Monday, July 25, 2011

A Quick Update to "Hold You Over"

Hey T.A.B.L.E. Talk readers!  Yeah!  That's right!  I see all... ::counting::... four of you!!!  Awesome!  (BTDubs, I don't technically see you so don't worry if you aren't wearing pants or were in the middle of picking your nose or something... but seriously, save that for the bathroom... nasty.)

I just wanted to give you all a quick hello and preview of what you will be reading about in my next blog post.  So first, HELLO!

Now that that is over with, what's up next?  An awesome three-part discussion (...because you know I LOVE lists... particularly ones with three components for some reason... can we say OCD???) on meatballs, Krumkakes, and buttons!  Doesn't that sound fun!?

-Stay tuned!-


  1. I'm tuned, I'm tuned! Anxiously awaiting your update. :) Also, you should go read MY blog. :D

  2. Why do you say there are only 4 of us?

  3. @Nikki Yay! I am actually writing the next post right now! =D Well... not... RIGHT now... because I am responding to you... Oh, you get the point!!! I definitely need to catch up on your blog. I think I will do that now actually. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Mom LOL, it was a joke to say that there aren't many readers... I just picked a random number because I am... well... random! Hehe! Thanks for commenting! =]