Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tres Parto del Nuevo Yorko, Amigos :D

For the final part of our New York experience, we woke up in the Mt. Kisco Holiday Inn on Monday after once again sleeping for what felt like two shakes of a lambs tail. Ha! That is the first time I have used that phrase... I feel empowered. Anywho, we headed out after leisurely getting ready and packing for our evening flights. Once cramming everything into the car, we headed out for some healthy breakfast. While ordering at Dunkin' Donuts, we realized that the people working there were as successful at their jobs as watermelons doing yoga. How do you work in a place that serves so much coffee and not understand what a MOCHA is?! They also could not comprehend what Dad E. wanted; if you have ever met my father-in-law, you know that he is
very good at thoroughly explaining what he wants. In addition, he has an admirable amount of patience... and patients... yuk yuk yuk! was worth a shot. Ignoring my corntastical joke, he really does have incredible patience... these people managed to annoy him. That takes an epic amount of fail.

After our deliciously healthy meal, we voyaged to Irvington where we met up with Lori, the realtor for that area. She brought us to a junkload of places. They were all
nice; however, it was during Monday's "viewings", that I discovered I wished I would have never seen the Heritage Hills apartment. It set the bar high, high enough to make me disappointed in the other places we viewed. I know, I sound prissy, but think about this with me for a moment: if you have eaten gelato, straight from Italy, Breyers just won't seem to cut it back in the States. Ya know what I mean? No? oh. right then... moving on!

We checked out a tooooonnnssss of places before our time was through. After hunting, we hunted down a decent restaurant= Dobbs Diner. Yumacious! Especially the chocolate cake! Yes... we had more chocolate cake. don't judge me.

Finally, it was time to head to the airport. *sniff* Travis and I had a flight at 6:59pm (oddly specific?) and Dad E. and Mom E. had a flight out 8:30pm (or... was it 8:29? I can't remember...). Let me just tell you... we left around 8:30ish and the parents left around 9:00ish. Oh yeah. The experience was pure joy- like a beautiful frosted cupcake in the summer... a poo-encrusted cupcake with a rotting cherry on top in a summer HURRICANE! ...but I'm not bitter.

We finally arrived in Charlotte, NC; by that time we had decided to grab a hotel that night so that we didn't end our trip with a bang- literally. If we had driven the two and a half hours home that night (the drive included dark, windy roads), the car may have gone, "Bang!", then maybe, "Crunch!", and perhaps a "Boom!" thrown in there? Needless to say, we were tired and decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

The next morning, after much-needed rest, we headed back to Tennessee where we arrived safely- I think...? Thus ends Trav's and my New York adventure. But wait! There's
more! :D I said thus ended Trav's and my adventure, but you simply cannot miss out on the ending touch of joyousness that descended upon Dad E. and Mom E. Read on, friend, read on!!!

They were doing waaay better than us as their flight was
on time (what a shocker!), until... the attack of the prima donna and her knight in lame, dull armor. When asked to place a purse-sized bag under her seat in order to create space in the overhead for... oh I don't know... the other TONS of people on the flight, this chick... we'll call her Doofus... Doofus decided that she would just refuse. When the flight attendant said something to her about it, the "knight"... we'll call him Imbecile... Imbecile decided to tell off the flight attendant, explaining that what the attendant said was unnecessary, etc., etc. Annnnddddd... boot.

Yep. They were both thrown off the plane. Good for you, airline... good for you. I am Brittany Engebretsen, and I approve this booting of stupid passengers. After that annoying waste of thirty minutes, the parents departed as well! They, too, arrived safely (obviously... or I wouldn't be writing this blog... I would be mourning, duh). Thus, ended their New York adventure.

Adios! (I don't get the Spanish theme either. It's okay- we're in this together.)


  1. Was it just me, or were all of our breakfasts at chain coffee stores?

    I am surprised you couldn't find good picture of a watermelon doing yoga to illustrate your point-- I guess they were too self-conscious.


  2. Ha! So true, but I do love chain coffee stores- can't help it! :D Watermelons are VERY self-conscious as they are some of the biggest fruits. They don't like to talk about it.

  3. Well now that I have had my NY adventure, I am looking forward to my 17 hour Texas adventure!

    Here's to the yoga Watermelons! CHEERS!!!! Such a gem you are.

  4. Thank you for such witty writing. Somewhere reading this (about the Shawn's patient patience part.... while eating my Frosted Flakes caused me to CHOKE on said Frosted Flakes.... I ran to have my coughing/choking/sneezing attack in the far bedroom so I wouldn't wake mom up!! But don't worry - I'm ok now and I think she is still asleep...

    WAIT!! IT can't be over!! You need a PS!! What about Angelo? Or whatever that "super's" name was!!?? I can't wait to hear how you describe HIM! I wish I had taken a picture of him!! He was SUCH a hunk!!

  5. @Tamara I don't actually think I was going to log the entire Texas trip. After all, we aren't here to apartment hunt! LOL! Thank you for all of the encouragement- every time I read a comment from you, it just makes me want to write more and more! :)

    @Mom E. Thank you for enjoying my writing! I am SO sorry about your flake-choking experience!!! But that is pretty funny. LOL You stole my idea! I had actually already thought earlier today about entitling the next one "P.S...." something or other. How funny! Great minds think alike- it is like the song for Grandmother! He was a hottay with a boday!!!!! :D

  6. bravo Brittney. I must say I think this was my favorite of all your posts so far! You had me laughing and even reading it aloud to Robert. It was hysterical. Thank you for the word pictures and the laughs.

  7. Haha! Thanks Jen. I am glad you liked it! You're welcome for the laughs; you know I love to entertain! ;) Thanks for the comment!