Friday, April 8, 2011

Post 98: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

So those of you who know Travis and me really well should know that we have had our share of trouble with Travis's first car- the Audi... of DOOM!!!  To give the car some credit, it drove smoothly and served us well when we needed extra space or All-Wheel-Drive.  Considering that it was either the Audi or the Mini Cooper for long trips or snowy streets, the Audi was good to have around.  When we were planning our long, snowy drive to Tennessee for Christmas, we knew that the Mini was not going to be able to make the trip.  After all, it was Front-Wheel-Drive and had already had a slippy-slidey incident.  No thank you.  Therefore, we decided to get the Audi checked out and serviced so that it would be in ship shape for our trip.


Thousands of dollars in repairs?  Really?  It seemed that the time had finally come where we realized that we absolutely could not dump anymore money into the vehicle.  It was just sucking money... like some sort of... money toilet.  Therefore, instead of taking a chance with either of the death traps we liked to call cars, we decided to buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda C-RV- lots of space and All-Wheel-Drive.  Voila!  We decided that we didn't really need both cars; we didn't ever really use both of them at the same time.  Plus, we could use the money from both of the cars to help us purchase our new Honda; thus, we decide that we would sell the Mini and Audi and downsize to one car.

We turned in the Mini to help with the purchase of the C-RV, and we decided to wait on the Audi so that we could try to sell it for more than Honda would have given us for it.  Well, the day finally came: April 5, 2011... the day when death on wheels... erm... I mean... the beloved Audi was finally sold.  Yippee!  Hooray!  *Proceeds to happy dance.*  The money toilet is now officially out of our hands!!!  I could not be happier about this!  It seemed like every time we turned the key on that thing, it had some issue or another.  As said, it drove well, but truth be told, I think it was a lemon from the beginning.  Unfortunately, some cars just are.  Thankfully (praise Jesus for His provision), that lemon is not our sour lemon any longer.

Main point?  The picture represents Travis's first car, the Audi, that is now officially sold: drive free, little Audi... drive free.  This goodbye was bittersweet (but mostly just sweet!).

"Ya'll ready for this?!"


  1. I'm thinking that a photo of the honda would be in order. :) Sorry you are a sicky.

  2. Hehe! I posted a pic of it forever ago: "God Jul!". Thanks... aren't you going to come here and make me soup!?!?!?!? LOL

  3. I wasn't sure if I should click the "Like" button to say that I like your post, or "Dislike" to say that I dislike you being sick!

    I just wish I could take care of you as well as you take care of me I am sick.

  4. Haha, what a dilemma! ;] You SO take better care of me when I am sick than I take care of you when you are sick!!! Psh! Love you!!