Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday, Brittany Engebretsen!

While I am a day late, I think it is important for Brittany’s 21st birthday to be recognized on her blog. She wouldn’t do one herself, so I decided to write something short for her. I hacked onto her blog as a surprise! Much more exciting this way!

As some of you may already know, we spent Brittany’s birthday in Kentucky. Why spend her birthday in the Fried Chicken State? Well, Brittany has a tradition of waking up in a new state every year for her birthday: so far she has had birthdays in California, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, Texas, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, International Waters (on a cruise), Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and now, Kentucky.

As I mentioned previously, this year was Kentucky. I won’t say all the details since Britt will probably post a more detailed account with more humor than I could ever muster. But essentially we spent the day exploring underground caves in one of the most boring and vacant towns in the United States. Trust me, I would rather live in an actual cave than in Cave City, Kentucky.

Anyway, Brittany took the many of the big memories and events that we have had for her post about my birthday, but I thought of a few that she didn’t include. The first one I thought of was when Brittany first asked me to sing with her. We were at our musical theatre class, and she motioned for me to come over to her, and then asked if I would sing a duet with her at a local variety show. Now normally, I would have said no, but I felt a strange spontaneity overtaking me, and I said yes. I am still not sure why I said yes (aside from God putting me together with my future beautiful bride), but I am sure glad I did.

Another time I remember is when Brittany’s parents first bought a cabin up in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. I went with them at the very beginning, and there was absolutely no furniture, so we ate our meals sitting on the stairs, and slid across the wood floor on our socks. Oh, and Brittany made me an incredible double-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The last memory I will share is another food item Brittany made for me (she is a great cook/baker/chefette(?)). One year for Valentine’s day, she made the most amazing cookies I have ever had—ever. She took two or three recipes and combined them to make what she calls her “Heart Attack Cookies”. These cookies start off as very large chocolate stuffed cookies, which are two cookies pressed together with a pile of chocolate chips between them in the middle. Then she makes some sort of thick chocolate frosting, and makes a huge cookie sandwich by putting this frosting between two of the chocolate stuffed cookies. I am sure I forgot something, but the end result is a monstrous pile of delicious chocolate and dough that takes days to eat. They must be two inches thick and seven to eight inches in diameter. Seriously though—it is the best thing ever.

Following the mold Brittany set for my birthday post, I would appreciate it if everyone would post about memories they have made/shared with Brittany over the past 21 years.


  1. Underwear Mountain...need I say more?
    Happy 21st, Brittany!!

  2. I remember the sweet 16 party when we all surprised her with a surprise party. That was quite an accomplishment to pull off.

  3. This post is too sweet! I tell ya what,does this gal know a way to a man's heart or what!?
    Don't have any memories but wanted to leave a comment just the same!

  4. We were in Florida at the Johns' home when Brittany had asked Travis to sing with her for the musical and they were practicing a lot. Prior to leaving for our cruise, we saw them together, practicing, and visiting, and I predicted they would end up married. No idea where it came from, just they had that "connection" in their look to each other. We came back from the cruise, watched the musical and were even more convinced this would end in a great marriage and we are thrilled that it did.
    So perhaps sometime in the future Mrs. Engebretson might like to wake up in or near Seattle? She has not done that one yet LOL!
    As Travis described the heart attack cookies, I could not help but recall the "cookie diet" thing and what a far cry these are from those!
    One of the fondest memories is that of Travis sweetly singing to Britt on the cruise we all took to Alaska, singing to her like no one else was in the room, although it was a packed karaoke audience! It was obvious he adored her with all his heart. Don't ever lose that connection, you two!

  5. @Danae That was hysterical. Goooood times! Thanks for the birthday wish!

    @Mom That WAS an accomplishment... only two times I have ever truly been surprised that I can remember: sweet sixteen party and when Trav proposed. <3

    @Tricia Thanks for the comment! Glad to hear from you. I think God gave me a map to his heart. ;) The main road was food.

    @Marcy Hehe! You guys predicted it pretty early!!! I would lovvve to wake up in Seattle. We should do that state soon. ;) Trav is such a sweetheart with the singing. I'm glad God blessed me with a singer. :) He has such a beautiful voice.

    @Everyone Thanks for the memories! <3 I appreciate them.

  6. Awww Trav. Good post sir. And i would like to concur on the joys on sock-skating in the Beech cabin. That was a lovely trip. I def remember eating on the stairs as well!
    For my memories, i have wayyy too many to name. But most of them involve falling on the floor in laughter - we seem to do that a lot. I will mention some. Of course, the people of Wenii, and all those /other/ places. And do you remember those late night convos from when you and Trav first started dating? the ones involving Gertie the toilet, the buck-toothes bunny, and all the Barbies? hahahah! I love you, Sissy! :D <3