Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bye Bye For a Week! :)

For those of you who follow my blog (officially or not), I wanted to let you know that the Engebretsens Sr. (this includes Erik and Kristin), Engebretsens Sr. Sr., and we (Engebretsens Jr.) are going on a Caribbean cruise for one week!!! I am excited! Because of this wonderous, cruisetastical experience, I will not be posting at all during this next week.

However, because I am a mad, blogging fanatic, I will most definitely be posting soon after our return. I know you will miss me; it is okay. After all, is just one week, but I do understand... I would miss me, too. :D Off we go- you will hear allllll about it when I get back! I hope to develop an awesome tan... not skin cancer. On that note, toodles!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

#5- Daniel

Request #5 From Travis (A.K.A. My hubby)- "Or your favorite Bible character..."

My loving husband apparently has many ideas up his sleeve because when I asked for requests on writing ideas, he threw a bunch at me! My favorite Bible character. Obviously, my favorite Bible character is Jesus because He saved me from eternal destruction in Hell. He is Love. He is God. He is everything. However, I think Travis was asking for my favorite Bible character other than Jesus.

If I had to choose, I would probably choose Daniel. He has such an interesting story! From being thrown into the fiery furnace to being thrown in the lion's den, Daniel was blessed and rescued constantly by God.
I guess something that has drawn me to Daniel is his immense faith and trust.

I have struggled with faith because I was saved at the tender age of four. I have rededicated and re-given my life to Christ since, but because I never had that "Aha!" moment where I lived many years struggling and sinning freely until being brought to my knees by the Lord, I never had that feeling of the overwhelming burden lifted off of my back. I was four. My sins included disobeying, disrespecting, and perhaps stretching the truth occasionally.
However, in God's eyes, those are on equal level with murder, adultery, etc. As true as this is, it is difficult to wrap my head around the fact that I am saved when I was so young and innocent when Jesus rescued me. The truth is... I should be shouting with joy over this fact! I was saved before ever having to feel many years of emptiness. Nevertheless, this rant is simply a drawn out explanation of why I struggle with faith.

I have also struggled with trust... I suppose faith and trust
do go hand-in-hand. Either way, trust has been an issue for me, too; trust in people and trust in God. Daniel trusted God with his life, his friends' lives, and... just... everything. That is highly impressive to me.

These struggles have made me appreciate Daniel because he was so bold in God. He knew God would take care of him; he knew nothing could hurt him as long as God was in control. I have so much trouble truly letting go of issues- letting go and letting God. Not Daniel. He intensely trusted the Lord with seemingly hopeless situations showing his epic faith in God's control.

Daniel had a great story which exhibited his excellent, deep faith and trust in God. Therefore, because of his entertaining story and admirable qualities, Daniel is (besides Jesus) my favorite Bible character. Besides Jesus, who is your favorite character from the Bible and why?

As Requested- #4

Topic #4 From Travis (A.K.A. My Hubby): "You could write about how people use the word insure instead of ensure.. "

This post is to
ensure that you will not be insuring something you should truly ensure. After years of being with Travis, I just recently discovered one of his biggest pet peeves- people using the the words insure and ensure inappropriately. Let's take a look at good ol' to ensure that we truly understand the meanings of these words:

Insure: "to guarantee against loss or harm."

Ensure: "to secure or guarantee".

As you can see, these words are extremely similar, but they are not the same! The main difference is one simple word: against. When you insure something, you are insuring against some sort of harm (typically, financial harm); however, you cannot ensure against harm... you must simply ensure that something is done. Let's look at some correct examples from

This letter will ensure you a hearing.
Our precautions ensured our safety.
measures to ensure the success of an undertaking

a company that insures homeowners and businesses
- insured herself against losses; insured his car for theft

Now, if only we could get an insurance policy to insure against the improper use of
insure and ensure for people like Travis who want to ensure that they are properly paid for every time they must hear insure and ensure improperly spoken... :D

As Requested- #3

Topic #3 From Marcy: "Tackle the epidemic of child abuse. . . .it is running rampant it seems and you never do get used to it, even if in the firld 18 years like I have been. Every hurt, injured child bears the scars and pain for life. And some people just get away with it!"

Why is it that there are so many commercials these days about saving abused dogs and cats, yet child abuse is running rampant? Why is it that people tend to see those commercials and cry about the poor animals, and yet they are not outraged by the child abuse epidemic? Don't get me wrong, I
love animals! However, animals could never be more important to me than children or people in general! However, this post isn't about dogs and cats... it is about children.

I am a teacher... I love children. I love them with all of my heart. They are beautiful, kindhearted, innocent (until an adult messes them up), and full of faith and trust, two elements which many "sophisticated" adults lack. Why is it that children are the ones who usually take the heat when a drunken father or mother comes home full of anger and in lack of inhibitions? It is because their innocence and trust. These wonderful qualities are only wonderful when coupled with excellent parents who don't take advantage of them. Children so desperately want to trust and unconditionally love their parents despite the pain.

Another reason children are the main victims is that they can easily be tricked into believing things that are not true, especially since it is coming from an adult (someone who should be leading them in the right direction). When an adult tells them that it is
his or her (the child's) fault, that child figures that he or she must deserve it... they begin to feel guilty. What has he or she done that has made his or her parent (or other caretaker) so angry? The answer is... nothing! Another lie children tend to believe when being abused deals with sexual abuse. They are told that they like/liked what they experienced. This causes many children to become sexual abusers themselves because they get messed up in the head! Did they really like it? Are they sick, too? NO and NO!

Others may not be outraged by child abuse, but guess what... I AM! I am outraged. It sickens me as a teacher to think that someday I will have children in my classroom whose closest experience to a hug will have been strangulation. Children who will "pass on" sexual abuse to their classmates because they do not know any better. Children who don't know what true parental love is. I know as a teacher that I will do my very best to fulfill the role as "mommy" to some of these kids- I will hug them when they have a bad day, say "I missed you" when they come back to school on Monday, spend one on one time with them helping them with their work, and disciplining them with unconditional love.

As much as I love children, however, playing mommy should
not be my job! If you didn't want a kid, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD ONE! If you want a punching bag, then buy some stinkin' birth control and a punching bag, but don't use your child as a way to release your despicable rage. Not that I am a proponent of this but if you want sex, find a prostitute YOUR age and go to town! But ultimately, FIND a shrink, don't shrink your child into a shriveled, life-loathing, parent-fearing person with no self-esteem! Are there a lot of CAPS and exclamation points? YES! Why? Because I. AM. OUTRAGED.

How can we stop or at least lessen this horrible epidemic? Well, slapping child abusers on the hand sure isn't going to do it, friends. Now, if you know me at all, my love for children, and my feelings about child-abusers, you will know that
my solution is not appropriate to post as it is extremely frightening and gory. However, if I were in charge of the punishment department for those people... ohhhhh... let me just say there would be a LOT fewer child-abusers in this country.

Personally, I believe that sexual abusers should be castrated. end of story. ...Well, there is more that I suggest on how to lessen their lust, but we will leave it at the relatively humane level. Anywho! Other abusers, have a blast with your ultra-long jail sentence. Oh! By the way, since you have proven that you cannot handle having a child, depending on gender, you will have either your tubes tied or a vasectomy. Have a nice day. You want to treat your child like a stray animal,
you will be "fixed" like any stray animal.

What is particularly sick about the whole child abuse issue is that many times the parent will side
against their child or simply not believe their child. Not that children aren't prone to lying, but if my kid hated my spouse or boyfriend so much that he or she decided to lie about abuse... I would have to reconsider that significant other being in my life. If you chose to have kids, you need to love them more than yourself... this requires sacrifice and, dare I say, selflessness?

And let's face it, many times when someone is abusing the children in a household, he or she is also abusing the spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend as well. It wouldn't be
that difficult to figure out that abuse was occurring. This is also very damaging to the children in the house. My parents have never had a fight in front of me. Never. If there was ever a serious confrontation of some sort, my parents would discuss it in private. To be honest... as a child, I just thought they never had serious confrontations because I never heard anything about them! It would have hurt me so much to see them verbally fight; I cannot imagine children who have to watch their parents beat each other up.

Being abused, watching others being abused, watching people mutually abuse each other, etc. are all experiences that effect children for the rest of their lives. I know... this is an obvious fact, but really think about it. The
rest of their lives. They are children... they have long lives ahead of them. It isn't like they will only live with those painful memories for a year or so... they will live with the pain every day in every year for the rest of their lives.

We should, as people, be more enraged about children being brutally physically and sexually abused than about stupid Tiger Woods and his Horny Adventures in Slutsville. Was that a big deal? Yes. However, he is doing what he can to remedy the situation, so let's just drop it! The more we bring up the issue in the media, the more temptation he is going to have to do it again, foolish media people! ...Could it be that another failure is exactly what the people in the media want? Hmmm... not too difficult to figure out, eh?

As we are stirring up more drama in the media about stupid, useless garbage, children are being abused and killed behind the scenes. However, unless the children in question were the spawns of some trashy celebrities, no one seems to give a flying Fig Newton! nice.

I don't know about you, but I am over the garbage in the media. I am over people getting away with child abuse. I am over the fact that half of the next generation will have a twisted, unrealistic, sick, and false view of what
love is. It hurts me. It saddens me. It outrages me. Are you outraged?
Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
(Psalms 127:3-5 ESV)
I have provided some helpful links, but I will tell you flat-out... don't be stupid. If you call one of these hotlines, you must know that you are witnessing or experiencing actual abuse. You should never call a hotline such as the ones provided to "get back" at someone or because you think someones parenting style is not what you would choose. As with everything, be wise:

- National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233); 1-800-787-3224 (TDD)
- Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453)

Monday, May 24, 2010

"I'm Movin' Out!"

Once again... I am going to temporarily discuss a topic other than one requested. This is because what I have to discuss is quite important to Travis and me. It is official: we are out of Tallahassee. Our stuff? Not quite.

We rented a PODS...well... pod, and our stuff is stored in an air-conditioned PODS facility in Tallahassee. Next stop? New York. If you don't know much about PODS, I will explain. PODS is a company that makes storage pods, portable storage rooms.

A truck delivers the pod to the renter's apartment, home, etc. and leaves it there so that the person can load their stuff into it. The truck then returns once it is loaded and brings it to the storage facility for... well... storage. Once the renters arrive to their new place, where ever that may be, the pod will be waiting for them or be on its way on a truck onto which it was loaded to be driven to the new home of the renters. Voila!

Now that you understand the "pod" concept, I will discuss Saturday's adventure. Dad E, Travis, and I woke up and left around 6:20. We met Danny Boy at the airport where we took off to Tallahassee. Once we landed there at 9:00 AM, we rented a car and headed to the apartment.

The pod showed up and the men began loading it while I cleaned the apartment. Shortly after Trav, Dad E, and Danny Boy began loading the pod, Travis's friend, Josh showed up to help as well!

The process went very quickly, so quickly, in fact, that we had the "pod man" pick up the pod the same day! After the pod was picked up, we finished cleaning the apartment.

Then Travis and I nostalgically checked out our first home for the last time. Although Travis seemed okay, I will admit... I was a little sad. After all, it was Travis and my first home. That just shows the optimism in Travis and the pessimism in me. Ha ha! I am sad because we are leaving our first home... Travis is just looking forward to moving to New York with me. :) I need him in my life. He balances me.

After leaving the apartment, we gave Danny Boy a short tour of the Florida State University because he is considering attending, and then we headed to the airport. After boarding the plane and taking off, Travis and I realized that Dad E was giving Danny Boy a tour of FSU... that explains the circling around the campus! OF COURSE we are not over-zealous Seminoles trying to convince him that our school is the! ... :D

After circling around FSU, taking pictures, etc., etc., we booked it out of Tally for the last time! We landed at 9:00 PM- most productive 12 hours of my life. Peace out Tallahassee; thanks for the great memories!

-Thanks Billy Joel for providing songs for pretty much any area of my life including this one and the next!-

Movin' Out

New York State of Mind

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Travis Turned Twenty-Two!

I am taking a break from resp
onding to requests to announce that my husband, Travis Andrew Engebretsen, is 22 years old today, this twentieth of May, two-thousand and ten! This morning, we have gone to get Travis's "Birthday Breakfast". Normally, Travis tries to be good and not eat too much junk, but I told him that he can be bad today because it is his birthday, dang it! Therefore, we went to Dunkin' Donuts where I got a large coffee with cream and sugar and Travis got two double chocolate doughnuts and a small strawberry coolatta with whipped cream! So. much. sugar! What a way to start off his 22nd birthday- with a diabetic coma!

I love Travis so much! I want to share some memories with you that we have shared over the years:

- April 30, 2005: We started dating after he asked my parents and they agreed.
- June 15, 2005: I received my first kiss from Travis... in front of our families at my 16th birthday dinner!

- September 10, 2005: Travis and I officially began courting; he gave me pearl earrings to commemorate the event. They have been my favorite earrings ever since.

- November 26, 2005: Travis said, "I love you" for the first time. I said it back. :)

- Summer, 2007: Travis and I began summer classes at the Florida State University!

- January 24, 2009: Travis asked me to marry him... hmmm... I can't remember if I said yes...
- August, 2009: Travis graduated with a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurship.
- December 19, 2009: Travis and I were married. This was the happiest day of our lives! :) I must say, he rocked that tux! Schmeeeexy! :D
- December 20-27: Travis and I boarded a Royal Caribbean cruise ship for our honeymoon!

- December 25, 2009: Travis and I spent our very first Christmas
together on the cruise! It was an awesome Christmas!
- May 1, 2010: Travis and I graduated in the same ceremony! Travis: Masters of Science in Finance; Me: Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.
- May 20, 2010: Travis's first married birthday- 22! What an OLD man!!! ;)

Throughout 22 years, Travis has impacted many people- through his love for Christ, his business knowledge, his many theatrical talents, and his general kindness. His joyful spirit, sense of humor, beautiful voice, and contagious smile make practically anyone he meets fall in love with him. I was simply the lucky one... the one whom he fell in love with back. I have listed just a few of the great memories I have shared (and am sharing) with Travis.

Please leave a comment explaining your favorite memory about or with Travis that you have experienced at some point during his 22 years thus far.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As Requested- #2

Topic #2 From Jenna: "How about the transition from FSU into the real world, yeah sorry its more about you but it would be very interesting to read and a great insite for those of us who will eventually be making that transition!"

Great topic! Honestly, I am still figuring out that transition myself! I cannot promise anything insightful will come out of this post, but I will try to help!

Usually when people take that walk across the glorious stage wearing their glorious... erm... square hats that reek of style and fabulousity, they are anxious for the future. This is usually because they are either applying for jobs or they have a job lined up and ready to go! For Travis, his anxiety was caused by the latter. Mine... of course not- the former, indeed. Travis was graduating with a higher degree, so he had been looking for jobs for quite some time. It is easier to apply for jobs when you can actually state that you
have a degree! You know how that goes. Anyway, for me, there were a few... nay, a million goals that needed to be accomplished. Some of which still are not! Enough about me! What do you need to know about life after graduation? You are about to find out:

1. Tie up loose ends.

Make sure you have completed everything you need to complete to be ready for the workforce. For example, as a teacher, I needed to apply for certification. If I were planning on teaching in Florida, this would have been a simple process. However, because Travis and I are moving to New York, I needed to apply for certification in New York, which involves a lot more footwork and complications than becoming certified in Florida (because I graduated from a FLORIDA school!).

Certification is the necessary step for Education majors, but I do not know the steps for other majors. You will learn all about the necessary steps you must take for your major during your time in your program. Therefore, make sure that for whatever major YOU choose, you complete all of the extra, after-graduation "schtuff".

2. Create a resume.

After school, you will want to put your infinite knowledge to work by... well... working! You want to work? You must interview/apply. Want to interview/apply? You must have a resume. You want to make sure that your resume is professional looking. However, many companies/people have different opinions of what is considered the appropriate look.

Here is a website I found regarding building resumes that looked legit: I personally know someone who has updated his resume multiple times, received multiple opinions and suggestions, and landed a job with his current resume. Can you guess who he is? My hubby, of course! I am not simply promoting him because he is my husband, I am promoting him because he is qualified. He has extensively researched how to build appropriate resumes through the Internet, books, and professionals.

If you would like him to build you a professional resume for $50-$100 (truth be told, this is actually inexpensive compared to what most people are charging), please contact him at
He would be pleased to create a resume that will make your many skills and assets apparent to any employer. For those of you who know my husband, he is the type that spends a significant amount of time making sure that each project is perfect. His work exhibits thoughtfulness, intelligence, and care for each project. He will work with you to design something that will not only please employers but will also please you and fit your personal taste.

However you decide to do it, create a resume!

3. Find a job.

Now it is time to use that resume. If you have not been applying for a job until now... uh oh. Do not forget, that your last semester is crucial in that you need to be applying for jobs and interviewing. You don't want to be unprepared when graduation day rolls around and everyone else is geared up for their jobs. Sadly, by your last semester, it is time to face the fact that you are almost out of fluffy, happy college world and entering into the real, harsh world. If you ever want to fly out of the nest, you must make sure you can afford your OWN nest! This means, you need to be making your OWN money.

Looking up jobs is extremely dependent on the industry in which you are qualified. The best way to find a job in any industry is through your network- people you know. Another way is through career fairs. Your university should offer career fairs; these put you face-to-face with many potential employers. At career fairs, you will find a plethora of employers for different, yet related fields in one room. This means that if you are not the right fit for one company (or it is not the right fit for you), you will not be stuck. After all, you will meet with so many various companies; the more companies, the higher chance that your unique talents will be discovered. Finally, you can look online to find companies that are recruiting. Now it is time for some footwork. Call, call, call!
E-mail, e-mail, e-mail! Visit, visit, visit! Got it?, Got it?, Got... oh, sorry... didn't realize I was still doing that.

4. Pack.

If you are not planning on remaining in the city in which you went to school, it's time to pack up all of that junk you have accumulated throughout the years. Trust me, this is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you moved off campus during your 4 years of incarceration. Apartment off campus= more space= more room= more junk to fill the room. For Travis and me, this was particularly a challenge because we had all of the wedding gifts plus all of the stuff we owned prior to getting married! You can accumulate a lot of useless crap over just a few simple years! You will be surprised at what you simply CANNOT throw away. Just remember to TRY to throw unnecessary things out. However, if you have not landed a job, remember to salvage things that you could add to your portfolio.

My best advice for packing up is to... hire my mother. Just kidding! Just kidding! But... really. Anywho! Packing is best when you bite the bullet, head to U-Haul, buy a junkload packing tape, boxes (many different sizes), and packing paper... lots of packing paper. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new place someday to unload a bunch of broken dishes, etc. Main rule: do NOT skimp on the packing paper. Another important rule: after packing each box, LABEL the boxes. If, by some horrible chance, you need to get something out of a box prior to moving, you will be so grateful and relieved to have labeled boxes.

If you will not be moving for awhile, make sure to rent a storage unit so that you can keep your "schtuff" safe until it must be transported to your new destination. For some, this may be a non-issue. If you are moving immediately, pack up and be ready for the movers on the predetermined date of the move. Kiss your college home goodbye. Oh! And do not forget to take pictures of your apartment/dorm/house/cardboard box prior to leaving. Someday you will want to share those memories with your kids... unless your situation was the one involving the cardboard box...

5. Move.

Whether it's moving home with Mom and Dad, moving in with a spouse, or moving to New York, say "sayonara" to college life, and make your move! ...It's okay if you cry... yes... even you men... just don't let anybody see you. You don't want to begin your new real world life known as the "sissy boy". No one likes to reflect on middle school days when they are in their 20's and beyond.

6. Get to work or have the time of your life waiting.

For Travis and me, the latter option is the one that has been chosen for us. The reason I say... or... type... "chosen for us" is because Travis's job does not start until September, so we were kind of "forced" into enjoying one last summer! Ha ha!

For others, this may be a quick transition. If this applies to you, be grateful. You will start your new life promptly, make money immediately, move less painfully, and not have a chance to get lazy right before you have to put on your game-face for work. Hey, have to find the silver lining for everything! ;)

7. Be content.

Life is too short to complain. Be content where you are; promotion will come when the time is right. Unfortunately, some people are too busy discovering the bad (or just simply "not perfect") elements in their lives that they let their lives pass them by without warning... or perhaps the warning signs are ignored... Therefore, I charge you with the responsibility of loving every moment of life no matter where you are living, what you are doing, whom you are with, or what situation is occurring. Before you know it, you are married and graduated. I know from experience, it went by in the blink of an eye.

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." James 4:14

I know this post was practically a novel, but I truly hope it was helpful. If it helped you in som
e way, please comment and let me know. If you still have a question, please post it in a comment, and I will try my best to answer it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As Requested- #1

Topic #1 From Marilou (A.K.A. "Mom"): "Ok, I would like for you to answer this question in a blog. I am pretty sure that you could come up with something amusing to say about the subject. What is the correct answer to the question 'does this dress make me look fat?' (and other such ponderings)"

"Does this dress make me look fat?" How many times has this catch 22 line been used for some sort of joke? Oh so many times. Why? Because it has occurred so often in reality. The entire point of humor is to find something in reality that most people have experienced or heard about and capitalize on the obvious comical nature of said "something". Therefore, men, what do you do when this certain question is posed to you? What is the correct response to "Does this dress make me look fat?" Let's weigh the options. Their
pros and cons.

1. Be honest.
-Pro #1: If the dress does, indeed, make your woman look fat, you have saved her from embarrassment, shame, and horrendous pictures to commemorate the "fat dress".
-Pro #2: If she does not look fat in the dress, you have now opened up a window of opportunity to compliment your woman on the dress, her body, etc., etc. After a plethora of compliments, you as the husband know that you will be... ahem... rewarded for the "honest" response.
- Con #1: If the dress does, indeed, make your woman look fat, don't expect love-making for quite some time. Your woman's self-esteem has plummeted. Although she already knew the dress made her look heftier than usual (which is why she had to check with you in the first place), you have now insulted not her body in that particular dress, oh no, but her body in general. She does not look fat in the dress... she is a hippo... regardless of attire. With this in mind, unless you tell her that you have always had some strange attraction to hippos, she will not think she is worthy of having sex with you because she is too fat.
- Con #2: If she does not look fat in the dress, you are a liar. Why, she KNOWS she looks fat in that dress, she has two eyes of her own, dang it! However, you...
you are the problem... how can she trust you now?!

2. Lie. Lie until your nose rivals the length of the Golden Gate Bridge.
-Pro #1: You have avoided the
wrath of a self-conscious woman, and you have lifted her self-esteem. She feels thinner and more attractive because of you.
-Con #1: Most likely, if she felt the need to ASK if the dress "plumped" her, she already knew that it did. And now... now she has caught you
lying. Consider yourself doomed.
-Con #2: One word: pictures. (See the end of Con #1.)

3. Ignore the question; act like you did not hear it; subtly move on to another topic.
-Pro #1:
If your woman is not very perceptive, this would be the best choice. She will either start thinking about something else or just not care enough to remind you of her question.
-Con #1: If your woman is perceptive, you are doomed once again. Sorry. She will catch on and either get angry at you because now she KNOWS you think she looks fat and/or she knows that you are afraid of her wrath. You are afraid of her wrath = she is too emotional.

In Short: If you are a man to which this question is posed, you are destined for an epic. fail.

However: As a Christian and a person who believes in morals- including honesty- I would have to say the best, and least deceptive, decision would be to be honest (Option #1). If you should choose this route, please remember to observe the pros and cons as this route could possibly be fatal. However, every other route could, too, turn fatal. Therefore, I figure, you might as well choose the moral one. Right? Is this making sense?

The Point Is: You should be honest but KIND! Blunt truth is absolutely not acceptable. Bluntness, abruptness, frankness, straight-forwardness - leave these friends at home... or in another room if this conversation occurs at your home... Just be sweetly honest. That would be the best way to handle this catch 22 in my opinion. What do you think?

Oh! But before you answer that question... this woman wants to know: "Does this dress make me look fat?"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Choose!

I have decided that instead of rambling about my life for EVERY post, I will see what YOU, the reader, want me to ramble about. (Yes... I know I ended that with a preposition... and I feel your judgment.) I mean, we all know that my life is extraordinarily fascinating, and I know that you will be in epic dismay over the fact that every one of my posts will not be about me and my life. However, it is time for me to discuss another topic, that is, unless you choose a topic dealing with me. Regardless, I need an idea. If you have one, as crazy as it may be, let me know! Remember, I am an extremely random person, so I can probably work with whatever you throw at me! :D Give it a go!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Since this is post #20 (I cannot believe I will have written 20 posts after this- that is ridiculous!), I have decided to take my husband's advice and reminisce on my blog by picking my top 5 favorite posts. This may be a little egocentric, but, really... well... you see... no, you're right! It is, but I don't care- I am my blogs biggest fan!!! HA! Now that the truth is out, let's begin (the list will end with 1- 1 being my favorite):

5. "Why Does Technology Hate Me?" (4/5/10)

4. "My Summer Lovin' List" (4/29/10)

3. "My Bizarre Dream" (4/27/10)

2. "Reflections on 'Love For a Child'" (4/26/10)

1. "Words I Hate" (5/4/10)

Check these out, and see if they make your top five! Sometimes I do not know who is reading or how many people are reading, so let me know! Pick some of your favorites or perhaps just
one that stuck out to you, and comment on facebook or through Blogger so that I can know what you like. I would love to know what you think and have thought about my blog. Happy Post #20!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Piercing Experience


1. I decided to get a bellybutton piercing on 5/6/10, but I had been contemplating getting one for years. It was good to wait because then I realized how much I truly wanted it. It was not something I just did on impulse. If you are thinking about getting a piercing, take. your. time.

2. I looked up tattoo parlors around my area on Google. I checked out the reviews. I found one that had 7 reviews- six of which were five-star reviews and one was a four-star review. Other places had two reviews or less, so I didn't even bother with them.

3. I visited the tattoo parlor (Mighty Mike's), but they didn't have a piercer on staff at the time. However, through this, I discovered that the parlor was as sterile as a hospital! The floor was so shiny clean that I could almost see my reflection. Crazy. When we walked into the back room, Travis said it looked like his dad's office! (His dad is an oral SURGEON! Haha! Clean much?!)

4. I called the next day and asked if they had a piercer on staff, and they did! I then headed to the shop a little later with Travis and Mom.

5. We came in, signed some waivers, and it was time to get the show on the road!

6. The piercer (Mike himself) put on some new gloves, cleaned my bellybutton with alcohol, and had me stand still as he marked the inside and outside of the top part of my bellybutton with a dark, purple marker. He also unwrapped the ring, needle, and any other required tools from their sterile packages.

7. It was then time to lie on the table, holding Trav's hand with a death grip as my mom gripped her camera, finger on the "trigger".

8. Mike then used his little "skin-gripper" to pull up the two dotted
areas of my skin and squeeze them together for easy piercing.

9. He took out the large needle and pushed it through my skin without anesthesia... once the needle went through, he pressed a cork on top of the needle to protect himself and me.

10. Mike followed it up with the ring onto which he screwed the "ball".

11. After I checked out my new piercing, he reviewed the cleaning and care procedures. Cleaning the piercing and ring is extremely important for avoiding infections and the "survival" of the piercing. During this time, Travis's "nausea" kicked in, and he had to sit down because he felt light-headed and his stomach hurt! You would think I would be the one having issues like those, but no, Travis was feeling sick! How ironic! I really cannot blame him, however, because I was not the one WATCHING the process. I just did my best to NOT look at my belly for the entire experience. Poor guy! I will say, though, he did a great job lasting and supporting me until the end of the actual piercing. Afterward, when he no longer needed to comfort me, he decided it was time to take a seat and relax so that he did not pass out. Haha! What a trooper!

12. Finally, we paid and tipped Mike, and then we headed out with me beaming about my new, exciting choice!

- I hope you have enjoyed the "piercing process". Thanks for reading! -

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brittany's Blinged Bellybutton!

"Veni, Vidi, Vici!" I did it! After years of contemplation, I decided to go for it and make a change. My bellybutton = pierced. That's right. Prudish Brittany Engebretsen got her bellybutton pierced. epic win. "Why?" you ask? Well, since you seem so interested, I will tell you. I know you are just dying to know... I could tell by the desperate tone in your voice. That gave it away. Anywho, if you have followed my posts at all, you will know that I love lists...

- I
- love
- lists.

- No,
- really,
- I
- do.

... and if you have not followed my posts, shame on you! You have been missing out on epic, life-fulfilling entertainment that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Therefore, before you finish this post, go catch up on the other ones because you have missed out on a whole lot of awesome. Now then, I am going to list the reasons I decided to get a bellybutton piercing:

- I have always thought one would look cute on me.
- I have extremely low self-esteem (Although, I can put on a pretty awesome facade... I can have confidence in that I suppose. Hehe!), so I thought that having a bellybutton piercing may make me feel a little better about myself and my body.

- The best reason = It is my "fast". When one fasts, he or she is reminded to pray often because he or she is often hungry. When he or she feels hunger, he or she prays. Thus, the longer the fast, the more reminding, and, consequently, the more prayer for the issue at hand. I have had something eating at me for the past few years. I didn't know that Satan could have such a stronghold on ME! ("Don't be prideful lest you fall.") However, as said, I have been struggling with an issue on my heart for the past few years, and it is time to beat it down. The only way I can "beat" this is by not trying to beat it on my own. In fact, I need to take myself out of the picture- die to myself and let the Lord take full control. Therefore, this piercing is a way for me to remember to pray often and fervently for the issue with which I am dealing. After all, I must change at least twice a day, so I will see my belly at least twice. This simply means that I will be praying specifically for the problem twice a day at the minimum. In short, the piercing is my prayer reminder.
- This goes along with the last one. The piercing is a way to commemorate the day (5/7/10) that I vowed to the Lord, myself, and another person involved that I would pray fervently and (with the Lord's guidance) change forever. It is a symbol to represent a beautiful choice.

Now that you know the reasons for this scandalous act, it is getting late: bedtime! "But, Brittany," you say, "you haven't told me about the whole piercing process, the pain, etc., etc. What gives?!" Well, my response is that you began your sentence with a conjunction... Tsk! Tsk! Have you learned nothing from past English classes? Besides that, I wouldn't want to tell you everything right away, would I? Then I would be afraid you would not come back! I have to leave you on the edge of your seat. I know... you are extremely disappointed because your life DOES revolve around my blog, but you will just have to be patient. I know you will be eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post so that you can have every gruesome detail. Talk... er... type to you tomorrow?, that works.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coffee, Boxes, and Sweat

Well, the day started off right. We went to Starbucks in the library on campus (the other one was not open), and in order to use up my last $17 and something cents, we had a field day. I ordered a venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, my mom ordered a venti black coffee and little vanilla scones, Travis ordered a grande Double Chocolate Chip Blended Cream, and we finished the money off by buying two of their chocolate bars. Finally, that 90 something dollars that I recently discovered on my card is gone! Obviously, it was a sunk cost (for all of those economics people out there), so I figured I might as well buy tons of Starbucks as a last hoorah until I get to New York where I won't be able to afford anything in the "luxury" department for a while. After that, we B-lined it to the FSU bookstore where we tried selling back a whole box-full of books!

Success! Yay for selling back textbooks! Travis and I received nearly $300 for all of the textbooks we sold back today. That is awesome as it will pay for a few months storage this summer. win. I was very pleased with the "spoils" of our trek. Again, due to my caffeine driven Superwoman mother, we accomplished more today! We went by Goodwill and got rid of a box of stuff that maybe we don't need but someone else might find useful. Was she pleased with our already successful day? Of course not! Duh! More must be done!

Therefore, we journeyed to the U-Haul store where we picked up special packing paper (for artwork) and a... er...
quite large artwork box. In fact... this box was so very large that all of the seats in the back of the Audi had to be folded down to fit the box in through the trunk and into the back area of the car. This would have been just dandy... if I were not sitting in the back of the car with my mom and Trav up front. Therefore, the ride home was amusing: I was in the back, lying down on the folded-down chairs (trying not to be seen by a cop- I know... we are so bad) with the cardboard box peeking out by my side. Let me just say... the back of seats in a car... are not comfortable. fail.

We are now back, and once more, more has been accomplished. Travis paid our FINAL month's rent, and I have e-mailed the man who is going to write my letter to NY confirming that I am 100% eligible to be certified in FL. This will complete one more step to the "getting employed in New York" process. Things are progressing beautifully. :) We have even loaded up Travis's car and Mom's car with some things that need to come down to South Florida. With Mom around, no one can be idle. Thank goodness, too. She has been the absolute
biggest help we could have. She brings motivation, organization, speed, and "he-womanness" to the process.

Update: My mom and I just finished going by Goodwill AGAIN to drop off
more stuff! We also went by to drop off our food that needs refrigeration to the Grays for their consumption, since we won't be here.

Tonight will end nicely because we are going to get some delicious Publix subs, plop down on an air mattress in the living room, and watch movies... er... maybe
a movie. We will probably be too pooped to watch more than one. Knowing my reputation with movie-watching, I will be out after the first 15 minutes.

Ugh... still so much to do! I have to renew the title for my car, which I have to renew
here because we aren't moving to NY till September. I also have to forward my mail and e-mail. Another task is finishing up this stinkin' apartment. Fortunately, we will be coming back to load everything eventually, so we will deep clean the place then. One thing we DON'T need to do for once...yay!

Well, now that I have poured today's tasks out to you, I will end this post. Hopefully your day is/was less stressful than ours. If not, I pity you and advise you to eat some cake. You deserve it.

the end.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Words I Hate

1. Slough (No, not the animal-that is a sloth... I am referring to the act of "sloughing" something off of something. Nasty.)

2. Tender (Meat can be tender... but people shouldn't be... nor should they ever do anything "tenderly".)

3. Supple (just ew.)

4. Morsel (Surprisingly, I can still buy the "chocolate morsels" for baking, etc. ...Okay...the "etc." stands for "just chomping them down like a fatty".)

5. Moist (The award for the person who can say this in the absolute grossest manner
is Kelsey Kuss. Congratulations! Trust me, this is a compliment to her. She KNOWS she can do it in just that way that makes you go"...ewwwww!" She thoroughly enjoys this, and you can see the victory in her eyes as she watches you cringe over her mastery of this word.)

What are some words that you just simply cannot stand? (EXCEPT FOR CURSE WORDS!!!!)

No Longer a Student

Congratulations to the rest of the FSU Class of 2010! I know that I am extremely proud to be a graduate of the Florida State University. It is so strange to no longer be a "student". For 16 years of my life, I have been a student. Anytime I have ever filled something out online, I have had to choose "student" as my occupation. Sadly, now my occupation would stand as... unemployed. Haha!

Speaking of employment... today I made some serious progress with becoming an educator in New York. I registered for a TEACH account, applied for certification online (and paid), ordered the fingerprinting kit (and paid), sent my college transcripts (and paid), and set it up for a letter to be sent to New York State Education Department stating that I have completed a legitimate program and my tests and that I am eligible for certification in Florida. Did you notice that three out of the five tasks involved paying? I find it ironic that they suck so much money from people
before they even get hired. Especially teachers! I mean, goodness, it isn't like we get paid much after we apply and get hired anyway! I suppose this is the way things go when they are handled by the government.

Besides the strides I have made involving employment today, we (Travis, mom, and I) have made serious strides in packing today. Although my living room is filled to the brim with boxes, it is nice to know that we will be out of here soon. Trust me, though, I could not have done any of what has been accomplished without my mom being here. She is like the flipping Energizer bunny on steroids. I get tired and lazy oh so easily; however, she has this like caffeine inducing fire under her butt that propels her into "accomplish" mode. Despite my desire to be lazy, we did some legit. packing today. Thank you, Travis and Mom!

Well, I think I will update you on my Summer Lovin' List:

4. Watch
Up Close and Personal with Mom - Accomplished. Let me just say, this was a great movie! I loved it! If you get a chance, watch it... unless you absolutely loathe movies with sad endings (sorry if I gave anything away there, but I needed to warn those with easily-breakable hearts).

19. Buy new "teacher" shoes -
Accomplished. Yay new shoes! I did, indeed, get new teacher shoes. I also bought some cute white/beige sandals, but that is beside the point. I bought black flats and beige "boat shoes". They will both be great "close-toed" shoes for teaching. I am so glad that is over; I hate shoe-shopping. It is especially aggravating when it is for work, not play. Oh well, such is life.

Only 10% finished, but hey! That is still progress... can't get to 100% without hitting 10% on the way. Well, that's all folks!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Important Current Events (well, important to OUR lives)

- Yesterday was Travis and my 5 year dating anniversary. He's put up with me for 5 whole years!

- Yesterday, Travis was hooded for his Master's. (Cult much?)

- I'm graduating with my Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education today!

- Travis is graduating with a Master's in Science of Finance today!

- Today is the first day of May-- meaning we have one month to get packed up and out of Tallahassee.

Yes, there is a lot going on right now. I am excited about today, but to be honest, I am NOT looking forward to sitting through 2 hours worth of a graduation ceremony. However, I will say that I thought it was going to be longer, so I suppose I should count my blessings! It is going to be a long ceremony more than likely followed by a long session of picture-taking, followed by an awkward break, followed by a late dinner, and finally followed by SLEEP! I will post tomorrow... if I live through all of this... toodles!