don't just need to pin from websites; you can also "repin" from someone else's Pinterest page.  Don't want to repin, but want to show appreciation for the pin?  "Like" it!  Pinterest even allows you to comment on pins as well.  You can follow other boards so that you can keep up with pins people have added.  Forrrrrr example, you can follow Lindsey and me (and obviously many more, but c'mon, let's be honest... ours are the coolest- duh!

Well, if it sounds interesting to you, check it out!  In order to join Pinterest, you have to go to the site and request an invite (I'm pretty sure they do that to avoid bots).  Click here, or here, or even HERE to check out my personal Pinterest page!  It may sound strange, but trust me, it's fun.  Enjoy!

P.S. Let me know what ya think!  ;]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

As Promised...

Mamma Mia!  Meatballs!  I am going to discuss meatballs because, for the very first time the other day, we made them!  They were yyyyyyuuuuummmmmmmmmyyyyy!!!  In case you have never made meatballs before (Hey, it could happen- after all, we were living proof of that!), I am going to give you a quick description of how we made them:

Uno) Mix 1 lb. ground beef with pepper, salt, garlic (lots of it if you are like me and love garlic- proof that I am not a vampire... in case you... had any suspicions...), an egg, bread crumbs, grated Parmesan cheese, and oregano.  (I'm not being specific because there are soooo many meatball recipes online that you can use; we actually combined some recipes to make ours.)

Due) Form the mixture into balls (duh.)

Tre) Get some olive oil in a saucepan nice and hot (like sizzling hot).

Quattro) Once the olive oil is super hot, place the meatballs into the oil (they should sizzle and pop some).  Turn the meatballs so that they get nice and brown on the outside only.

Cinque) Boil some pasta sauce in a pot.  (Important Tip: Put a lid on the pot!  That is, unless your walls are red.  Then you can go to town I suppose... if you don't mind that there is crusty, old sauce rotting on your kitchen walls for all of eternity.  Meh, to each his own.)

Sei) Plop those meatballs into the sauce, and let them boil for 25-30 minutes to ensure that they are done.

Sette) Near the end of the 25-30 minutes, boil your pasta (you don't want it to get overly mushy while the meatballs are cooking).

Otto) Pour a few delicious meatballs as well as sauce over your pasta, top the whole thing with a little Parmesan (if you desire it), and voila!

Buon Appetito!

Next on our list of topics is Krumkakes.  Let's look at a couple definitions shall we...
  • Krumkake or 'Krum kaka' (, meaning bent or curved cake, plural krumkaker) is a Norwegian waffle cookie made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and cream. Krumkake are traditionally made during the Christmas season.
  • A Norwegian Christmas cookie. The cookie is made on a specially designed iron carved with intricate designs. The cookie batter is normally flavored with cardamom and is baked on the iron, and then while still warm rolled into a cone shape.

I became ambitious and "bake-y" the other day, so my friend Alyssa and I had an impromptu Skype baking date!  She made chocolate chip cookies, and I made this Norwegian treat for the first time!  I have had the Krumkake press for quite some time now thanks to Grandmother Engebretsen (She knew it would be the perfect gift!).

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the Krumkakes I made.  Oops!  However, I have more batter, so when Travis and I make some more (he was at work and didn't get a chance to make them the first time), I will take pictures and post them on the blog.  =]  Until then, let me give you a taste of what Krumkakes look like by showing these pictures I've found:



Finally, we shall discuss...

... wait for it...

... wait for it...


Now, if you have not come to the realization in your life that buttons make everything better, then 1) ::gasp::!  I am shocked! and 2) What a terrible shame!  Your life must be so empty!!!

There, there.  Never fret... now that you are aware that buttons do, indeed, make everything better, you can look forward to a life full of button bliss!  You're welcome.

Anywho, the reason I am even discussing buttons is because I have added them to my apron thus making my apron like... a million times even more awesome (at least!).  Are you ready to see the before and after?  I said:

(::big rocker shouting voice::)

ARE YOU READY TO SEE THE BEFORE AND AFTER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

let's do this thing.

Before- notice how sad the flowers are because of their lack of buttons.

After- notice how happy the flowers are now that their lives are no longer button-less.

Needed a closer look?  I knew you would.

Last one too close?  Try this one on for size!

Ok, enough of that.  Well, now that I have... typed... your ear...eyes... off...  Nope... that just isn't working.  

Well, now that I have rambled on and on about meatballs, Krumkakes, and buttons for pleeeenty of time, I shall bid you adieu!  (There, that was better, wasn't it?  I think so, too.)

Any thoughts to share?  Let me have 'em by leaving a comment!  Thanks for reading!  =]

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Quick Update to "Hold You Over"

Hey T.A.B.L.E. Talk readers!  Yeah!  That's right!  I see all... ::counting::... four of you!!!  Awesome!  (BTDubs, I don't technically see you so don't worry if you aren't wearing pants or were in the middle of picking your nose or something... but seriously, save that for the bathroom... nasty.)

I just wanted to give you all a quick hello and preview of what you will be reading about in my next blog post.  So first, HELLO!

Now that that is over with, what's up next?  An awesome three-part discussion (...because you know I LOVE lists... particularly ones with three components for some reason... can we say OCD???) on meatballs, Krumkakes, and buttons!  Doesn't that sound fun!?

-Stay tuned!-

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heartbeats, Aprons, and Vomit

So today I am going to talk about puppies. 

Hopefully, you are thinking, "Why, that has absolutely nothing to do with the title of this post!"  If you aren't thinking that, then clearly you didn't pay attention to the title... and whyyyyy not?!?!?!  The title is a very important part of writing pieces!  Now then, you are forgiven.

Clearly I am not going to be talking about puppies in this post.  I am going to be talking about the three things mentioned in my title.  (Lookin' forward to "Vomit", eh?  I can tell.)

1) The first thing is not only number one on the list, but it is also the most important thing on the list to discuss.  TUE Tuesdays ago (Get it?  Meh, whatever- it was the 5th- you get the picture), Travis and I got to experience hearing our baby's beautiful heartbeat via doppler!  My parents also came down from Tennessee to hear it!  =D  Yeah, they are just a little excited.  Travis and I heard the heartbeat together first, and then my parents came in and heard while Mom videotaped.  Speaking of the video... enjoy!

2) The next thing to talk about... er... type about... is my new hobby!  I have taken up sewing, and I am grateful that the skill is kind of "in my genes".  My mom is an excellent seamstress, so I am hoping some of that awesomeness trickled through the bloodstream and made its way to me.  Well, I guess you can be the judge of that... just kidding... no judging!!!  Below is a picture of my first independent sewing project (independent meaning I called my mom every 5 minutes asking for help)- a cute, colorful apron:

3) And now... the moment you have all been waiting for... (cue exciting music)... vomit.  Yes... it happened again.  I threw up again.  Two times in fourteen weeks?  I have been BLESSED!  This last time was not caused by gagging myself with a toothbrush (soooo lame).  This time was just kind of random.  I think it was caused partially by me not eating first thing, partially by me being dehydrated, and partially by me taking a hot shower before eating- I get overheated very easily.  Regardless... puking = un-stinkin-pleasant.  You should be very grateful I don't have some form of visual media for this point.  You're welcome.

Toodles, people!