Monday, July 26, 2010

Did Ya Miss Me!? ...don't answer that.

Well, here I am at another Monday, and since Friday, I haven't written on here! Oh no! I know you missed me... it's okay to tear up just a little... okay... that's enough... no really stop before you get nose drippings everywhere!!!


Now then. Where was I? Ah yes- I haven't written on here since the weekend, but I have some accomplishments of which I can brag from this weekend. Yay bragging!

Accomplishment #1: Dad, Mom, Travis, and I finished two biiiiig projects here in Tennessee. The first one finished was staining the entire railing on the deck. We have a big deck. We then busted our booties to finish the landscaping on the area lining the driveway. We had to rake around the bushes, remove massive rocks, put "mulch rings" around each bush, spread grass seed, and cover the grass seed with soil. Doing this to about 26 bushes was in a word... delightful. or death. You know... whichever...

Accomplishment Dos: I wrote my first article for my Elance project (I finished it yesterday). I sent in my time sheet and should be getting paid Friday- yippee!!! Yay for getting paid for doing something you love!

Accomplishment III: I went to the "girlie" doctor for a check up and a prescription fill. Aaaaand that's enough about that!

Accomplishment Quatre: I lost a little more weight... like a pound or less, but still! A pound is a pound!

Accomplishment Fem: Recently, I have gotten into the Word a little more than usual. Travis and I did a couple marriage devotions together, and I read some of Daniel. It wasn't much, but any improvement is still a good thing!

Accomplishment Sei: My next blog will be #50!!! How exciting! ...for me. Ha! I should throw like a virtual blog party thingamajig... yeah!

No-So-Accomplished-Thingie of the Weekend: News back from the broker? No. Fail much?

All righty then! Now that I am done bragging and whining, it's your turn! That's right, I am giving you the freedom to share all of the wonderful things that have been happening to you and the bad things as well (if you so choose to share). It isn't bragging or whining if I ask you about your accomplishments and no-so-accomplished-thingies, right? Right! So WRITE... a comment! kbye!


  1. Oh the pain the next day from accomplishment #1. I think I still hurt.

  2. Okay:
    1) Increased hours at work this week and should be at full time again by August 9th.
    2) accepted kudos from boss for a good court case and everything needed to transfer a case.
    3) Did a "garage sale" with my best friend at a local scrapbook store and sold almost $300 in six hours. (Just supplies, none of our handmade stuff!)
    4) was able to list many items just made - in my eBay store.
    5) Started a list of topics for my own blog which YOU have inspired me to do. I am now trying to pick a title from several I came up with.
    KUDOS to you on ALL your accomplishments, especially the job one!!
    And THANK YOU for the absolutely ADORABLE thank you card for making your wedding scrapbook!!!

  3. Verrry nice! You have gotten some serious stuff done, too! Well done! I will definitely follow your blog once you get it up and running- I can't wait! Glad I could be an inspiration! :)

    Thank you very much for the kudos! You are very welcome for the card... hey... is that possible to say "you're welcome" for giving a thank you note? LOL! Either way, thank you AND you are welcome! Teehee! :D

    Thanks for commenting!