Wednesday, June 30, 2010

By Popular Demand... My Dinner Story

Okay so the other night, Friday, I was planning on babysitting for a woman who is renting the Beech Mountain cabin from my parents. The job began at 6:00pm- right around dinner time. Well, my family and I decided to go out and spend some time together in North Carolina, visiting various stores and... eating dinner. One of the stores we visited was the Mass Annex General Store.

Now, if you have ever been to the area of NC of which I am writing, you know that the Mass Annex General Store is the diabetic coma inducing candy store of the town that would make any kid squeal with joy and buzz with sugar-filled blood accelerating through their veins. After indulging in too many scrumptious treats with waaaaay too many Calories to count, we headed to the local Mexican restaurant. Great. Now that I had overloaded myself with sugar, it was time to overload myself with grease and fat. Joy to my thighs.

After feeling totally gross from overeating candy, I decided to eat something lighter than a quesadilla or taco, etc., etc. I decided to get mojarra- A.K.A. Tilapia. The fish was delicious, the fish was tasty, the fish... still had a face when it arrived. The server came with the ginormous fish that looked as if it were going to swim off the plate. Yummmmmmm....not. I stared at the fish for a moment, pondering if I should eat it or name it. I decided I would attempt to eat it, but I first said to the waiter, "I don't want to be weird about this... but could you guys chop the head off for me? ...I just can't do this." He totally understood and promptly took it back.

It came back... headless this time, thank goodness. However, it still had the tail and fin-like spikes on its back. I was still weirdified by the whole thing, but I proceeded to eat Goldie- he tasted delicious! That is, until Travis declared that it looked so much like they had just caught it that I could probably find an egg sack in it. Thank you, loving husband. Thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot the very best part of the whole experience. As many of you know, Travis is a financial guy- always looking to make some money to help support our future in New York. His deal of the night to my parents was that he would eat the fish eyeball for $50.00. Glad to know that I married such a financially savvy guy willing to perform grotesque stunts for my parents to earn some extra cash. Did he eat the eyeball? You will never know...



  1. We never did find an egg sack, did we? Glad I could make your fish-eating experience even more memorable!

  2. I don't know how one could possibly make that fish-eating experience MORE memorable, but you pulled it off. Thanks for that.

  3. ewwwwww!!!!!! thats trav for you! :D and poor goldie!

  4. Hehe! For sure! LOL- Poor GOLDIE?!?!?!?! Poor ME!!! I had to look into the "eye of despair" and try to eat the thing!!!!! Hahaha! :P