Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heartbeats, Aprons, and Vomit

So today I am going to talk about puppies. 

Hopefully, you are thinking, "Why, that has absolutely nothing to do with the title of this post!"  If you aren't thinking that, then clearly you didn't pay attention to the title... and whyyyyy not?!?!?!  The title is a very important part of writing pieces!  Now then, you are forgiven.

Clearly I am not going to be talking about puppies in this post.  I am going to be talking about the three things mentioned in my title.  (Lookin' forward to "Vomit", eh?  I can tell.)

1) The first thing is not only number one on the list, but it is also the most important thing on the list to discuss.  TUE Tuesdays ago (Get it?  Meh, whatever- it was the 5th- you get the picture), Travis and I got to experience hearing our baby's beautiful heartbeat via doppler!  My parents also came down from Tennessee to hear it!  =D  Yeah, they are just a little excited.  Travis and I heard the heartbeat together first, and then my parents came in and heard while Mom videotaped.  Speaking of the video... enjoy!

2) The next thing to talk about... er... type about... is my new hobby!  I have taken up sewing, and I am grateful that the skill is kind of "in my genes".  My mom is an excellent seamstress, so I am hoping some of that awesomeness trickled through the bloodstream and made its way to me.  Well, I guess you can be the judge of that... just kidding... no judging!!!  Below is a picture of my first independent sewing project (independent meaning I called my mom every 5 minutes asking for help)- a cute, colorful apron:

3) And now... the moment you have all been waiting for... (cue exciting music)... vomit.  Yes... it happened again.  I threw up again.  Two times in fourteen weeks?  I have been BLESSED!  This last time was not caused by gagging myself with a toothbrush (soooo lame).  This time was just kind of random.  I think it was caused partially by me not eating first thing, partially by me being dehydrated, and partially by me taking a hot shower before eating- I get overheated very easily.  Regardless... puking = un-stinkin-pleasant.  You should be very grateful I don't have some form of visual media for this point.  You're welcome.

Toodles, people!


  1. I'm glad you are having such an "easy" pregnancy!! LOVE your apron!!! I made an apron and a skirt in sewing class in jr. high school. When I left to move to Florida the teacher told me not to tell anyone I'd taken sewing! LOL! So glad YOU got the sewing "gene"! -)

  2. Ugh. I miss you way lotses. Chat has been down so I haven't talked to you in, what, a million years? I can't believe how far along you are. Ridiculous. So glad your pregnancy is going really well!

  3. @Nikki I miss you way lotses, too! Chat has been down?? Weird, I was in chat probably a week or so ago... I think. The time truly is flying by so quickly. Thank you- I truly have felt blessed with my pregnancy. =] Hope all is great with you- I am going to be catching up on your latest post very soon! =D Thanks for commenting, love! <3

  4. The heartbeat was awesome! Still waiting for the ultrasound in about 6 weeks!

    The apron looks really great-- now you can get started on that dress shirt for me made out of the rest of that green material...

  5. @Travis Wow, you are right, it IS in only about 6 more weeks! That is insane! Exciting!!!

    Oh yeah, baby. I will get right on that. Haha!

  6. Very cute! You are quite multi-talented. The buttons are the perfect touch of course. I wonder how long you will be able to tie it ;)

  7. Thanks, Tricia! Glad you liked the buttons- I, too, think they are the perfect touch! Can't go wrong with buttons. Hehe! Thankfully, the ties are long, but who knows!?! I AM growing rapidly now! =D