Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Bizarre Dream

To begin, you must know of some things that have happened recently or are going to happen soon in my life:

1. I am going to be in Tennessee over the summer.

2. I am going to be in South Florida over the summer.

3. Last night something not too pleasant happened: I was getting the mail (Travis was in the car), and some guy with loud rap music started coming my way. Naturally, I looked over at the SUV, and the music went off. As he pulled by with his window down, he muttered something under his breath to me (I'm guessing it was derogatory). As he drove off, I looked after the car, puzzled and offended. I got back in the car, and Travis and I drove to our apartment (a very short distance- like literally several meters). As we were walking up to our place, the guy came
back! I looked over, and once more, his window was down and he muttered something again! Both times I could not tell what he said, but I guessed they were not words of encouragement or happy, colorful butterflies on a spring morning. The freaky thing to me was that he came back. Our apartment complex goes in a circle, but he was coming the opposite way the second time. What this means is that he had to have literally pulled into a parking spot, turned around, and come back. Thankfully, I was visibly with Travis that time. I do not know why he came back, what he was expecting to do, but I am thankful for my Lord who was with us the whole time. After that, my mom suggested I call the police to see if they could patrol the area some, so I did. After spending some time peeking through the window every time we heard something, afraid that the guy was going to come to our door, a police woman came and asked some questions. Then she did some paperwork near our apartment in her car to keep watch. By the grace of God, we have been safe!

Now, on to the dream:

In my dream I was at some house in a woodsy area, and, no joke, an alligator dressed in a freaking bear costume was trying to break in through the door! My dad had to go out and shoot the thing!

1. Alligator = South Florida
2. Bear costume = Tennessee
3. Breaking in through the door = creepy, pervert guy



  1. What exactly have you been eating late at night before going to sleep? lol You may want to lay off that stuff, what ever it is. hehe

  2. loved the pictures. You are obviously a visual learner :) as for all the symbolism... nice* I wouldn't have thought that far into it. My dreams for so crazy I don't even try to give them meaning. I always wonder how people in the Bible put so much faith in dreams. Apparently they were different then than they are now :)

  3. Omgosh.. ok that is frigging hilarious.

  4. @Mom Apparently mushrooms and poppy seed muffins!

    @Jen I am definitely a visual learner! No doubt! I usually "get" symbolism pretty easily. I do think dreams were different back then, but you'd be surprised how you can connect your bizarre dreams to events/elements of your life! LOL Try it sometime! You will be like...woah! Haha!

    @Linz I know... just the thought of an alligator dressed like a bear... I was like... really?

  5. LOL britt lay off the shrooms :P
    and how exactly does an alligator dress as a bear? bears stand upright, and alligators kinda... lay there. what i wish to know is, how was it positioned and how many appendages did it move? lol

  6. It was most definitely standing upright pushing at the doors (double doors LOL).