Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Time to Play...

Guess the "Significance of the Snapshot"!

Remember how I said that I was going to do a countdown to my 100th blog post? No? Then read the post prior to this and it will alllll come together!

Aaaaaanyway, for those of you who are updated, this is how it is going to work. I will post a picture that represents something or other (related to my life), and your job is to guess what it represents. Now if you were there when I took the picture, please let others do some guessing before you give it away! ;]

Here goes! Let the game begin! Here's the first picture:


  1. Hm - looks like metal Origami to me

  2. I know!

    It represents the stars that I see in your eyes... ;)

  3. Something you bought for your new home?

  4. lol... I know.. and I wasn't there when you took it. :) Can I guess? I guess that would still be cheating. *wink*

  5. @DeanO That would be a HUGE piece of metal origami! Haha! It is actually a HUGE Texas star decoration above her pantry on one of her kitchen walls!

    @Travis Haha! Blech! You are sugary sweet, my dear! ;] I appreciate your corniness. =D

    @Allana Nope! =] But that is a good guess considering it was something my sister and her hubby bought for their new home! Hehe!

    @Lindsey Haha! Well, considering it IS in YOUR house... I would hope you would know! Hehe! Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

  6. Could it possibly be where you are? The lovely place we call the Lone Star state?