Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brittany's Blissful Blogging Brought on by Boredom (oh, alliteration- how I love thee)

So I decided that I am bored of responding to blog requests. Ha ha! No worries to those of you who requested something. I will get back to those requests when I once again fall prey to writer's block. That, however, is not the case for me right now. Actually I have a couple things to talk about. The first is a formal "blog thank you" to Travis for my hacked birthday blog. Thank you, honey; it was sweet and hacktastical!

The second is that, yes, Brittany, A.K.A. "Galinda" from the Broadway musical
Wicked A.K.A. "Barbie" (when I put on my blue Betsey Johnson dress with my sequin heels), is no longer a blonde. *GASP*! No. I have done this before, everyone! For those of you who have seen me regularly for the past few years, you will know that this is an annual event- a celebration of the fall season! ...wait... June isn't in the fall? Oh crudmuffins! I need to bleach it ASAP!!!! ...just kidding. :D

The deal with the awkward month change is due to the fact that I wanted to be blonde for my wedding... thus, I didn't dye it last fall; therefore, I am "off" by a few months. This time, however, I don't know if I will be going back to blonde soon. This is because brunette is easier and cheaper to maintain, and as you all know, Travis and I are moving to New York which has the dandiest cost of living
ever! epic. fail. So please don't be frightened by this sudden change... I know it will be difficult to get through, but we can do it together.

Anywho! Another thing to discuss is an update on my Summer Lovin' List. Here goes:

1. Go hiking on Grandfather Mountain
Oops! Haven't done this yet, but we have hiked in Tennessee... does that count? No?... dang.

2. Lose ten pounds
Bahahahahahahahahaha!.... ahahahahahahhahahaha!!!

3. Finish reading the Spirit Flyer series with Travis
Man. I'm not doing so swell am I?

4. Watch Up Close and Personal with Mom
Ha! Win! Oh, and it was good by the way. Very cute... but sad. Beware to those of you who really hate sad movies.

5. Ride on the ATV
Check! This was a wonderful experience when Travis and I were out there for about 10-15 minutes and a torrential downpour occurred on us... on the ATV. That was a winning combo.

6. Go to the beach

7. Play frisbee
Oh yes! And may I just say that Travis and I are epically winful at frisbee? I may? Well then... we are. :)

8. Take an apartment hunting trip to NY
Not yet, but we have the tickets! Woo hoo!

9. Take NY certification tests
I called to find out what I needed to do to be certified in NY, and taking the tests right now was not required. Thus, number nine is void. "Number nine... number nine... number nine..."

. Apply for jobs in NY
Probably should get on this, eh? Still haven't gotten my fingerprinting kit! Love government organizations- especially ones in the Northeast... yay.

11. Hike in TN to see the "balds"
Been there. Done that. It was beautiful. And bald.

12. Go on a cruise with the Engebretsens
Absolutely! It was fantastically fantastic! :D

13. Play Beatles Rock Band with Dad and Trav (and Mom if she will participate)
Nope. I have not yet jammed out to best classic rock group of all time. Beatles= the definition of amazing... and groovy (but that was expected).

. Take a trip to see Ivan and Linz's new place in TX
Not yet. Once again, it is planned.

15. Get a better tan
I've been burnt; I've been browned. Either way, I definitely have an improved tan

16. Get closer to Jesus
Hmmm... in certain ways yes... in others no. I definitely want to get closer than I am now, though.

17. Get closer to Travis
This one is kind of hard to gauge... I think 16 and 17 go hand-in-hand. However, I do suppose we get closer with each passing day... each passing moment even!

18. Read The Essential 55
Working on it! It is definitely an entertaining book; as a future teacher, I can definitely appreciate the stories and advice.

19. Buy new "teacher" shoes
Boring. Yes. Done. Meh.

20. Crochet
Complete! Well... I haven't technically completed a crochet project... but I HAVE completed this item on the list. ... :D That counts.

I have completed a definite 9/20 from this list. Not too shabby for now! Granted... this grade would be no means be an A in anyone's book, but I am workin' on it! Phew! That was a LOT of typing. Now that my fingers are about to fall offsdfklds... sorry... lost one there. As I was saying: now that my fingers are about to fall off, I think I will head to bed! Nighty night!

-->But WAIT! There's MORE! Before I go, I have some questions for YOU, yes YOU- the reader! What are some of your summer plans/goals? What have you accomplished from your list thus far? What do you still plan on accomplishing? Please leave a comment to fill me in on your Summer Lovin' List!<--


  1. Who knew fingers could just fall off like that?? I knew toes could, but fingers seem like they are much tougher to get rid of (or "much tougher of which to get rid" to avoid ending with a preposition.. but that just sounds weird).

    Good job on the list-- we will knock a few more of those off the list over the next few weeks. Good luck!

  2. You with the toes thing! I am telling you, toes can NOT just fall off easily! LOL Maybe someday I will be proven wrong, but I sure hope it doesn't happen to either of us! Haha!

    Nice preposition madness... lol... goodness knows I have many of those. Ha. Rhyme.

    We will def. knock more off! Whoop! Love you!

  3. Okay, I so hate it when I lose my post before I post it. Yep, happened again!
    Well Britt, love how you look in any color of hair - and have seen you in varied shades and colors - this one is a bit darker than the usual change though. But you are such a beautiful girl you likely would look bald!
    Your list is ambitious. But so are you when you set your mind to it.
    Maybe one of these years you can wake up in the Seattle area??
    NY is nice, one of the cleanest places we have ever visited. Not sure I would want to live there. Why do you want to live there? Nice to visit though! (We won a trip there and had a great time and would like to go there again.)
    Glad you had a nice BD, wishing you many, many more - decades more!)

  4. That is so annoying about the post thing. :\

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliments! <3

    Hopefully I can try to be ambitious despite the allure of just relaxing during this last "not in the real world yet" summer! Hehe!

    That would be great to wake up in the Seattle area... know any place we could stay? ;)

    I want to live there because Travis wants to; it is the financial capital of the U.S. Plus, he already has landed a job with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Manhattan. I go where the sweetie goes. ;) However, it probably wouldn't be my first choice as far as a "home" either.

    Thank you for the birthday wish! <3 you!

  5. Hey Britt-
    Summer to do:

    *Get P90X (X)

    * Send Invitations (X)

    *Read 2 Books (in progress)

    *Get married (not soon enough, haha)

    *Get rid of a LOT of junk before getting married ( )

    *Move all our stuff into our place ( )

    * Spend time with God every day ( eh, I am doing pretty goo, but not everyday)

    Well, There are so many other things but, I won't bore you hehe. I am doing a lot to try and get ready for this new stage in life!!

    Can't wait to see you!!


  6. Why do my list always have more "work" items, then fun items. I guess I never have to write down the "fun" stuff I want to do, I look for that type stuff when I review my "work" type list. Anything to avoid getting out there with the shovel. Anyone for a hike this morning???? Oh yeah, we already planned the hike OVER working on the flower bed. :) Another great escape from the "work" todo list.

  7. I especially like number 19 because I can identify :)

    1. Go to South Caroline (leaving in a few hours)
    2. Celebrate 1st year anniversary (Sunday!)
    3. Possibly go to Kansas (??)
    4. Visit NY for a few days (and see Shakespeare in the Park!)
    5. Visit Paris for a week!!!! Im psyched!
    6. Buy Student teaching clothes and shoes
    7. Coordinate a friend's wedding in August
    8. Rearrange some stuff in my house
    9. Finish the painting i currently am working on
    10. Read the stack of books beside my bed (I finally finished one and started another! now Im really cooking with cristco!)

    There you go! and I even ended on an even number because even I am a perfectionist :) Love ya!

  8. @Alyssa You have quite a list going there! I remember the hectic pre-wedding madness. Good luck! I promise you will survive- keep praying!!! P90X? Looking to get buff before the wedding? ;) Let me know how it goes; it seems to be VERY effective!

    @Mom Yay hiking! Hey now, we still have accomplished some things while we have been here. Things go a whole lot faster when you have four people working on each project! We have a good fun/work balance going on here. :)

    @Jenny Yes... teacher shoes are a must, but they are simply not as cute as "going out" shoes. ;) You have a lot of travel in your summer list; you sound like Travis and me: South FL, cruise to the Caribbean, Tennessee, TX... GAH!!! Why does everybody's list contain books?! LOL

    @Everyone Thanks for the comments! :)

  9. Alyssa- glad to see you got P90X.. sorry that we couldn't sell you ours.. we are just still using it. It is whooping my butt though... my advice... get the recovery drink!!! it will help you not be sore as much (we just got one from GNC)..

    Ok.. so my list.. lets see (I may have to blog about my list too).. well actually I may have to blog in general.. it has been awhile!:

    1) Blog more ( )
    2) Seal all teh grout in the house ( )
    3) Seal the fence ( )
    4) Get sprinkler system ( )
    5) Celebrate 2 year anniversary (X)
    6) Get through P90X (In progress)
    7) Drop 20 lbs (in progress)
    8) Finish the advocare 24 day challenge (in progress)
    9) Get a new smart phone ( )
    10)Have a 4th of July party (in progress)
    11) Find a church (X)

  10. Yep. You do need to blog. Nice list there; better get going.

  11. Nice work so far :) 9/20 with 2 planned means you are well on your way...

    My list:

    1) Get married (X)
    2) Go on Honeymoon (X)- Some real summer lovin (wink wink)
    3) Move into new townhome (July 1)
    4) Catalog childrens books from my aunt (in progress)
    5) Blog more (
    6) Finish engagement journal (in progress)
    7) Apply for teaching jobs (working on it- I'm still waiting for my statement of eligibility- so I understand the whole government agency thing)
    8)Finish the scarf I'm crocheting (working on it a little everyday)
    9)Write thank you cards (5 per day- so far)
    10) Daily Quiet Time (Success- so far)

  12. What an exciting list! You sure have had a busy summer thus far. To go along with #3 on your list, Travis and I are actually waiting in the airport in New York waiting to return to Tennessee from our apartment hunting trip. We found some nice places in areas that did NOT look like what one usually imagines when visualizing "NY". About #2... ewwwwww! TMI! ;) Glad you had fun! Seems like you are doing quite well on your list. It is sooo difficult to get motivated when you have just gotten married and are... erm... enjoying that part of your life! Heehee!