Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Off We Go Again!

Once again, we find ourselves packing. "Another trip?!" you might be thinking, "Do you guys ever stay still?!" There is a simple response to that... it rhymes with Joe. That's right! NO! Apparently we do not stay still, and after this trip, we aren't finished. After all, in only two weeks, we will be heading to New York- permanently for Travis and me! I have to admit, I am nervous. Don't get me wrong, I am also excited as all get out, but I am also kind of nervous for multiple reasons... and here they are! In- you guessed it- LIST form! Yippee!!!

1. We will be so far from family.

2. We will officially be "on our own" for sure (Travis will be bringing in income; I will be fervently searching for a job).

3. We won't constantly have others around who we know.

4. We will have to make new friends.

5. We will have to "plunk" into the realization that the new place is "home".

However, I don't want anyone reading this to think that I am completely nervous about moving or sad about it. Of course not! This is where God has placed us; it is a new adventure! I am definitely up for new adventures... yet with every new adventure comes a little anxiety. For example, imagine you have decided to go skydiving... you are jazzed about your decision, can't wait to experience it, can't wait to tell others that you experienced it, and can't wait to see the awesome footage from your plummet. ....Yet... in the pit of your stomach, something reminds you that there is no certainty that your chute will open... this could be a trip for which you hadn't planned. Get what I mean?

Meh, I am such a stinkin' downer! Let's talk happy once again! I am also extremely excited about the new place. It has a FIREPLACE! How sweet is THAT!? I never thought the first place I lived in would have a fireplace. GET. EXCITED. Our new place also has a gym, pool, activity center, etc.! It seems to have enough stuff to keep us occupied for sure.

Travis sent some needed information to our broker today to pass on to the landlords. Now, all we have to do is wait for a conference call from the landlords. Then hopefully everything will be ready for August 15th!

In other news, I got paid for my first Elance (electronic freelance website) writing job today! Exciting! Hopefully I can get some more jobs on Elance so that I can help bring in some extra income for our small, poor, New York family! ;) Heehee! In all honesty, we have been blessed beyond words, and I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us as we continue our newlywed journey together.

And now that I have completely diverted off topic... let me return to the original point of this post... remember this:

Once again, we find ourselves packing. "Another trip?!" you might be thinking, "Do you guys ever stay still?!"

Well, it was soon after that that I took the wrong off ramp onto the subject of New York (I guess I just have it on the brain! :D )! Let's try again! The trip of which I am speaking is the one to Chicago, Illinois for an old friend's (Alyssa M.) wedding! No... she isn't old. It is just that we have grown apart over the years through my family moving, so I consider her an "old friend". However, she is still dear to me, and I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle; she will be a positively gorgeous bride- no doubt about it! We used to be the best of friends when I lived in Naperville, Illinois; we did everything together and always had the most spectacular imaginations while playing. I will never forget the wonderful, true friendship we had, and to see her get married is such a beautiful blessing for me. Congratulations, Alyssa!


  1. HYSTERICAL!!! Where did you (or your mom) ever pull up THAT video from? Absolutely adorable. Where did you get those curls?? I know the bride will enjoy seeing that! Can't wait to see what she looks like now..... I already know what my beautiful grandaughter will look like..... :-) Love you! Be safe!!

  2. Hehe! My mom posted it on YouTube, so I pulled it from there to post on the blog. I'm sure my mom curled my hair- I don't think it did that naturally! I hope she will enjoy it; we had some good times. She is beautiful now, inside and out. Hehe! Thanks! Hey... wait... what?! THERE IS NO BUN IN THE OVEN!!!!! LOL!!! Love you, too! Nahh, I think we'll go crazy- being safe is borrrrinnnnggg!!! ;) jk!

  3. I love moms comment at the end "I think Brittanys the boy"... haha!! you know this video came RIGHT after Aubrie and I dashed out of the room from dancing with our dads... lol you can still here "Beauty and the Beast" playing in the background.. that was a pretty memorable night I guess!!

  4. AWWWW...I am soooo excited for you guys. It reminds me of the finally of Friends, when Chandler and Monica finally moved to NY. You are gonna have so much fun and I can't wait to visit you in your new place! MUAH! <3

  5. So this is completely unrelated to this blog post...well mostly unrelated BUT: I just watched the clips of your wedding video(there were links to them after that cutesy woosty video of you lil girls tangoing). Oh my word, can we talk about how I bawled?! So lovely. I wish, once again, that I could have actually been there. Of course, I probably would have been the completely annoying non-relative sobbing loudly on the front row. HAHA! Anyway...I said all that to say: if I haven't told already, you were a beautiful bride and I am so so happy for you Travis both!!
    PS: Enjoy your trip!

  6. @Linz I know, right? I was DEF. the one leading! That was one popular video! Hehe!

    @Shayne Thanks, girlie. Can't wait for you to visit as well! :)

    @Erica LOL! You are hysterical! I wish you could have been there as well! No one would have been able to tell you were bawling- there wasn't a dry eye in that place! Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment. :) We are already enjoying our trip; I got to see my grandma today! :D Thanks for the comment!

  7. hehehe this really made me smile in the midst of all of the craziness right now. :) Can't wait to see you and meet your hubby

  8. @Alyssa Oh I'm SO glad I could make you smile! I know the wedding week is oh-so-stressful, so I am glad I could make it a little more relaxing. :) I cannot wait to meet YOU and YOUR NEW HUBBY!!!! :D

    @Chris Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it; thanks for the comment!

  9. That was a great video - I know it would end up with some pushing and shoving - it almost always does - moving and trips, no more for me but probably not the case.

  10. Haha! Thanks! Well, as young as we were, we had positively NO sense of balance! LOL! Hey, you never know when you might just want to get away for a weekend or something. I like travel, but it is definitely exhausting. Thanks for commenting!

  11. I've ALWAYS wanted to live in New York. I'm very jealous....

    Have fun! You'll be fine. :)

  12. Hehe! We are pretty excited! Awww! Don't be jealous- you'll get there. If you really want to, you will make it there eventually. :) We plan to have a lot of fun; I know with God, we will be more than fine! :D Thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate it!