Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brittany's Blinged Bellybutton!

"Veni, Vidi, Vici!" I did it! After years of contemplation, I decided to go for it and make a change. My bellybutton = pierced. That's right. Prudish Brittany Engebretsen got her bellybutton pierced. epic win. "Why?" you ask? Well, since you seem so interested, I will tell you. I know you are just dying to know... I could tell by the desperate tone in your voice. That gave it away. Anywho, if you have followed my posts at all, you will know that I love lists...

- I
- love
- lists.

- No,
- really,
- I
- do.

... and if you have not followed my posts, shame on you! You have been missing out on epic, life-fulfilling entertainment that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Therefore, before you finish this post, go catch up on the other ones because you have missed out on a whole lot of awesome. Now then, I am going to list the reasons I decided to get a bellybutton piercing:

- I have always thought one would look cute on me.
- I have extremely low self-esteem (Although, I can put on a pretty awesome facade... I can have confidence in that I suppose. Hehe!), so I thought that having a bellybutton piercing may make me feel a little better about myself and my body.

- The best reason = It is my "fast". When one fasts, he or she is reminded to pray often because he or she is often hungry. When he or she feels hunger, he or she prays. Thus, the longer the fast, the more reminding, and, consequently, the more prayer for the issue at hand. I have had something eating at me for the past few years. I didn't know that Satan could have such a stronghold on ME! ("Don't be prideful lest you fall.") However, as said, I have been struggling with an issue on my heart for the past few years, and it is time to beat it down. The only way I can "beat" this is by not trying to beat it on my own. In fact, I need to take myself out of the picture- die to myself and let the Lord take full control. Therefore, this piercing is a way for me to remember to pray often and fervently for the issue with which I am dealing. After all, I must change at least twice a day, so I will see my belly at least twice. This simply means that I will be praying specifically for the problem twice a day at the minimum. In short, the piercing is my prayer reminder.
- This goes along with the last one. The piercing is a way to commemorate the day (5/7/10) that I vowed to the Lord, myself, and another person involved that I would pray fervently and (with the Lord's guidance) change forever. It is a symbol to represent a beautiful choice.

Now that you know the reasons for this scandalous act, it is getting late: bedtime! "But, Brittany," you say, "you haven't told me about the whole piercing process, the pain, etc., etc. What gives?!" Well, my response is that you began your sentence with a conjunction... Tsk! Tsk! Have you learned nothing from past English classes? Besides that, I wouldn't want to tell you everything right away, would I? Then I would be afraid you would not come back! I have to leave you on the edge of your seat. I know... you are extremely disappointed because your life DOES revolve around my blog, but you will just have to be patient. I know you will be eagerly awaiting tomorrow's post so that you can have every gruesome detail. Talk... er... type to you tomorrow?, that works.


  1. HAHAHAAHHA Sissy you have waayyy too much fun with this blog. I love reading things you write! and i want oneee! :P

  2. BRITTANY LARAE!...nice bling...
    now on a completely unrelated note:
    I haven't visited this blog since the night it was birthed, but my oh my have you been busy since then. I'm going to have to add "-schedule block of substantial time to read Brittany's blog" to MY lists. Perhaps I shall see you during this month of May and then I can drink more of your wisdom right from the proverbial cup.
    Happy Belly Button Ringing!
    PS sorry for the epistle comment. sometimes I get carried away with my commenting...

  3. @ Kris I DO have way too much fun with this blog! This is true! I am glad you love reading it; knowing that you and others like to read it makes me want to write more! :) As far as "wanting one", like your dad said, when you are married and graduated, go for it! LOL

    @Erica Thanks! I am glad you will be reading some more of my blog; I think you will like it. :) At least... I hope! You probably WILL see me since we are down in South Florida for awhile. As far as the "epistle", please don't stop writing long comments! I love to read them! By the look of THIS comment, clearly I have a problem with writing "epistle" comments, too! Hehe! (Oh, by the way... "drink right from the proverbial cup"- that was hilarious! Haha!)

  4. I didn't know wisdom could be drank(?)... drunked(?)... drinken(?)... quaffed.

    Britt, you handled the whole process well; I am sure I had the weakest stomach, but more on that when you post about the process.

  5. @Travis Wisdom should be drunk I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong). Thanks! Yes, YOU did have the weakest stomach, LOL! However, I really don't blame you; everyone has a different level of tolerance regarding things like that. Plus, YOU watched the process; I just had to lay there, hold your hand, pray, and try to NOT look! Maybe you should have done the same, haha! My mom was the gutsiest about watching the process! After all, she took pictures of the whole thing while it was in progress!!! Hehe! Anyway, thanks for sticking by my side the whole time and praying for me. It meant a lot that you were there supporting and comforting me. :) I love you.