Monday, May 24, 2010

"I'm Movin' Out!"

Once again... I am going to temporarily discuss a topic other than one requested. This is because what I have to discuss is quite important to Travis and me. It is official: we are out of Tallahassee. Our stuff? Not quite.

We rented a PODS...well... pod, and our stuff is stored in an air-conditioned PODS facility in Tallahassee. Next stop? New York. If you don't know much about PODS, I will explain. PODS is a company that makes storage pods, portable storage rooms.

A truck delivers the pod to the renter's apartment, home, etc. and leaves it there so that the person can load their stuff into it. The truck then returns once it is loaded and brings it to the storage facility for... well... storage. Once the renters arrive to their new place, where ever that may be, the pod will be waiting for them or be on its way on a truck onto which it was loaded to be driven to the new home of the renters. Voila!

Now that you understand the "pod" concept, I will discuss Saturday's adventure. Dad E, Travis, and I woke up and left around 6:20. We met Danny Boy at the airport where we took off to Tallahassee. Once we landed there at 9:00 AM, we rented a car and headed to the apartment.

The pod showed up and the men began loading it while I cleaned the apartment. Shortly after Trav, Dad E, and Danny Boy began loading the pod, Travis's friend, Josh showed up to help as well!

The process went very quickly, so quickly, in fact, that we had the "pod man" pick up the pod the same day! After the pod was picked up, we finished cleaning the apartment.

Then Travis and I nostalgically checked out our first home for the last time. Although Travis seemed okay, I will admit... I was a little sad. After all, it was Travis and my first home. That just shows the optimism in Travis and the pessimism in me. Ha ha! I am sad because we are leaving our first home... Travis is just looking forward to moving to New York with me. :) I need him in my life. He balances me.

After leaving the apartment, we gave Danny Boy a short tour of the Florida State University because he is considering attending, and then we headed to the airport. After boarding the plane and taking off, Travis and I realized that Dad E was giving Danny Boy a tour of FSU... that explains the circling around the campus! OF COURSE we are not over-zealous Seminoles trying to convince him that our school is the! ... :D

After circling around FSU, taking pictures, etc., etc., we booked it out of Tally for the last time! We landed at 9:00 PM- most productive 12 hours of my life. Peace out Tallahassee; thanks for the great memories!

-Thanks Billy Joel for providing songs for pretty much any area of my life including this one and the next!-

Movin' Out

New York State of Mind


  1. BAM! I'm first!

    The move was pretty awesome-- we only had to move everything once, and the actual moving only really took two hours, from noon to 2 pm.

    That picture of the stadium is incredible.

  2. Ha! I hope Linz reads this. She will get a kick out of that. The moving process was quite fast. Thank you. I am glad you like the picture. We had an excellent view of the stadium from the plane!

  3. Awww Mom! Why!? YOU aren't moving! LOL

  4. Good work team! How exciting!
    You know, I was seriously just thinking to myself the other day: " I need a legitimate excuse to go to New York." Now I have one!! So don't be surprised if I pop in unannounced sometime.

  5. so where are you now? fun moving... lol

  6. @Erica Haha! Girl, you know you are welcome anytime... as long as you can FIT in our TINY apartment! LOL You may need to rent a hotel room if you don't like sleeping on a couch!

    @Linz We are still in Stuart. Next stop= cruise. Next stop after that= Tennessee. Maybe sprinkle a little Texas in there. ;) Then NY!!