Thursday, May 27, 2010

#5- Daniel

Request #5 From Travis (A.K.A. My hubby)- "Or your favorite Bible character..."

My loving husband apparently has many ideas up his sleeve because when I asked for requests on writing ideas, he threw a bunch at me! My favorite Bible character. Obviously, my favorite Bible character is Jesus because He saved me from eternal destruction in Hell. He is Love. He is God. He is everything. However, I think Travis was asking for my favorite Bible character other than Jesus.

If I had to choose, I would probably choose Daniel. He has such an interesting story! From being thrown into the fiery furnace to being thrown in the lion's den, Daniel was blessed and rescued constantly by God.
I guess something that has drawn me to Daniel is his immense faith and trust.

I have struggled with faith because I was saved at the tender age of four. I have rededicated and re-given my life to Christ since, but because I never had that "Aha!" moment where I lived many years struggling and sinning freely until being brought to my knees by the Lord, I never had that feeling of the overwhelming burden lifted off of my back. I was four. My sins included disobeying, disrespecting, and perhaps stretching the truth occasionally.
However, in God's eyes, those are on equal level with murder, adultery, etc. As true as this is, it is difficult to wrap my head around the fact that I am saved when I was so young and innocent when Jesus rescued me. The truth is... I should be shouting with joy over this fact! I was saved before ever having to feel many years of emptiness. Nevertheless, this rant is simply a drawn out explanation of why I struggle with faith.

I have also struggled with trust... I suppose faith and trust
do go hand-in-hand. Either way, trust has been an issue for me, too; trust in people and trust in God. Daniel trusted God with his life, his friends' lives, and... just... everything. That is highly impressive to me.

These struggles have made me appreciate Daniel because he was so bold in God. He knew God would take care of him; he knew nothing could hurt him as long as God was in control. I have so much trouble truly letting go of issues- letting go and letting God. Not Daniel. He intensely trusted the Lord with seemingly hopeless situations showing his epic faith in God's control.

Daniel had a great story which exhibited his excellent, deep faith and trust in God. Therefore, because of his entertaining story and admirable qualities, Daniel is (besides Jesus) my favorite Bible character. Besides Jesus, who is your favorite character from the Bible and why?


  1. LOL you said "tender", cracked me up.

    Also, Daniel had a very strict eating practice, which I am sure you admire. I know I do. So I should pick him as my favorite just because of that skill but my favorite Bible character would probably be Ruth.

  2. I should have known some one would call me out on that! LOL I was very aware that I used that word... and I admit, it bothered me, but it was the one that fit. Haha! Painnnnful to use! Ruth is great. Please explain why you like her. :D

  3. I noticed the use of the word too and was just dying to see if someone else mentioned it!! :) ha ha you should have never told us! :) now we won't let it die...

  4. Erg! Why am I friends with/related to intelligent, "with it" people!? I truly will never live this down. LOL