Thursday, April 22, 2010


Time to "ketchup" on things in the Engebretsen life since I have been too busy to post much.

1. Travis and I had our 4th monthaversity on April 19th. That is 1/3 of a year! I cannot believe we have been married that long. It seems like just a month ago that we married!

2. I am sick. In fact, my mentor sent me home today to get better; I tried to insist to do
something before leaving, but he wanted me to leave so that I will be healthier tomorrow, my last day.

3. I have one more assignment to submit, and then I am good to go for the rest of my semester. This means I have a free finals week. :D Sorry to those of you who have to take finals, but I think I have done my time (being in the evil Elementary Education Program).

4. Travis picked up my cap and gown today. It is official.

5. Travis and I will be packing like crazy soon. Correction: I will be packing like crazy soon. Travis has finals, but since I am free, I will be running around.

6. We still have to get together with so many people before leaving:
- Beth Jones
- Michele and Tony DeVos
- Mechelle Sieglitz
- Sarah and Ryan Gray
- Sorry if I missed ya!

7. Travis and I have two Sundays and one Wednesday left at Calvary Chapel Tallahassee. :(

8. Travis and I have one Saturday left with our home group Bible study. :(

9. I still need to order graduation announcements.

10. I am so OCD that I have to finish this off with 10... just because it looks better that way.

Now that my thoughts are in order and I have realized all of the stuff I need to do before getting out of Tally, gotta go!!!! BYE!


  1. Hey, I got number 9 taken care of for you. YAY Aren't moms good. :)

  2. Yes, yes they are. I appreciate you for that! LOL