Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bye Bye For a Week! :)

For those of you who follow my blog (officially or not), I wanted to let you know that the Engebretsens Sr. (this includes Erik and Kristin), Engebretsens Sr. Sr., and we (Engebretsens Jr.) are going on a Caribbean cruise for one week!!! I am excited! Because of this wonderous, cruisetastical experience, I will not be posting at all during this next week.

However, because I am a mad, blogging fanatic, I will most definitely be posting soon after our return. I know you will miss me; it is okay. After all, is just one week, but I do understand... I would miss me, too. :D Off we go- you will hear allllll about it when I get back! I hope to develop an awesome tan... not skin cancer. On that note, toodles!