Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have passed initiation.  I am officially pregnant.  How did I come to this conclusion- that I am "officially" pregnant?  True, I have been "officially" pregnant for quite some time now... because, well, you can't be more pregnant.  You either are or aren't.  However, alls I'm saying is that if pregnancy was a club, I just completed initiation.  That's right...

I barfed.

Do you want to know how this happened?  It is the dumbest reason... no really.  You are allowed to laugh at me.  The evil, wicked tool of torture??

That's right.  I threw up due to brushing my teeth.  The thing is, when I used to brush my teeth (pre-babyinthebellay), I would accidentally gag myself all the time because I am serious "tongue-brusher"... I think tongues need to be brushed quite thoroughly.  However, your gag reflex becomes quite a bit stronger and more demanding when you are pregnant.  Thus, before when I would gag, my body would say, "::Gag::  Oops!  You are good... no worries!"  Now?  Now my body says, "::Gag::  Hey!  You are throwing up!  Let's do this thing!"

I have nearly thrown up recently while brushing, but I have been able to drink water in order to stop it from happening.  I have been grateful for this blessing- the ability to stop the purging.  Yesterday morning?  Not so much.  I drank water, yes.  However, I knew that this time might be different... which is why I decided to visit the Porcelain Express.  Thankfully I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I only threw up my spleen.

This is all to say that I am now an official, sworn-in member of Club Pregnant.  Thank you and good day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Got a Sweet Tooth? She Can Help!

As many of you know, my mom graduated a few years ago from Palm Beach State College with her A.A. Degree.  While at school, she met Monique, a sweet colleague who became a beloved friend.  Little did I know JUST how "sweet" she is!!!  My mom sent me this menu today from Monique's new company, asking what I would like (since Mom is coming down on Sunday to celebrate Independence day with us).  As I browsed the menu, I was shocked by the incredibly reasonable prices!  Usually specialty "treat" places charge an arm and a leg for their yummy goods.

If you are considering having family over for the Fourth of July, consider Monique's Sweets & Treats! to provide something yummy for your guests.  Hey, let's face it, even if you aren't having anyone over, everyone likes a little random sugar pampering!  Yummmmm!  Check out the menu:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Why is Today Significant?

Why is today significant?  You really don't know?  Are you actually asking that?  No?  You weren't?  ... ::ahem:: Can you work with me for a sec???  kthanks.

So you were asking why today is significant... well, I will tell you!  Duh!  It is National Porcupine Appreciation Day!

no not really.

However, it is significant.  Today I am officially 11 weeks pregnant!  That is right!  At 12 weeks, Travis and I will get to hear our baby's HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am beyond stoked.  I am also excited because my mom and dad are coming down for Independence Day, and that means my mom will be able to come and hear her grandbaby's heartbeat!!!!  =]  It will be a great day.  I have a feeling that hearing that beautiful sound will make it that much more real to all of us.  I am excited!  =]

Yay 11 weeks!  ...sorry porcupines.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brittany!!!

For you long-time readers out there, you probably remember that June 15th is one of the most special days in the whole year, ranking somewhere around Christmas, and my personal favorite, Arbor Day.

Actually, I don't even know when Arbor Day is... but i do know that today is....

Brittany's 22nd Birthday!!!!

Happy birthday, love! Because of you, I now love June 15th, April 30th, December 19th, and January 12thish. (Let everyone else guess what those dates are....)

I am so happy to be your husband and so excited to bring a baby into this world with you. I love you more and more each day and can't wait for the next 25,550 days or so with you!



Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't want to eat unless it is, of course, not good for me.

I have to pee a million times a night.

I am exhausted.

I am bloated and constipated.


It is worth it.  =]

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And Baby Makes Three...

I'm sure if you are friends with my mom or my mother-in-law on facebook, you know by now that Travis and I have a little one on the way.  =]  As far as I know, I am at 8 weeks tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also my first doctor's appointment, so I am excited!

I would share the completely terrifying picture of Travis and me with the first test, but 1) It will haunt you in your sleep and 2) It is a First Response pink dye test with an extremely light second line indicating pregnancy.  Thus, I will share with you our digital test.  After all, you cannot get a more straightforward answer than the word "Pregnant"!

Here is a movie my mom made to help break the news to Travis's parents as well as the facebook world!  She is so creative and technologically skilled!  Check it out!  =]

Travis and I feel extremely blessed beyond reason and are so happy and excited for January 12, 2012 to come!  We are already in love with him or her... and he or she is already causing mommy to not fit into some clothes... uh oh!!!