Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Magnificent Mom! =]

I just want to post a quick blog about my mother since it is her birthday today: November 18th! As many of you know, she is turning 35 this year. ;] I will just do this the easy way (instead of rambling on for paragraphs upon paragraphs) and give you ten things I love about my mom! You know I appreciate a good list! =D Enjoy!

Ten Things I Love About You, Mom:

1. You are a very hard worker (a great example of a help meet for me to follow).
2. You are extremely outgoing (I got that from you- duh!).
3. How we can get on laughing streaks and just crack up at the silliest things.
4. Praise Jesus you are a Christian (thank you for letting the Lord use you to lead me to the Him).
5. How you helped "match-make" Travis and me (you conniving mom, you)!
6. Our drives to Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Stuart for theatre as well as trips to Miami and beyond for casting calls (thank you for your undying support).
7. Our extraordinarily awkward conversations on those trips (thank you for your honesty)!
8. Your unselfishness and generosity (okay, those are two things, but they are related so give me a break!).
9. How you taught me from 1st grade through high school (#1 teacher in my book)!
10. The fact that I know you love Travis and me so much (just like we love you)!

Now for some pictures!

-Please do me a favor and leave a comment with something sweet to say about my lovely mom: a good or funny memory, something you like about her, etc., etc.! Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the post (especially you, Mom)!-


  1. Believe it or not, nothing funny from me here. However, I love what your mother and the whole family stands for. I am proud to be a family friend to such great people. Marilou, you A set teriffic example on setting examples for not only your family, but to others as well. I value your opinion and your honesty. Have a great birthday!

  2. Ok, Brittany, you win, you have left me speechless. LOL (finally)

  3. wow! Now I know why you are a BEAUTY, inside and OUT! You get it from your mom! I do not know her but I am sooooo glad she raised you the way she did because you are a wonderful young woman!

    By the way, you can call me mom, cause since she is only "35" I am old enough be be her! LOL

    God bless and Many happy wonderful years to come!

  4. @Jim Thank you for the sweet comment! I am sure Mom appreciates it- I know I do! She does set a terrific example. =] She has for me.

    @Mom LOL! Glad you like it! =]

    @Dawn You are too sweet to me, missy miss! You MAKE me feel beautiful! I'm sure my mom appreciates your comment even though you don't know her. =] Haha!! You can be my Calvary Chapel Westchester mom! Hehe! Thank you for the wonderful comment! =] God bless you too!