Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 100: Significance of the Snapshot

And the Answer is...

SPRING BREAK!!!  Hudson Valley Christian Academy (where I teach art and theatre) is on Spring Break from April 18-22.  This means that I have the week off from teaching- woohoo!  More importantly, we are going to Tennessee for a week to spend time with my parents in their home in Roan Mountain!  Now, that was a simple, yet thorough enough explanation to move on to the next photo... it is kind of blurry, but you "get the picture"- haha!  Get it??  The picture!?!?  Because it actually is a pic............

Oh, one more thing.  This will make more sense if you ignore the .7.  Got it?  Good!

Since we are on the last of the "Significance of the Snapshot" posts, I am going to reveal the significance of this snapshot without you having to guess.  Isn't that nice?  I'm just spoon-feeding you the answer!  Why, in my day, we had to walk FIFTEEN miles uphill both ways just to get a hint at an answer... and that was for DRAWINGS, not conflabit photographs!!!!

So now that you hopefully have more of an appreciation for the answer due to my tangent, here goes: I said to ignore the .7... so that would leave... 100... it is the 100th post.  Meh.  Okay, so I know it wasn't that life-changing, but give me a break- I'm sick!  In fact, my next post will be about my crud-tastical sickness and the fever that never dies.  Get. excited.

On a different, more depressing note (as if "the fever that never dies" wasn't depressing enough), I missed my blog's 1 year anniversary!!!  BOO!  It was April 3rd!  Doesn't that stink?!  I thought so, too.  So, let's take care of a few things:

1. HAPPY 100 POSTS TO MY BLOG!  *sniff*  It's like I just wrote the first post yesterday...


3. STAY TUNED FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT 100 POSTS!  As said, it shall begin with a lovely explanation of the odd things going on with my body.  I WISH I could say that for some weird reason I am experiencing rapid weight loss and massive muscle toning without doing a THING... but, alas, I can't.

Now, on to the last bit of business.  Please leave a comment with your favorite snapshot from the "Significance of the Snapshot" post series.  Obviously the pictures are not super artistic or actual "good pictures", so I want you to pick the snapshot that is your favorite based on what it represents.  For example, if you are relatively maniacal, you may choose the picture of the thermometer and Ibuprofen because you are just tickled by the fact that I am ill right now.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

Thanks for reading!  Thank you in particular to those who took the time to guess the significance of some of the snapshots!  Stayyyyyy tuneeeeddd!  Oh, and please comment kthanks.  =P


  1. I liked the one with the money the most. Feel better Brit.

  2. I know why! Teehee! That was the best birthday surprise for dad of alllll time! =D We really got him! Thanks, I am trying to feel better... I hate this sickness...yucky.

  3. I liked the one about Harmony Outreach; I think what they are doing is awesome and am glad that we can be a part of it.

    Also, congrats on your 100th post!

  4. ... 19 days!!! any new posts in the works?

  5. i am soo behind on your blog! but i just caught up. i loved the grill one because Trav and your parents pulling off the surprise was pure skill! :P Happy 100 posts/One year of "life"! :)

  6. I know this is forever late, but I still like to respond to those who comment:

    @Trav I am glad we are a part of it as well. =] Definitely a blessing.

    @Kris Glad you finally got caught up with the blog, LOL! My parents were extremely skillful. 'Tis true.