Thursday, January 13, 2011

Turn and Face the Strange Ch-Ch-Changes!

Hey everyone! Just popping on here really quickly to announce that the new URL for my blog will soon be I thought that would be easier to remember and spell. Sorry that so many changes are happening at once, but "I do believe (they) have been changed for the better..." Anyway, sorry about the mass confusion! Please bear with me! Just remember the title of the blog- T.A.B.L.E. Talk plus the state in which we reside- New York! Please do me a gihunkous favor and click "like" or "dislike" (doesn't really matter which; I am looking for a large enough number) so that I know you have acknowledged the change. I don't want to switch over prematurely and have people thinking my blog no longer exists. After all, I was crazy enough to get rid of Facebook. What would stop me from deleted my blog as well?! Don't worry, I haven't gone that utterly mad... yet. Happy blogging!