Saturday, June 12, 2010

Note to Self...

...don't ever take a movie suggestion from Dad EVER again. He encourages me to watch horror films; I suppose he doesn't realize that I am a scaredy cat if there ever was one. He, on the other hand, has nerves of steel. On to the movies.

First, it was The Exorcist; boy, THAT was a treat! Then tonight we watched Children of the Corn... WHYYYYYYY?!?!?! It was a straight-up slasher movie with a demonic plot. Joy. Travis and I are now sitting up in bed watching cartoons and working on our Macs. I'm sure Dad is sleeping quite peacefully right now... thanks for that, Dad.

lesson. learned.


  1. I CAN NOT do scary movies. Maybe when I am married and have a husband to take care of me?

  2. It does HELP, but it doesn't CURE- especially if your husband doesn't like scary movies as well. Travis is definitely not a fan, so we were both not too thrilled about the movie. LOL

  3. hahah! i love your dad! he recommended you watch the Exorcist? im sure those two movie nights were just delish for you too! Hey, my dad's movie suggestions arent much better. Im sure you heard about the "awesome, family movie" we all watched that one vacation? haahh (btws, Dances With Wolves if you havent heard the story.) :D