Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Summer Lovin' List

Well, here I am, two days away from graduating. It is so weird to think about... I mean, when I was in high school, college looked so far away. When I began college, the "real world" looked so far away, yet here it is, knocking at my door. We have only a few boxes packed right now, and it feels like NY is so far away... we have the whole summer, right? However, I know that summer will zip by as everything else has. Crazy. I guess I will make the most out of every moment because life passes so quickly. I should make a list of things I want to accomplish over the summer. Why, yes! Yes I will!!! *cue inspirational music* Okay, here we go... uh... ERG! I can't think with all of that stupid inspirational music!!!!! *music dies* Thank you! Sorry readers, I had my morning cup of coffee. My bad. Now then:

1. Go hiking on Grandfather Mountain

2. Lose ten pounds (I don't think this could escape any list... except for maybe a grocery list)

3. Finish reading the Spirit Flyer series with Travis

4. Watch Up Close and Personal with Mom

5. Ride on the ATV

6. Go to the beach

7. Play frisbee

8. Take an apartment hunting trip to NY

9. Take NY certification tests

10. Apply for jobs in NY

11. Hike in TN to see the "balds"

12. Go on a cruise with the Engebretsens

13. Play Beatles Rock Band with Dad and Trav (and Mom if she will participate LOL)

14. Take a trip to see Ivan and Linz's new place in TX (and help set up/paint, etc.)

15. Get a better tan

16. Get closer to Jesus

17. Get closer to Travis

18. Read The Essential 55 (Thanks, Mr. Davis!)

19. Buy new "teacher" shoes

20. Crochet (Yes, I am an old lady...I married an old man at heart, so I just have to fit in...stop judging me.)

This is just a small list; I'm sure I will think of more later and go "Oh darn! I should have put that on the list, but now I can't add any because it was at a solid 20!" Yes... I wouldn't be able to give up a nice list containing an even 20 items. I know. OCD. Let's discuss it no further.

If you have anything groundbreaking to add to my list, let me know! If it is crucial enough to my summer, I just may break my perfect 20-item list for your idea. That would be just positively shocking, I know. What's on your perfect summer list? What are your plans?


  1. haha.. how I wish I still had summers off.. lol. Instead I get a week off for moving.. but that will be packed full of .. unpacking and all the crap you have to do when you move somewhere (like registering cars etc).

  2. hhahha you crochet? you /are/ an old lady! <3 and i believe your list should contain, hang out with my amazing baby sister! :) :)

  3. @Linz I know! We are so blessed to have this last summer vacation. Even after I start teaching, I will be getting a job over the summer to help pay bills. You guys are going to have an intense summer season.

    @Kris I know... but that is how I made Trav that epically awesome scarf for Christmas a few years ago. Thanks for the addition to my list. You are right! However, you are already a part of it: cruise and beach! You think I would go to the beach without you this whole summer? Heck no! Plus, you can go shoe shopping with me, too! LOL

  4. Darn, I never get to go shoe shopping...

  5. I crotchet too... so don't feel bad... in fact I'm crotcheting right now... be proud!

  6. Sweet! Crocheting is the I am proud of you! Keep it up! :)

  7. @Trav Ha! Sorry! I didn't think your comment posted because you don't have a little doohickey before your name. Honey, you are more than welcome to shoe shop with me ANYTIME! :D I can add it to the list. ;)

  8. Because I am mom I feel it is my responsibility to add some extra things to the list. You know you would be disappointed if I didn't :)
    1. Go to the outdoor drive in movie theater.
    2. go Kayaking with the new Kayak we bought (oh, yeah we bought a kayak)
    3. pick out the photos from the wedding.
    4. pick blueberries.
    5. Ride the Virginia Creeper trail
    6. Go to a show at the Barter Theater.

  9. You just couldn't make it an even 25, could you? LOL