Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Having a "Hard" Time

Well, it turns out that I fried more than my RAM apparently. Travis took my computer into the "doctor's office" today, A.K.A. a Mac service place in Tally. There is no retail store, but the Apple Care dude informed me of the service place available. I was happy to learn that I wouldn't have to take my demon-possessed computer all the way to Jacksonville or 6 hours south to Palm Beach Gardens to complete the exorcism.
Anyway, Travis took my computer in today, and apparently I fried the hard drive, too. Yayyyy. This means that if nothing can be recovered, I won't have any of my lesson plans from the entire semester, any of my pictures, etc., etc. If they, by the grace of Jesus, can recover some stuff, it will cost me $100 because that is apparently not covered by Apple Care. However, I would GLADLY pay $100 to get my stuff back! Fortunately, my mom said that when hers crashed, they could recover a lot of the information. I hope that is the case with mine. I will be praying tonight for my computer, which is really praying for a semester's worth of work.
It will be so nice to have my computer back, and I am sure Travis will appreciate not having to share his anymore. He has been so great about sharing his for my Facebooking, blogging, and e-mailing. I am very grateful for his good sharing skills!
Well, now it is time to prepare for tomorrow's lessons and perhaps do something else productive, especially since my afternoon was eaten up by a long, comfy nap...one which I did NOT want to give up for the sake of getting work done. Nighty night! Please keep my Macbook Pro in your prayers. Oh! Before I go... let me educate you on a Macbook Pro vs. a "laptop".
I was on the phone with the Apple Care guy, and I explained that I had the laptop sitting on the bed. I asked him if that could have caused it to overheat. He then proceeded to inform me in a chuckling tone, "Yeah, it's not a 'laptop', it's a Macbook. It needs to be on a desk or table."
For real. I'm sorry Mr. Mac Pro, but the last time I checked, my "Macbook" can be flipped open, placed on my "lap", and OH BOY! Guess what? It still FUNCTIONS!!!! Imagine THAT!

...Elitist much?

Now that
you have been informed about what a Macbook is and where it needs to be to survive, I bid you goodnight and hope that you don't make the same mistake as me and call such a sophisticated machine, a "Macbook" *cue angelic music*, a vile, ordinary "laptop". Nighty night! :)

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  1. Love it! Did you write it on Travis's LAPTOP????? :) (I know, I am just as stubborn as you)