Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's Up, Buttercup?

Hey everyone!  Just thought I would write a quick blog post updating my life.  WARNING: This is a touch "braggy momma" at certain points- proceed with caution at your own risk of wanting to puke!  Aaaand list:

1. I have joined the iPhone club at last!!!  Took me long enough!  It is helping me update friends and family with more photos and videos, etc.  I think everyone is enjoying it.  If you aren't, hide me because I ain't stoppin'!  ;]

2. I have gained some weight back, but still feel and look fairly good!  I am TRYING to get back on track.

3. I have discovered Nutella... and once you discover it, you cannot go back.  This goes hand in hand with point #2.  Issuesss. =[

4. I am probably going to blog about daily progress and such to keep focused and accountable.

5. T.J. will be 18 months on July 12th.  Ummm, is it just me, or is my child growing up wayyyy too fast?

6.  My sister is pregnant and due in December!!!  We find out the sex of the baby soon!!!  (Check out her blog: Portugal Ponderings)

7. Travis is still working at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and doing well!  I am a proud wifey!

8.  We are ancient.  Travis is 25, and I am 24.  Weird to even type it.  I feel like I am still 19!!!  I remember with early 20's used to be "old"...  Travis's birthday was in May, and mine was in June.  If you forgot to wish us happy birthdays, please feel free to comment below (JK!... sort of.).

9. We celebrated our (technically) 3rd Father's and Mother's Days!  =]  2nd where we actually had T.J. in our arms, but hey, a baby's a baby- even if Washington D.C. disagrees!  ;]  Travis got a surprise weekend getaway for the two of us to Disney, and I got a silver necklace that reads, "Mom", on it!  We decided to save money and do joint birthday/parents' days gifts.

10. My brother-in-law, Erik, and his girlfriend, Bri, got engaged!  They are to wed in January!!  Love is in the air!!  (Check out Bri's blog: The Diva and the Divine)

11. My sister-in-law went on the trip of a lifetime to Africa!  (Please visit her blog about her adventure: My African Adventure)

12. T.J. has been learning SO much!  He has known his ABC's since a little before 17 months, and today I realized that he almost can recite them by himself in order!  He plays his matching game, and we are working on counting.  He also plays make believe and a version of hide-and-seek that we call "Find the Turtle".  He talks up a storm and throws tantrums in true toddler style!  I am so proud of him.  He is our world- a blessing from God!  (Please visit his blog... just kidding.)

13.  T.J. got his helmet off!  There was definite improvement though it isn't perfect.  However, the doctor just didn't think it would do much more good (which drove her crazy because she is just as much a perfectionist as I am), so we are free of that helmet at last!  Praise the Lord!

14.  I am officially on Pretty Little Liars book #10!  Obsessed?  Just a little.

15.  With an iPhone comes great iRespo

nsibilites.  One being getting an Instagram (I can hear the groans now!).  Hey!  At least I still don't have a Twitter account (No offense, Twitter-lovers... your followers still love hearing about how you ate a bagel this morning, no worries.  ...Ooh, I am getting sassier in my old age!  ;] )  Anywho, please follow me on there to get photo updates and such: brittanyenge.  =]

~* Well, that's all folks!  Please comment below to update me on your life!  I love comments- I love hearing from readers.  I read each of them, and I usually try to respond.  Let me know what's up with you and your family!  Thanks!  Xoxo! *~


  1. Britt, such a great post!! You guys are such awesome parents. Wonderful to see how happy you three are and how well life is treating you.

    1. Thanks so much! We have awesome examples! =] We definitely feel blessed!