Monday, July 5, 2010

The Day We All Jumped onto the Stupid Train

Let's discuss how yesterday after church, we (Dad, Mom, Ivan, Lindsey, Travis, and I) decided to all go to the mall together in the Honda Pilot. No big, right? Welllll, not exactly...

We headed into the mall parking lot around noonish where we looked for a spot to park. Ivan and Lindsey finally said that we needed to park down below, in the underground parking structure. You might be thinking, "" at this point. Well, trust me, it gets far more entertaining from this point onward.

As we entered the parking structure and began to make a right turn to find parking, Mom remembered something crucial: the car top carrier. What triggered her memory? Probably God. What confirmed her memory? The sound of scraping on the ceiling of the parking structure. By that time, my mom was screaming and... well, it all went so fast that I don't even know who else may have been screaming at that point. My dad briefly stopped the car and then continued driving whilst asking, "Is that me?" My mom's response? "YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!" He stopped the car.

In a flash, Travis, Ivan, and Mom were all outside of the car telling Dad what to do. Lindsey and I stayed in the car... like sane people. Did we stay in the car due to embarrassment? Partially. However, we also decided that since there were already three people + Dad freaking out, we would abstain from partaking in the insanity. But wait! There's one more! A random woman in the parking structure decided to pipe in and "help" Dad... annoying much? Oh well... at least she was trying to be nice I suppose.

Anywho, finally it was time for Ivan to stop "directing traffic" and help get the smushed car top carrier off the car. At that point, my dad said the dreaded words, "One of the girls needs to get out there to direct traffic while Ivan helps!" Oh poopsicle. Of course, I popped out of the car and joined the "Stupid People Who Drove Into the Parking Structure With a Flippin' Car Top Carrier Still on Their Car" Circus. Joy to the world.

Soooo, long story short (well, as short as I can write it- hee hee!) , we removed the car top carrier, which survived! Sure, it had a couple of embarrassing scratches (after all, it is kind of obvious what happened when you have scratches on the top of a CAR TOP CARRIER!!!), but, overall, we were blessed to be able to remove it before it hurt the car.

We then carried the car top carrier out of the parking structure... that isn't humiliating at all. Once Dad drove out and parked (in public, of course), the car top carrier was returned to its proper home on top of the car. We were happy that the car top carrier was not damaged because otherwise, some of us would have had a joyous, big-butt plastic car top carrier on our laps for the ride home. delightful. Once it was secure, we drove away, abandoning the mall with our tails between our legs.

Here's an exaggerated version of what we went through to help you... sympathize... with us on what we went through. Enjoy! :)

Well, there you have it! We'll really laugh about this incident someday... Oh, who am I kidding? We're laughin' now!


  1. seriously was messed up with the commenting, so I had to repost the entire thing. So, now I will post all the comments I was receiving through e-mail but was not seeing here.

    Travis: "Thankfully, we avoided the massive damage in that video.

    You always see people who do stuff like this and say, "Man, how stupid can you be!".. until it happens to you. At least now we have another story to tell!"

    Becky E: "Hysterical!! I read it to Shawn out loud!! So sad - but FUNNY the way you tell it!!!"

    Marilou: "Thankfully there were no videos or photos of OUR idiocy. The visual of the 5 of us carrying the carrier UP the driving ramp of the parking garage is still cracking me up."

    Jen Black: "too funny! I was laughing at how true it all is "Is that ME??" "YEEESSSS! " :) hysterical. and yes I can only imagine how embarrassing that would be. Im sure no one saw :) ha ha not. glad you made it out alive..."

  2. HAHAAA! We ALMOST had the same experience in our Excursion which already does NOT fit in some parking structures. Thankfully we were able to finally find a regular parking space.

    Came close again once in the Tahoe (yes, my red neck hubby had a lift kit)... When I asked him how on earth would you get out once you're stuck he replied "just let some air out of the tires"! hahaah!

    Love it!

    -Naomi B

  3. I don't know what is going on, but I am extremely annoyed with I don't understand why they cannot get their comments to work properly, but this is just frustrating. Anyway, I will now respond to the comments I had to post. LOL

    @Hubby I know! That is so true! It is like, "Man, what morons." Then you find yourself going, "Oh dang, I hope no one sees this." Haha! The video was definitely more intense. LOL

    @Mom E. LOL! Did he enjoy it? I know he is TOTALLY a blog reader, hahahaha! Glad you liked it.

    @Mom Years from now, we are going to wish there WERE pics! Haha! I know, right... how lame did we look. For real.

    @Jen "ha ha not." LOL!!! We were blessed that the CAR made it out alive, too! I'm glad it gave you some laughs!

    Thank you everyone for commenting- sorry that is messed up on this particular post. The comments will probably pop up eventually, and everything will be posted twice! Hee hee! I've never had this problem before. Oh well, I guess there is a first time for everything! Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  4. @Naomi We were lucky WE didn't have to let air out of the tires! If we would have gotten stuck in a worse position, it would have been baaaaad, and a LOT less humorous at that! LOL!!! It is crazy to think that some SUVs/trucks cannot make it by themselves. Thankfully the Pilot can make it when it does NOT have the car top carrier! Haha!

  5. hhahaa wow! epic skill! i love your family. i think a video would have really contributed to the event! :D

  6. I could TOTALLY picture this happening as I read it, and ended up laughing out loud - with little Missy Anne running out of the room. (Do cats sense if their owner is losing it?) Andy's working nights this week, so it is just me and the cat. This was hysterical! I am surprised your mom did not just hop out and start running video on it though! THAT would be one to watch! I can also imagine this was not your dad's favorite day trip!

  7. @Kristin Haha! I think that is the general consensus- a video would have MADE this! LOL We are, indeed, skillful, no? ;)

    @Marcy LOL! That is hysterical about the cat! Poor thing was probably scared to death! I don't know if cats can sense that, but I am certain that my CAT is losing it!!! HAHA! Well, I am glad I could keep you entertained while the hubby was away. Once again, I think EVERYONE would have loved a video on this! :D Definitely NOT one of Dad's favorite trips- haha! However, it is a "bonding experience" for us all to laugh about now. Heehee!