Thursday, January 13, 2011

Taking Out the Trash

How to Take Out Your Garbage:

1. Just kidding.

This post is not- I repeat- not about taking out actual trash. Therefore, if you need instruction on how to remove actual waste from your home, please seek help elsewhere... and I do mean... seek help.

This is about some recent changes I have made.

1. No cable.

2. No Facebook. (*gasp*!)

I know, go ahead and get your "Oh my!" and "Golly-gee-willicurs!" faces out. Yes... that is how you spell it. No really though I have no idea.

I have decided to take out the garbage that has been wasting countless, precious, God-given hours of my life. It is time to remove elements of my life that are not encouraging me to live the abundant life the Lord has planned for me. Therefore, the cable. gone. The Facebook account. deleted.

How will I ever keep up with my friends and family you may ask. Well, there is a nifty little invention that I have found to be extremely useful. It is called a cell phone. Have you heard of it? It is a CLEVER little device on which you press a certain, specific code of numbers. You then wait a moment while the phone, using that code, attempts to access the person's (for which you used the code) same little device. AMAZING! The best part is this:

1. You can actually hear the other person... now THAT is live chatting for you!

2. They can hear you, too!

3. Your tone is less likely to be misinterpreted. In other words, you are much less likely to get into those pointless "online spats".

4. You are also less likely to get into trouble due to your words being saved in written format. Think about that... every time you post something, it is saved and could be used against you in a court of law.

5. If you are feeling particularly primitive and just need to write/type something to someone, many cell phones have a "text messaging" system. That's right... you can use the device with which you can speak live to someone to type words to them in order to communicate more slowly!!! Fascinating, right?

There is another method: e-mail. I can use this if I need to say a lot without getting interrupted or having an annoying message pop up telling me that I need to stuff a sock in it because I am blabbing over the character count.

If I reallllllly want to feel "old-fashioned", I could send a... get ready for it... LETTER! Woah. "It sounds crazy, but it just might work!" I put that in quotes because I know it is used a lot... so I don't really have a place from which to quote it, but I know it is a quote... so I put quote marks.


Considering that I like making cards and like actually... writing (...with a pen and paper... if you haven't done it recently, you should try. It is a real thrill.), writing letters could be a fun, creative way of communicating for me. Hey, it may be primitive, but at least it isn't still being transported via Pony Express. Now it is Federal Express!!!! Haha! Get it? Because they are both... That lame joke/pun/thing doesn't even work because I use the USPS for letters and such. poo. Oh well! Let's carry on!

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I am getting rid of Facebook. No, I didn't make a spectacle of it on Facebook, writing the proverbial "announcement" post: "I am leaving Facebook forever *insert scary horror movie music here*, if you want to contact me, my e-mail address is Oh, and I have an iChat, too. And Skype. And a cellphone. Goodbye cruel Facebook world! I shall miss thee!" I just figure that my true friends will eventually realize that I no longer have a Facebook and will contact me some other way. Most likely, he or she will have my number or e-mail address. If not, he or she can find a way to get those things. And people who I was just "friends" with on Facebook... really won't care! It all works out!

Anyway, the reason I am announcing my lack of Facebook on here is because through deleting it, advertising for my blog has gone kaput. As you probably remember, I used to share my posts via Facebook as soon as I had published them. I (obviously) can no longer do that. Soooo if you want to continue reading my posts when I publish them but you don't want to have to check the blog on a regular basis (although I'm sure it is on your to-do list every. single. solitary. day.), you can subscribe via the two little buttons at the top of the blog under the verse from Hebrews. One reads "Posts" and one reads "All Comments"... yeah... those...yes... no... you had it right the first time!

If you want to subscribe via e-mail, click the button and then click "Atom", not "Eve". Get it?! Ba-dum...cha! After clicking "Atom", you will be directed to another page. Once there, you will see a little box with an arrow thingie to the right. Click the arrow thingie. Then click "Choose Application...", and find your mail application, click it, and voila! That is how it works on a Mac. I am not sure how to operate it on a PC. Therefore, if you have a PC and you correctly figured out how to subscribe via e-mail, please post the instructions as a comment below.

If you wish to subscribe a different way, please disregard all that has been written in the previous paragraph. Thank you. =]

Oh, yeah, and if you want to be the bestest of friends forever and ever, you can totally share any of my posts that you find interesting on your Facebook. See how I just encouraged you to advertise for me? =D

All righty then... what else is there for me to say? I love you all (all... 3 of you readers... ok fine, that includes me...), and I hope you have a glorious Thursday! Bye bye now!


  1. Golly-Gee-Willicurs! Good stuff, Miz Brittany...I'm just bummed that I'm neither young, skinny, wiry OR an orphan so's I could apply for that-thar Pony Ex-press job. Many thanx to YOU (you young, skinny, wiry non-orphan, you) for being willing to Ex-press yourself so wonderously well...

  2. Haha! You are as young as you feel! And I am pretty sure that makes you even younger than me at heart! =] LOL! Your puns are positively fantastic. And you are officially my best friend for calling me skinny! Haha! Thanks for the comment, wonderful one!

  3. I'll miss your whitty and educational statuses on FB but I totally understand and respect where your coming from! It's crazy how addicting it can be! I'll stay tuned into your blog though, it's always good for a laugh or a lesson :)

  4. Haha! Awww thanks! It definitely was addictive for me! You can definitely keep up with my blog in order to know what's going on with Travis and me. I will probably be posting a whole lot more since I don't have Facebook distracting me! Haha! Just make sure you check out my most recent post about the other change being made- the change of my URL. I, as always, will be keeping up with your blog as well! =] Thanks for the comment! Have a fabulous Friday! <3

  5. I thought I subscribed. IF I subscribe, will it send me a note letting me know you have new updates - cos it isn't doing it! :-( WHAT DO I DO to make sure I don't miss an interesting blog????? Help. Your old mom..EE...

  6. @Mom E. You have it figured out now, right? I went back to this post and found this comment, which I never responded to! You are receiving the posts via your Mail application under the "RSS" part, right? Let me know if you need help. And you aren't old.