Monday, June 3, 2013

Enjoying Now

Enjoying Now

 Mysterious stains, scattered toys,
Quiet nap time, play time noise,
Is that a booger, or leftover food,
Where is his diaper, why is he nude?
Using my finger to wipe nose goop,
What is that smell?  Could it be poop?
Bruises, scratches, bumps!  Ouch!
Snuggling together on the couch,
Giggling, laughing, whining, crying,
Successful feeding?  Or food flying?
His fingers sticking up the nose,
Do I mean mine or his?  Who knows?
This is my life as a mother,
I would never choose another,
These things I wish would always last,
But I cannot stop him... he is growing fast.

-Brittany Engebretsen


  1. That is hilarious! This made me laugh out loud (but quietly since TJ is sleeping in his room behind me).

    Great job!

  2. Awesome! This is so funny - and SOO true!! You have such a gift as a writer !!