Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coffee, Boxes, and Sweat

Well, the day started off right. We went to Starbucks in the library on campus (the other one was not open), and in order to use up my last $17 and something cents, we had a field day. I ordered a venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, my mom ordered a venti black coffee and little vanilla scones, Travis ordered a grande Double Chocolate Chip Blended Cream, and we finished the money off by buying two of their chocolate bars. Finally, that 90 something dollars that I recently discovered on my card is gone! Obviously, it was a sunk cost (for all of those economics people out there), so I figured I might as well buy tons of Starbucks as a last hoorah until I get to New York where I won't be able to afford anything in the "luxury" department for a while. After that, we B-lined it to the FSU bookstore where we tried selling back a whole box-full of books!

Success! Yay for selling back textbooks! Travis and I received nearly $300 for all of the textbooks we sold back today. That is awesome as it will pay for a few months storage this summer. win. I was very pleased with the "spoils" of our trek. Again, due to my caffeine driven Superwoman mother, we accomplished more today! We went by Goodwill and got rid of a box of stuff that maybe we don't need but someone else might find useful. Was she pleased with our already successful day? Of course not! Duh! More must be done!

Therefore, we journeyed to the U-Haul store where we picked up special packing paper (for artwork) and a... er...
quite large artwork box. In fact... this box was so very large that all of the seats in the back of the Audi had to be folded down to fit the box in through the trunk and into the back area of the car. This would have been just dandy... if I were not sitting in the back of the car with my mom and Trav up front. Therefore, the ride home was amusing: I was in the back, lying down on the folded-down chairs (trying not to be seen by a cop- I know... we are so bad) with the cardboard box peeking out by my side. Let me just say... the back of seats in a car... are not comfortable. fail.

We are now back, and once more, more has been accomplished. Travis paid our FINAL month's rent, and I have e-mailed the man who is going to write my letter to NY confirming that I am 100% eligible to be certified in FL. This will complete one more step to the "getting employed in New York" process. Things are progressing beautifully. :) We have even loaded up Travis's car and Mom's car with some things that need to come down to South Florida. With Mom around, no one can be idle. Thank goodness, too. She has been the absolute
biggest help we could have. She brings motivation, organization, speed, and "he-womanness" to the process.

Update: My mom and I just finished going by Goodwill AGAIN to drop off
more stuff! We also went by to drop off our food that needs refrigeration to the Grays for their consumption, since we won't be here.

Tonight will end nicely because we are going to get some delicious Publix subs, plop down on an air mattress in the living room, and watch movies... er... maybe
a movie. We will probably be too pooped to watch more than one. Knowing my reputation with movie-watching, I will be out after the first 15 minutes.

Ugh... still so much to do! I have to renew the title for my car, which I have to renew
here because we aren't moving to NY till September. I also have to forward my mail and e-mail. Another task is finishing up this stinkin' apartment. Fortunately, we will be coming back to load everything eventually, so we will deep clean the place then. One thing we DON'T need to do for once...yay!

Well, now that I have poured today's tasks out to you, I will end this post. Hopefully your day is/was less stressful than ours. If not, I pity you and advise you to eat some cake. You deserve it.

the end.


  1. Coffee, boxes, and sweat? sounds delicious

    While we don't have cake, we still have to finish off those two containers of ice cream tonight...

  2. Haha! The only thing that sounds remotely delicious is the coffee: boxes do NOT sound delicious... just full of fiber, and sweat sounds the opposite of delicious, grotesque! So your comment= GROSS!

    Mmmm, ice cream. I don't think my body can take more junk after the Melting Pot last night! Although, YOU still wanted ice cream afterward! I truly hope our children get YOUR metabolism, my dear.

  3. Travis.. I was thinking the same thing! I was totally going to post "that title sounds.. just YUMMY"... lol but you beat me to it! ARG!

    Btw..Britt.. you can forward your mail online at I just did ours. just make sure you select "Family". That sucks about the car registration.. Ivan's is up in June.. soooo we jus thave to be quick abou getting everything done in TX.. so I don't have to register him again!

    Oh and btw.. I totally know the Goodwill thing.. haha we have to stop ANOTHER time.. to drop off our stuff.. doesn't moving make you wonder how you accumulated so much crap.. hah!

  4. Haha! That is funny! Yes, he definitely "beat" you, considering he commented YESTERDAY! LOL

    You were too late on this. Haha! I already forwarded the mail and e-mail yesterday. Mom guided me through the mail forwarding, though, so I knew how to do everything. Yeah, the car registering thing is a pain in the butt.

    Moving does make me realize how much crap I have not only accumulated but also how much I, surprisingly (LOL), don't NEED! Imagine that!

  5. I loved this post. bravo friend. I love those kind of productive days! So glad everything is falling into place. Im so excited for you about NY. As I said, we dream of moving there one day. Perhaps we can be semi-neighbors :)

  6. Without my mom, it would not have even been close to productive! Haha! She is ah-mazing! When you guys make it up there, let us know. We can get coffee at one of the THOUSANDS of Starbucks locations... in Times Square. Hehe!