Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Does Technology Hate Me?

Well, it's official... technology hates me. The Friday before spring break (I had to drive to Orlando on Monday), my brakes decided they had had enough. New brakes = $800. A few days ago, my cellphone decided that the front touch screen would, indeed, look better if it was rockin' the "smashed in" look. I think it is like someone wearing ripped jeans... the "cool" tattered look for the cellphone. Thankfully, my mother in law has kept some old Verizon phones, so I can transfer my information to one of those. Thank goodness that wasn't going to cost me.
Then yesterday, after finishing my PowerPoint for today's math lesson, my computer decided that it was just about time for the RAM to crap out. Now, I wasn't a fan of this choice, but computers tend to have free will many times. Thus, my computer rebelliously made loud beeping noises as I attempted in vain to turn it on. Evil laptop of doom. Well, about $70 later, we had some new RAM for my lovely little laptop. Survey says? Ding ding ding! "It turned on! All right! Epic win! Let's turn it off and put BOTH gigs of RAM into it and see if it is cured! Ok....turn it on... it's turning on.... it''s taking an awful long time... it'" I think my computer felt gypped out of it's spring break. After all, I had a rest from lesson planning. I had a rest from working my tail off for school. Did it get a break? No way, jose! It still worked the entire break. That is my theory.
So, long story short: my computer hates me and is fried despite the $70 we spent on stinkin' RAM. Oh, and the cherry on top: there are no Apple stores in Tally. Thus, I am writing this post from Trav's Mac which still seems to be on okay terms with him. I wonder if it will now revolt against me to side with my computer. Regardless, I will now try to post this before his computer craps out as well.
It seems that everything I touch these days breaks. Welcome to the real world, Brittany. The world of the married... where Mommy and Daddy's plastic does you absolutely no good. I feel like a birdie tossed out of the nest. The only problem is, my wings are powered by technology, which happens to be failing and letting me fall. One word: ouch.


  1. Brittany you really should get a job writing for a news paper. You are hilarious.

  2. I am glad you see the humor in my misery. LOL