Friday, January 14, 2011


Well, I am a little peeved right now... not much... just a little. It isn't a big enough deal to get too peeved about it at all. I will save massive "peeve-ation" for another, more serious occasion. It is just that... when I switched out the URL, all of the "likes" disappeared!!! What is with THAT?! Boo! Anyway, that is all. Adios, people!


  1. You loose a lot when you switch over. I've lost all my comments and once all my followers. What a pain

  2. You'll never lose me. :) (even if you try to) lol mom

  3. @DeanO I am so grateful that I didn't lose comments and followers! That would have been terrible! Very sorry that happened to you!!

    @Mom LOL! I wouldn't try! You are my biggest blog fan! Hehe! =D

  4. WHy DID you change the blog address? That is bad that you lost the likes.

    I hate the facebook page. It isn't easy to see the birthdays any more or my top friends!!! But YOU don't have to worry about that any more! :-) LUcky YOU!! :-) Love you! Mom#2

  5. The answer is in the last post. =]

    Haha! Yeah, I am glad I decided to get rid of it. =]