Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Longer a Student

Congratulations to the rest of the FSU Class of 2010! I know that I am extremely proud to be a graduate of the Florida State University. It is so strange to no longer be a "student". For 16 years of my life, I have been a student. Anytime I have ever filled something out online, I have had to choose "student" as my occupation. Sadly, now my occupation would stand as... unemployed. Haha!

Speaking of employment... today I made some serious progress with becoming an educator in New York. I registered for a TEACH account, applied for certification online (and paid), ordered the fingerprinting kit (and paid), sent my college transcripts (and paid), and set it up for a letter to be sent to New York State Education Department stating that I have completed a legitimate program and my tests and that I am eligible for certification in Florida. Did you notice that three out of the five tasks involved paying? I find it ironic that they suck so much money from people
before they even get hired. Especially teachers! I mean, goodness, it isn't like we get paid much after we apply and get hired anyway! I suppose this is the way things go when they are handled by the government.

Besides the strides I have made involving employment today, we (Travis, mom, and I) have made serious strides in packing today. Although my living room is filled to the brim with boxes, it is nice to know that we will be out of here soon. Trust me, though, I could not have done any of what has been accomplished without my mom being here. She is like the flipping Energizer bunny on steroids. I get tired and lazy oh so easily; however, she has this like caffeine inducing fire under her butt that propels her into "accomplish" mode. Despite my desire to be lazy, we did some legit. packing today. Thank you, Travis and Mom!

Well, I think I will update you on my Summer Lovin' List:

4. Watch
Up Close and Personal with Mom - Accomplished. Let me just say, this was a great movie! I loved it! If you get a chance, watch it... unless you absolutely loathe movies with sad endings (sorry if I gave anything away there, but I needed to warn those with easily-breakable hearts).

19. Buy new "teacher" shoes -
Accomplished. Yay new shoes! I did, indeed, get new teacher shoes. I also bought some cute white/beige sandals, but that is beside the point. I bought black flats and beige "boat shoes". They will both be great "close-toed" shoes for teaching. I am so glad that is over; I hate shoe-shopping. It is especially aggravating when it is for work, not play. Oh well, such is life.

Only 10% finished, but hey! That is still progress... can't get to 100% without hitting 10% on the way. Well, that's all folks!



  1. Well since I sitting here reading this and laughing hysterically out loud, you know I thought it was funny. Off to get my caffeine, need to get ready for tomorrow. :)

  2. LOL! I KNOW you only take decaf at night! Thank goodness, too... we'd be up all night working. Haha!

  3. haha wow! have fun with energizer-bunny-Mommy! good thing you got packing so you can come see me! :)

    and fin hahahahaha that cracked me up. :D :D

  4. Haha! You definitely have my sense of humor! ;)

  5. I know I have said this before, but I am very proud of you and the fact that you kept you 4.0 through college!

    The bad thing is that you will be leaving the student side of the classroom to be on the teacher side of the classroom, so it will be like you never left!

  6. I am glad you are proud of me. :) That means a lot.

    Ugh, true. Such an ironic major, really. LOL

  7. Ok.. that is so funny about mom... but so true she was like that when she helped me unpack in Maryland.

    Oh btw.. that "money sucking" thing is true for EVERYTHING... when I applied for my reciprocal CPA application in TX... I had to pay $300 for the APPLICATION submission, and then another $300 for the ACTUAL license... talk about crazy!. In Virginia, it is only $60 for the license...

    like the fin picture.. HA

  8. I know. She is like Superwoman or something. I really don't know how she does it.

    Goodness! Are you serious? That is a whole stinkin' lot of money! That is insane. I am surprised it is cheaper in Virginia, though.

    Glad you were amused by the fin. LOL Figured I would be my normal, random self.