Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Little Trash Can Who Could

Last week, we had an absolutely lovely visit with my best friend, Alyssa, from Georgia and her husband, Andrew.  It was filled with a walk, movies, board games, a cookout, time in the pool, pedicures,  etc., etc.  It was one of those perfect, long weekend visits where we had time to do fun activities but also time to relax.  It was splendid.

One of the great moments of the weekend was a lovely short story I will tell you entitled, "The Little Trash Can Who Could"... enjoy:

To begin with, I should have you know that the trash days in our neighborhood are Wednesday and Saturday.  Now that you have that background information, you will understand better when I begin with, "On Saturday morning..."

On Saturday morning, Alyssa and I were headed out to get coffee and pedicures.  In that order.  Not that it matters.  ...Anyway... the way the cars were configured was in a way such as two cars were pulled close toward the garage door while one car was parallel parked in the driveway behind them.  (Think: 2 cars perpendicular to the garage door- one car behind those, parallel to the garage door.)  The parallel parked car had its nose toward the mailbox and the trash can.  Yes, yes... you can probably see where this is going.

We headed out for our nail appointment, and as I pulled the car out (probably chattering away as usual), I heard and felt a slight bump... at the time I thought, "Gee, I hope I didn't run over the large rocks surrounding the mailbox..."  Nope, you didn't, honey.  Keep driving, Champ.

As I was driving along my neighborhood (thank goodness in the morning when not too many people were out and about), I noticed the car sounded awfully loud for a car.  In fact, I asked Alyssa, "Does this car sound loud to you?"  She said she didn't really know... hmmm maybe...

As I continued driving, I had to make a decision: make the left turn to leave the community, or keep moving forward and bring the car back to Travis for evaluation.  As I listened, I (for the love, thank goodness) decided it was best to bring the car back around... after all, could you imagine if I was dragging one of those mailbox rocks around?!?! 

We passed the exit of the community, and as a car passed us coming the opposite way, I decided to look into the car to see the reactions of the people in the car.  Maybe they would try to flag us down because something bad was happening to the car.  Maybe they would at least look alarmed.  I looked.  Hmmm... nope... they actually seemed to be smiling and pointing at something.  Clearly, they weren't looking at my car, but rather past it instead.  Oh well, it was worth looking.  Clearly.

As I turned down a street to make the loop back to my house, the sound grew more "bumpy" sounding... and I decided it was time to stop the car and take a look (YA THINK?!!?!?!?!).  As I rounded the car, I heard it... the slight, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."  Then I saw it.  The Little Trash Can Who Could... and did... around my neighborhood... where I have to live... with people who witnessed me taking my trash can for a walk.


Needless to say, I called Trav up immediately:

Travis: "Hello?"

Brittany: (Laughing) "Hi!"

Travis: "Did you take the trash can with you?"

My husband has a hysterical way of putting things bluntly that just add to the humor of it all.  I mean seriously... what a CASUAL way to ask if I bulldozed into our garbage can like an idiot driving a Barbie Jeep for the first time blindfolded!

Why yes, honey, I did, in fact, take our garbage can with me.  Good golly, at least I didn't decide to just figure it out once we got back from the nail salon!!!  It is one thing to be that chick who took her trash can for a stroll around her neighborhood.  It is another thing to be that psycho who went barrelin' down St. Lucie West Blvd. with her garbage can attached to the front of her C-RV.

Thankfully, Travis came and picked up the embarrassing, now distressed receptacle, and we continued on to get our coffees and pedicures, laughing the whole way.

So there you have it, children.  The beloved story of the Little Trash Can Who Could.  He thought he could, he did, and we all have a little more funny in our lives because of it.  

Pictures or it didn't happen:

It was a long, hard road.

Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD, Little Trash Can...

The face of a friend who loves me despite me being a complete moron who will henceforth be known around my neighborhood as "The Trash Can Girl".
Our hero coming to rescue the poor garbage can...

Still got our pedicures!  =]


  1. LOL love it, I once reconfigured Rick's toolbox when I backed out of the garage. He just asked me if I had decided to remodel his toolbox, great guys we've got!

  2. I would have loved to have seen this LOL
    Love you, Aunt Judy