Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Piercing Experience


1. I decided to get a bellybutton piercing on 5/6/10, but I had been contemplating getting one for years. It was good to wait because then I realized how much I truly wanted it. It was not something I just did on impulse. If you are thinking about getting a piercing, take. your. time.

2. I looked up tattoo parlors around my area on Google. I checked out the reviews. I found one that had 7 reviews- six of which were five-star reviews and one was a four-star review. Other places had two reviews or less, so I didn't even bother with them.

3. I visited the tattoo parlor (Mighty Mike's), but they didn't have a piercer on staff at the time. However, through this, I discovered that the parlor was as sterile as a hospital! The floor was so shiny clean that I could almost see my reflection. Crazy. When we walked into the back room, Travis said it looked like his dad's office! (His dad is an oral SURGEON! Haha! Clean much?!)

4. I called the next day and asked if they had a piercer on staff, and they did! I then headed to the shop a little later with Travis and Mom.

5. We came in, signed some waivers, and it was time to get the show on the road!

6. The piercer (Mike himself) put on some new gloves, cleaned my bellybutton with alcohol, and had me stand still as he marked the inside and outside of the top part of my bellybutton with a dark, purple marker. He also unwrapped the ring, needle, and any other required tools from their sterile packages.

7. It was then time to lie on the table, holding Trav's hand with a death grip as my mom gripped her camera, finger on the "trigger".

8. Mike then used his little "skin-gripper" to pull up the two dotted
areas of my skin and squeeze them together for easy piercing.

9. He took out the large needle and pushed it through my skin without anesthesia... once the needle went through, he pressed a cork on top of the needle to protect himself and me.

10. Mike followed it up with the ring onto which he screwed the "ball".

11. After I checked out my new piercing, he reviewed the cleaning and care procedures. Cleaning the piercing and ring is extremely important for avoiding infections and the "survival" of the piercing. During this time, Travis's "nausea" kicked in, and he had to sit down because he felt light-headed and his stomach hurt! You would think I would be the one having issues like those, but no, Travis was feeling sick! How ironic! I really cannot blame him, however, because I was not the one WATCHING the process. I just did my best to NOT look at my belly for the entire experience. Poor guy! I will say, though, he did a great job lasting and supporting me until the end of the actual piercing. Afterward, when he no longer needed to comfort me, he decided it was time to take a seat and relax so that he did not pass out. Haha! What a trooper!

12. Finally, we paid and tipped Mike, and then we headed out with me beaming about my new, exciting choice!

- I hope you have enjoyed the "piercing process". Thanks for reading! -


  1. Much easier to read about the process than be there...

    I couldn't bring myself to actually watch him impale you; it was hard enough to look at you with a two-inch needle sticking out of your stomach. I would make a terrible doctor and/or piercer.. or anything that has to do with blood or poking holes in human flesh.

    You were very calm during the whole ordeal. I was impressed with your composure, and very proud of your courage.

  2. Haha! Ahhh, but can you look at the pictures without cringing is the question! :D

    LOL! I would be horrible at those professions, too. You know how I am about blood... ughhhh.

    Thank you! Awwww, I was proud of you for coming with me! Thank you for the support. I am glad I can still impress you after 5 years. ;)

  3. Um... Travis is going to have to get himself prepared for pregnancy.. because not only do you see a lot of blood but you also see a lot of guts like stuff... haha.. he is going to have to be out of the room... or he will be passing out every 5 minutes.. haha.

  4. I know, right? That is actually what Mom said. LOL. She said something like, "Watching the birth process is a lot worse." Poor guy! He is going to have to just hold my hand and shut his eyes during THAT lovely experience! Hehe! Maybe YOU will end up being the one holding my hand while "daddy" is getting treated for nausea. Haha!

  5. Maybe Travis will be so excited and anxious to see his little child enter the world that he will not notice the pain and blood! LOL!! yeah, right...

  6. LOL! I think you were thinking of YOUR reaction to a grandbaby there! As far as Trav's tolerance goes, we will have to see. Perhaps you are right, or we could just end up with an adorable little child and one SICK daddy! Hehe! Thanks for the comment.

  7. I would have LOVED to have Travis there when I got my industrial pierced lol. My friend John was with me when I got it done in January and he got a bit sickly himself. I've never understood the nausea effect myself... I'm proud of Travis for sticking by you! It will probably end up being ME keeping you strong during the birth of your firstborn many many years from now... BTW, if you look at my blog there is a link clearly right at the top to leave comments. I knew I wasn't crazy...