Monday, May 10, 2010


Since this is post #20 (I cannot believe I will have written 20 posts after this- that is ridiculous!), I have decided to take my husband's advice and reminisce on my blog by picking my top 5 favorite posts. This may be a little egocentric, but, really... well... you see... no, you're right! It is, but I don't care- I am my blogs biggest fan!!! HA! Now that the truth is out, let's begin (the list will end with 1- 1 being my favorite):

5. "Why Does Technology Hate Me?" (4/5/10)

4. "My Summer Lovin' List" (4/29/10)

3. "My Bizarre Dream" (4/27/10)

2. "Reflections on 'Love For a Child'" (4/26/10)

1. "Words I Hate" (5/4/10)

Check these out, and see if they make your top five! Sometimes I do not know who is reading or how many people are reading, so let me know! Pick some of your favorites or perhaps just
one that stuck out to you, and comment on facebook or through Blogger so that I can know what you like. I would love to know what you think and have thought about my blog. Happy Post #20!


  1. Maybe "words I hate", who knows. I like them all. That's just what mothers do. :)

  2. Definitely the "Words I Hate" but that is probably because I received a public acknowledgement of victory over the way I say the word "moist" (just imagine it in your head and cringe) :) haha

  3. @Mom Yeah, that makes sense that you like that one because you know me so well! You have experienced first-hand my moments of cringing at those horrendous words. Haha!

    @Kelsey Once again... I loathe you. LOL! You know I couldn't post that word without giving you credit... you deserve it. You have that word epically MASTERED!!!

  4. My personal one is "why does the Philadelphia airport hate me" , I guess after last night it fits.


  5. LOL! I don't know that I heard about that. You will have to fill me in. That is hilarious, though. Maybe you should start a blog about airport frustrations, haha! You would get a lot of readers for that because everyone can relate. Also, I believe the true question is, "Why do ALL airports hate you?" Haha! You seem to get frisked at pretty much anyone you visit! :D Thanks for the comment.

  6. YES! You did use my idea.. Can't wait for the top 10 when you reach #100!

  7. Haha! Of course I used your idea; you always have great ideas! ... Well, except for your cheetah man-thong... yikes.