Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get. Excited.

Check it out! This is officially my 89th blog post! *YAYYYYYY!!!!* I know, right? See, told you- exciting. So, I was thinking about doing a countdown beginning with my 90th blog post. #100 will be the "blast off" post- A.K.A. the zero of the countdown. But what to do...? A picture a day? A random fact a day? A verse a day? Answering a question a day from readers? Guest blog posts? Why don't you decide! This is my nifty little way of making you do the thinking for me. You like how I did that? Anyway, please, please, pleeeeeaaaase submit an idea for my "Countup to 100" extravaganzaaaaaa! If you would like to submit an idea but would prefer to submit it privately, please e-mail me at brittany.engebretsen@gmail.com. You can also make a comment anonymously. Otherwise, comment away as usual!

Let's make this interesting.


  1. Awesome...congrats. I'd love to know what you like and don't like about the Big Apple.
    God bless

  2. I think you should have some guest posts... maybe not ten, but having a few would be pretty cool.

  3. Do something different for each post, with the 100th being a giveaway. :-)

  4. Ok, so thus far I have:

    1. 1 vote for picture of the day (private sender)
    2. 1 vote for verse of the day (same private sender)
    3. 1 vote for likes/dislikes of New York
    4. 1 vote for guest posts
    5. 1 vote for a giveaway at the end

    Oh boy... too many different views! Gotta get some agreement on some of the ideas! LOL Either that or I will just be doing my "countup" as a smorgasbord! Hehe!

  5. i like a smorgasboard! get 10 ideas and do ten different things! :D
    do one like.... all words starting with the same letter. Try out your skills of alliteration.
    That tends to test talent. :D

  6. Haha! You would like the most random idea- smorgasbord. Hehe! All words starting with the same letter?!? What letter!? Maybe E since that is my last name... hmmmm... haha! Thanks for commenting!

  7. what can i say, i like random :) love youu.

  8. Okay, so I think you should do a picture and a verse a day! Put your favorite picture and your favorite quote counting down!

  9. Hey Jenna, I know this is a late response, but I figured I would still respond! I had already decided by this point to do a "guess the significance of the snapshot" post each day allowing people to guess before posting the answer and a new picture. Perhaps I will do a picture and verse or quote a day when I count down up 200! =D Hehe, thanks for the input!