Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy 25th Birthday, Brittany!

This is Travis by the way. Just a little post to Brittany for her birthday. 

It has been a few years since I have posted on here, so I thought this might be a good time to tell everyone about 25 of my favorite memories with you. Here they are, in no particular order:

1.    Closing on our first home
This was definitely a big milestone in our family, and it was exciting (despite the cramps in our hands from signing 45,683,968 documents) (yes, that is a code).
2.    Painting the bathroom of our new home
You did all the prep work and made it easy and fun for us to paint the bathroom together (and it looks great!). It always takes effort to get started, but once we start working together on any project it always ends up being enjoyable.
3.    TJ’s birth
This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Thank you so much for bringing our son into this world. I can’t even imagine what you went through, but I am so proud of you.
4.    My 25th Birthday
You are really great at giving gifts (way better than me). The surprise trip you gave me last year was a blast, and was made even better since we had those extended hours just for Disney resort guests.
5.    Our wedding
Everything just worked out so perfectly. You were gorgeous, Steve Camp sang at our wedding, the weather was beautiful, we got great pictures, and the reception was awesome (and the cake was great, too!). There isn’t one thing I would change about that day.
6.    Our honeymoon
We should have known it would be a great cruise when the cruise people saw our wedding cake and moved us to the front of the line to board the ship. We had a wonderful Christmas together and even got to do our stockings.
7.    Attending Financial Peace University
Of course I would like going to any financial class, but it really made it special that you wanted to go and we were able to work through the class together.
8.    The Summer of Activity
I don’t know what else to call it, but there was that summer when we were dating that we got together and were either playing tennis, going to the beach, or having picnics almost everyday. We just had a great time hanging out and melting in the Florida heat.
9.    Singing As Long As You're Mine
Even though I doubled your melody at the end, this was the event that started it all. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and performing this song a few times.
10.  Any time we sing together at the piano
Or in general, but I especially like when we get a chance to play and sing together, even if I am trying to play a song while you sing beautifully. I think we sound great together.
11.  Mission Trip to Mexico        
Our actual trip, not the song. One of the two mission trips we did together while dating, I’ll never forget the view from the top of the mountain we climbed, and the billions of stars we could see since we were out in the middle of nowhere.
12.  Losing in Scrabble
  … and sometimes winning. I love when we play board games and card games together, regardless of the game and who wins (though I’m always the winner when I get to spend time with you (cue Full House music)).
13.  Watching you play with TJ
Not any particular time, but just in general. You have the ability to get down to his level and get him totally engaged in whatever you two are doing. TJ laughs the most when the two of you are playing.
14.  The Moody Blues cruise
Apparently I love cruises, but this one was exceptional. Multiple great bands were playing every day, and this was the first time I got to see the Moody Blues live. Watching The Zombies was great and really opened both of our eyes to how great they are.
15.  Christmas in NYC
Despite the flagrant violation of personal space by the masses of massivious humans at Rockefeller Center leading up to Christmas, we had a great time experiencing New York in the winter when we lived there. We went to Radio City Music Hall and got to walk around the city and see all of the lights and decorations together.
16.  1984 and reading books together
That year were both weren't alive yet was great... either that or I enjoyed listening to the audiobook of 1984 with you and being able to discuss the book and what we thought. We have also read many other books, either reading aloud to each other or reading independently and being able to talk about them. I love the fact that we can share in the education and entertainment of reading.
17.  Walking around our community
While sometimes I complain because I am lazy, I do enjoy taking walks with you and TJ around our community. It is typically very relaxing (unless we are competing to count all the rabbits we see).
18.  Walking for charity
Apparently I love walking, too. No, I just love walking with you, especially since we get away from other distractions and really have time to spend with each other. The past few years we have raised money for Alzheimer’s and Care Net pregnancy centers, and I think it is great to support these causes with you.
19.  Road Trips!
I think we have had one too many road trips in our lives already. We have probably pushing nearly 1,000 hours together just on road trips of 6 hours or longer. Most of that used to be us singing together, but now we just listen to TJ sing.
20.  Watching FSU football
Specifically this past season since we won the National Championship. I am so glad that you wanted to go to FSU (and that I went as well), and now as alumni we can share the victories together! (especially after so many struggling seasons when we were actually on campus)
21.  That restaurant in NY where the guy played Beatles songs
Sorry I couldn’t be more specific, I forget the name of that restaurant. I just remember us having a great dinner there as we were starting off our lives together in a new place, and the guy playing the guitar that happened to be playing great music. Also, Stage Deli -- no music, but awesome chocolate cake!
22.  Playing tennis in 45 degree weather
Obviously, this was not during the “Summer of Activity” in Florida. It was great having a tennis court 30 seconds away from our condo in New York, and it was actually fun to play when it was really cold out because we stayed cool and it was invigorating.
23.  Doing Insanity together
 I know I have talked about walking, tennis, etc, but I really enjoyed the fact that we (mostly you) did Insanity together. I am still really impressed with how well you did and how you pushed yourself. Especially after I quit and you kept going.
24.  Seeing Phantom in New York
During our other mission trip together, we got to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I just remember how excited you were, and it was an amazing show and I am glad to have shared your favorite show with you.
25.  Opening our wedding gifts
There were a lot of reasons this was fun (obviously, we were getting gifts!). One great thing is that I was able to see you open gifts without worrying if you were going to like them or not (like I am right now) since they weren’t from me. That, and me almost crushing poor Darlin’ (and then accidentally tossing an empty box on her head).

So these are 25 of the best memories I have of some of our time spent together. The past 9 years of knowing you have been the best years of my life, and I am looking forward to many, many more (where is that music coming from??). 

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