Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Day at the Farm

That's right: the farm! A few Sundays ago, Travis and I decided on a whim to go to the Muscoot Farm to the farmer's market that was happening. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, I was lame and didn't take pictures while at the farm, but I did take pictures of our... bounty!

Now, you have to cut me some slack. I had no idea that we would be going to the farmers market nor did I know that we would actually be able to tour the entire farm for free! When we decided to "pop by quickly", I thought we would be doing just that: stopping by for a quick look-around to pick up some fun, farmer's... market-y... stuff! Stuff such as:

-Garlic and sun-dried tomato bread
-Maple peanut butter

However, when we arrived at the farm and finished buying some great stuff, we decided to walk a little further to see what else there was to see. This is when we saw a goat pen and a historical building with plenty of fun info! We then took off to see everything the farm had to offer. Let's just say it was wayyyyyy more than we expected! There were pigs, horses, cows (moo-tastical!), turkeys (their... erm... fecal droppings were reminiscent of peanut butter... can we say n a s t y ?!), sheep, and (the main attraction) the chicken coop. Now, when I say that the chicken coop was the main attraction, I certainly do not mean that it was the main attraction for everyone else at the farm.

Let me explain. Travis and I went into one chicken coop where these normal looking small chickens as well as totally bizarre-looking, small chickens were.

While we were in that particular coop observing those rather strange afro-sporting chickens, I (amazingly crawling out of my shell of shyness... yes, I am using sarcasm) asked the guy what kind of chickens they were. We continued to chat with him while he reached under the chickens, pulling out two eggs! And then, get this, he gave them to us! Hehe! What fun! Still warm... ok ew.

Either way, the man then took us to another coop where the bigger, more "typical" chickens reside. He explained that he would give us some more eggs; we told him that we didn't want to take the eggs from him but that we would like to see the coop. He explained that he usually picks a little kid to help him get the eggs from the chickens, and then he gives him or her the dozen that he or she gets from the chickens! Sure enough, on the way to the coop, he found a little girl who was being friendly to the rooster of the group. We all (including the little girl and her family) headed to the coop.

Once there, we watched the adorable, little girl violate a chicken's personal space for her eggs. After all the eggs had been collected (the man retrieved the other eggs), he gave the little girl a dozen. He then gave US ten! Why ten? He left two open spaces for our other eggs, of course! =D What a great experience!

We finished up touring the farm and then took our leave. By the time we arrived home, my black pumps (Yes, that's right! Told ya I wasn't expecting to visit the farm!) had taken a beating. I come to tell you, I wore those heels down to metal stubs that day! I cry for them. Anywho! I will now share the photos that we took once we came home from Muscoot Farm- enjoy!

And, of course, we wouldn't be the Travis and Brittany you all know and love (or... just know... that is, if you are afraid of commitment) if we didn't take some silly pictures!!!

Travis only has eyes for eggs.

Bread as big as my head!

Get it? Ears of corn??!

And then there's... Children... of the Corn.

Ahhh, peanut butter... a staple in our household... this particular peanut butter has a twist- maple-liciousness!

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P.S. Did you know that roosters have insanely long, strange nail/claw thingies on the back of their lower legs??? Fascinating! We were convinced it was a just a really messed up hen!


  1. I like the CHILDREN OF THE CORN picture, muhahahahahahaha


  2. I like the line "we watched the adorable, little girl violate a chicken's personal space for her eggs" lol way too funny.

  3. Marlou: I was reading parts of Brittany's blog to Shawn (He is TRYING to dictate charts!) But I had to read the part about that adorable little girl. Anyone else would say "the girl gathered the eggs" - but Brittany gives it a more personal, interesting, fun twist!! I really think she needs to get a job WRITING!! She is amazing and makes things SO INTERESTING!!

    I LOVE IT BRITTANY!!!!! I also love the pictures!!!

  4. @Dad Hahahaha! Of course! LOL I could have expected that from you. =]

    @Mom LOL, glad you enjoyed it. It kind of WAS violating... I mean, she had to just thrust her hand UNDER the chicken to grab the eggs... gotta say, if I were that chicken, I would have been a little agitated.

    @Mrs. E Haha! I guess that ended up being a popular line!!! What did Dr. E say? Knowing him, he probably didn't bat an eye! LOL! Probably just went straight back to dictating- shaking his head!! Hahahaa! Thank you, thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it and the pictures. I still need to send you leaf pics!