Friday, June 28, 2013

Much Needed Makeover

For my BLOG that is!  Although, I could probably use one as well!!  ;]  I hope you all enjoy the new layout, color scheme, background, etc.  I figured that it was time to change the old thing since we are no longer even living in New York anymore.  The blog was all dark and chic like New York (especially in the winter time when it would be pitch black at 4 pm!!!!), and, well, Florida just isn't like that.  It is bright and beachy.  Am I building these assumptions off of stereotypes?  Yes!  Do I care?  No!  It is my blog!  And dang it!  I will make it stereotype-y if I wanna!!!!

We interrupt this whine to bring you more "non-annoying" sentences.

So anywho!  I hope you enjoy the new... everything!  I am not going to put everyone through the drama of switching URLs yet again... that was a hot mess last time.  If you have any constructive criticism or lovin' for the new blog design, speak now in the comments section below, or forever hold your peas.
"We want to snuggle!"
 All right, ladies and gentlemen!  Hope to see some comments- lovin' or not-so-lovin'!  Thanks!  =]


  1. Love the new look!

  2. Thanks, laday! I thought it was "perkier"! =]

  3. I like it a lot-- much brighter and fits your personality better than the darker layout you used to have. Great change!