Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, all! What a glorious day this is: the day the Lord rose again, thus proving to the doubters that He is the real deal! Others may claim to be the true Heavenly Father, but only Christ Jesus fulfills promise after promise. Only Jesus could defy death and raise Himself up again. If Jesus weren't the true Lord of all, we wouldn't be celebrating historical events surrounding Him.
Our pastor was talking about this concept this morning. We celebrate Thanksgiving not because we
theorize that the American Indians and pilgrims joined together and feasted; we celebrate it because we know that it actually occurred in history! We don't celebrate Independence Day because "some of us believe" that the Americans fought for their freedom from the British government and won on that day. We celebrate events that happened! Jesus died and rose again, thus, we celebrate Easter. Jesus was born, thus, we celebrate Christmas! MY birthday does not get that much attention! Even our presidents and other important historical figures do not get as much attention around their birthdays as does our Lord, Jesus.
Therefore, I hope that you take some time today not just to go to church because you always do for Christian-themed holidays. I hope you take some time today to pop in a worship CD and glorify the Father who died a bloody, exasperatingly painful death for you on the Cross. I hope you open up the Word and give some private time to Him to thank Him for that private time He spent on the Cross for you. The time when the Heavenly Father actually had to look away from Jesus' bloodied, sin-covered body. The time when Jesus was, for the first time ever, spiritually alone.
For those of you who haven't accepted His gift, make today the day when you allow Christ to resurrect you as well. He is risen! You can be, too.

Happy Easter, and praise Jesus!

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