Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post 97: Significance of the Snapshot

And the answer is...

The screen shot stands for Warrior Wives for Christ.  It is a forum that I created... and by saying "I created", I mean, of course, I made up the idea, became confused, asked Travis for help, and watched as Travis created it for me... I know... laaaaame.  Oh well, Travis knows more about that stuff and has more patience- I have to lean on his strengths just as he leans on mine (precisely why I cook and bake- although Trav can make a mean PB&J). 

Anyway, it is a free forum that we created for Christian wives to share their struggles, victories, and recipes!  It is a place where Christian wives can vent about things, chat about things, discuss their faith journeys, etc.  The best part?  It is anonymous!  I know many women like to process issues verbally, and this is a great way to do just that.  They can talk it out... erm... "type it out"... and receive support from other women who have dealt with or are dealing with similar issues.  The forum is also good for miscellaneous discussion such as discussing favorite verses, favorite recipes, and SO MUCH MORE!!!  Sorry, had to.  =D  It is basically a fellowship forum created for women who love Jesus and love their husbands.

I hope you will check it out!  As said, it is anonymous, so if you choose to join, please choose a user name that will keep your identity hidden.  This isn't a place to discover juicy gossip about the Christian ladies we know and love- it is meant to be safe and open so that we can support one another in our faithful journeys with the Lord.

Here is the link:  Enjoy!

What is the next picture?  You can't stand to wait any longer?  Oh fiiiine!  Take a guess! =]


  1. That is an awesome website! You must have incredible programming skills.

    No, but seriously -- great idea!

    As for the car picture, my guess is that you used the hood of the car to get an interesting perspective of the trees overhead.

  2. Thanks, baby! And thanks for all of the help! LOL- YOU are the one with the programming skills.

    About your guess... no. Haha!