Thursday, July 8, 2010

-Crafty Creations-

I decided I would try my hand at being "crafty". Instead of spending tons of money on pre-made, mass produced Hallmark cards, I decided I would make my own cards. Not only is it fun for me... I feel like it is more personal for the people receiving the cards. Please check out my cards and give me some feedback. :) I would really appreciate it. Enjoy! <3

-Lindsey's Birthday Card-

-The Envelope for Lindsey's Card-

-Thank You Card for Aunt Ivy-

-Thank You Card for Grandpa and Grandma VanMetre-

Please leave some feedback! :)


  1. Beautiful!! I think you are on your way to being a Scrapbooker!! :-) I have seen cards that other scrapbookers have made and envied them, but I don't even have time to get my pictures in albums, let alone make CARDS. But you are so creative in your writing AND a great artist, you will do awesome making cards!! Can't wait for mine..... oh, do I have to send you something to get a card?? LOL!!! Love you!!

  2. Very creative! I was really impressed with the cards-- can't wait till I get one.

  3. how fun and creative! way to turn all Jenny Black on me. =)

  4. @Mom E. Haha! I'm sure I could find SOME reason to send you a card! ;) Thank you for the compliments! I really appreciate them. I try to be creative... it doesn't always work, but I am kind of proud of the cards. :) Love you, too!

    @Travis Thanks, babe. I am glad I can still impress you. ;) You shall get one I'm sure. :D

    @Erica Thank you! Glad you like them. Haha! What can I say? She rubs off on people! :)

  5. Very nice, and you mom-in-law is right, on the way to scrapbooking LOL!
    Did you show her your album?

  6. Talented and beautiful daughter, what more could a mom ask for? :) Good job on the cards, they look great.

  7. @Marcy Haha! I am going to become a scrapbooking fanatic like you two! Oh nooooo! ;) I have not yet shown her the album because she isn't with us. I was actually planning on posting a picture of Travis and me with it on facebook! I gotta get on that!!!

    @Mom Awww! *tear* Thank you! What can I say? I have your genes. :) Thanks! I am glad you like the cards; you know your opinion means the world to me! Thanks again! <3