Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 100: Significance of the Snapshot

And the Answer is...

SPRING BREAK!!!  Hudson Valley Christian Academy (where I teach art and theatre) is on Spring Break from April 18-22.  This means that I have the week off from teaching- woohoo!  More importantly, we are going to Tennessee for a week to spend time with my parents in their home in Roan Mountain!  Now, that was a simple, yet thorough enough explanation to move on to the next photo... it is kind of blurry, but you "get the picture"- haha!  Get it??  The picture!?!?  Because it actually is a pic............

Oh, one more thing.  This will make more sense if you ignore the .7.  Got it?  Good!

Since we are on the last of the "Significance of the Snapshot" posts, I am going to reveal the significance of this snapshot without you having to guess.  Isn't that nice?  I'm just spoon-feeding you the answer!  Why, in my day, we had to walk FIFTEEN miles uphill both ways just to get a hint at an answer... and that was for DRAWINGS, not conflabit photographs!!!!

So now that you hopefully have more of an appreciation for the answer due to my tangent, here goes: I said to ignore the .7... so that would leave... 100... it is the 100th post.  Meh.  Okay, so I know it wasn't that life-changing, but give me a break- I'm sick!  In fact, my next post will be about my crud-tastical sickness and the fever that never dies.  Get. excited.

On a different, more depressing note (as if "the fever that never dies" wasn't depressing enough), I missed my blog's 1 year anniversary!!!  BOO!  It was April 3rd!  Doesn't that stink?!  I thought so, too.  So, let's take care of a few things:

1. HAPPY 100 POSTS TO MY BLOG!  *sniff*  It's like I just wrote the first post yesterday...


3. STAY TUNED FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT 100 POSTS!  As said, it shall begin with a lovely explanation of the odd things going on with my body.  I WISH I could say that for some weird reason I am experiencing rapid weight loss and massive muscle toning without doing a THING... but, alas, I can't.

Now, on to the last bit of business.  Please leave a comment with your favorite snapshot from the "Significance of the Snapshot" post series.  Obviously the pictures are not super artistic or actual "good pictures", so I want you to pick the snapshot that is your favorite based on what it represents.  For example, if you are relatively maniacal, you may choose the picture of the thermometer and Ibuprofen because you are just tickled by the fact that I am ill right now.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Thanks for reading!  Thank you in particular to those who took the time to guess the significance of some of the snapshots!  Stayyyyyy tuneeeeddd!  Oh, and please comment kthanks.  =P

Friday, April 8, 2011

Post 99: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

Okay, so that one was easy.  I am apparently sick?  The reason I have phrased this as a question is because when I took my temperature this morning, it was 100.4, but when I took it again this evening, it was 98.6!  Very short-lived fever?  I guess so!  So am I sick still?  Well, I still feel icky and lethargic not to mention that my throat feels a little sore and... erm... mucus-y.  I know- yum.  My head also still feels heavy and feels dizzy-ish every once in awhile.  Therefore, I think I am still sicky but not with a fever.  I guess it was more of a toaster oven fever rather than a Crock-Pot fever, thank goodness!  I think I should definitely be fine for work on Monday, but that was a close call.  Teaching at an elementary school with a fever is usually not the best idea (although it is probably where I acquired the delightful little virus in the first place).  Okay, this brings me to another point... can we discuss how grotesque this was on Wednesday?

One of the Kindergartners sneezed and the "super snot" somehow made its way down the entire front of his shirt.  *GAG*  But the real gem was when the child cleaned up his... erm... mess... and then proceeded to wipe. the. table. with the same tissue.  Did you just die a little inside?  Yeah, me too.  I looked at the helper and said, "I am Lysoling that for sure!"

Ahhh, now that I have filled your evening with a joyous visual (Oh yeah, it will be burned into your mind FOREVER.  Trust me.), I will TRY to get the visual out of your head by giving you a different picture to examine.  Truth be told... this is just temporary.  That other visual?  It will NEVER. BE. GONE.  *shiver... twitch*

Post 98: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

So those of you who know Travis and me really well should know that we have had our share of trouble with Travis's first car- the Audi... of DOOM!!!  To give the car some credit, it drove smoothly and served us well when we needed extra space or All-Wheel-Drive.  Considering that it was either the Audi or the Mini Cooper for long trips or snowy streets, the Audi was good to have around.  When we were planning our long, snowy drive to Tennessee for Christmas, we knew that the Mini was not going to be able to make the trip.  After all, it was Front-Wheel-Drive and had already had a slippy-slidey incident.  No thank you.  Therefore, we decided to get the Audi checked out and serviced so that it would be in ship shape for our trip.


Thousands of dollars in repairs?  Really?  It seemed that the time had finally come where we realized that we absolutely could not dump anymore money into the vehicle.  It was just sucking money... like some sort of... money toilet.  Therefore, instead of taking a chance with either of the death traps we liked to call cars, we decided to buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda C-RV- lots of space and All-Wheel-Drive.  Voila!  We decided that we didn't really need both cars; we didn't ever really use both of them at the same time.  Plus, we could use the money from both of the cars to help us purchase our new Honda; thus, we decide that we would sell the Mini and Audi and downsize to one car.

We turned in the Mini to help with the purchase of the C-RV, and we decided to wait on the Audi so that we could try to sell it for more than Honda would have given us for it.  Well, the day finally came: April 5, 2011... the day when death on wheels... erm... I mean... the beloved Audi was finally sold.  Yippee!  Hooray!  *Proceeds to happy dance.*  The money toilet is now officially out of our hands!!!  I could not be happier about this!  It seemed like every time we turned the key on that thing, it had some issue or another.  As said, it drove well, but truth be told, I think it was a lemon from the beginning.  Unfortunately, some cars just are.  Thankfully (praise Jesus for His provision), that lemon is not our sour lemon any longer.

Main point?  The picture represents Travis's first car, the Audi, that is now officially sold: drive free, little Audi... drive free.  This goodbye was bittersweet (but mostly just sweet!).

"Ya'll ready for this?!"

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post 97: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

The screen shot stands for Warrior Wives for Christ.  It is a forum that I created... and by saying "I created", I mean, of course, I made up the idea, became confused, asked Travis for help, and watched as Travis created it for me... I know... laaaaame.  Oh well, Travis knows more about that stuff and has more patience- I have to lean on his strengths just as he leans on mine (precisely why I cook and bake- although Trav can make a mean PB&J). 

Anyway, it is a free forum that we created for Christian wives to share their struggles, victories, and recipes!  It is a place where Christian wives can vent about things, chat about things, discuss their faith journeys, etc.  The best part?  It is anonymous!  I know many women like to process issues verbally, and this is a great way to do just that.  They can talk it out... erm... "type it out"... and receive support from other women who have dealt with or are dealing with similar issues.  The forum is also good for miscellaneous discussion such as discussing favorite verses, favorite recipes, and SO MUCH MORE!!!  Sorry, had to.  =D  It is basically a fellowship forum created for women who love Jesus and love their husbands.

I hope you will check it out!  As said, it is anonymous, so if you choose to join, please choose a user name that will keep your identity hidden.  This isn't a place to discover juicy gossip about the Christian ladies we know and love- it is meant to be safe and open so that we can support one another in our faithful journeys with the Lord.

Here is the link:  Enjoy!

What is the next picture?  You can't stand to wait any longer?  Oh fiiiine!  Take a guess! =]

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Post 96: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

My parents came to visit on March 18th!  Now, before you assume I am out of my stinking mind (which, for those of you who know me, you understand that I am most definitely out of my mind), I will explain how a picture of a barbecue represents my parents' visit.  They came as a surprise to me on Friday, March 18th!  Travis fooled me into thinking that a friend of his was coming to New York and needed a place to stay.  Therefore, I knew that I needed to clean the house to prep for his "friend".  I am very thankful that Travis told me to clean; I think I would have pummeled him if he had allowed my parents to show up at our home when I hadn't had a chance to make sure it was ready for them!

Therefore, Friday, after I came home from substitute teaching, I began helping Travis clean the rest of the condo.  (Travis was home that Friday because he had stayed up way late the night before and hadn't gotten too much sleep.)  At one point, whilst cleaning, Travis claimed that Susan (our beloved neighbor- I just adore her!) was at the door wanting to talk to me.  At this point I am thinking, "Why right now out of all times?!"  Don't get me wrong... she is super sweet and wonderful, but I was rushing to clean for Travis's "friend" for goodness's sake!!!  As I rounded the corner and approached the door, expecting to see Susan, guess who came trompin' through the door!

Santa Claus!

...Sorry, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.  It was actually... MY PARENTS!  Yayyyyyy!!  I have been surprised three times in my life: my 16th birthday party, my engagement, and this visit.  My jaw dropped to the wooden floor (still trying to get the splinter out of my chin).  You know that look people give you when they are thinking, "Ha ha!  We win!"... yeah.  They got me.

"But Brittany," you say, "What does this have to do with a barbecue?"  Weeeeeelllllll, I am SO glad you asked.  However, first I must correct your use of a conjunction to begin a sentence... you know that is a no no.  Tsk.  Now, to answer your grammatically incorrect question, this has to do with the barbecue because my parents were super duper (oh yeah, I said it) generous and bought us a barbecue for our condo.  We were grateful and stoked!  Travis barbecued that night, and it was deeeeelicious!

Okie dokie!  Ready, set, gooooooo:

Okay, okay, so I know that it isn't a "snap shot" per se, but it is a screen shot.  Does that count?  Guess what?  You don't have a choice!!!  Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!