Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have passed initiation.  I am officially pregnant.  How did I come to this conclusion- that I am "officially" pregnant?  True, I have been "officially" pregnant for quite some time now... because, well, you can't be more pregnant.  You either are or aren't.  However, alls I'm saying is that if pregnancy was a club, I just completed initiation.  That's right...

I barfed.

Do you want to know how this happened?  It is the dumbest reason... no really.  You are allowed to laugh at me.  The evil, wicked tool of torture??

That's right.  I threw up due to brushing my teeth.  The thing is, when I used to brush my teeth (pre-babyinthebellay), I would accidentally gag myself all the time because I am serious "tongue-brusher"... I think tongues need to be brushed quite thoroughly.  However, your gag reflex becomes quite a bit stronger and more demanding when you are pregnant.  Thus, before when I would gag, my body would say, "::Gag::  Oops!  You are good... no worries!"  Now?  Now my body says, "::Gag::  Hey!  You are throwing up!  Let's do this thing!"

I have nearly thrown up recently while brushing, but I have been able to drink water in order to stop it from happening.  I have been grateful for this blessing- the ability to stop the purging.  Yesterday morning?  Not so much.  I drank water, yes.  However, I knew that this time might be different... which is why I decided to visit the Porcelain Express.  Thankfully I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I only threw up my spleen.

This is all to say that I am now an official, sworn-in member of Club Pregnant.  Thank you and good day.


  1. awww poor thing. But yes, it makes you feel like you kinda have a "right" into the "club" now, huh? haha love you!-Alyssa

  2. LOL! Absolutely! Totally have the "right" now. Haha! Love YOU! <3

  3. laughing~ Welcome to the club my dear. I can hardly wait for the first kick experience and OMGosh what you are going to blog after delivery ~grinning~ I can only pray that by some great gift you have an experience like I did. Shaylene 2 hours, Jennifer 45 minutes and Michele 2 hours 17 minutes of labor!

  4. ok, so when are you due? and when are you gonna start posting those inevitable pictures of "the bum"?

  5. @Tamara Wow! I can't believe I didn't see this comment until now! I hope I have THAT kind of delivery!!! Where can I order one of those? Hehe! I have definitely felt the baby moving and kicking. =] It is exciting! Thanks for commenting! Sorry I didn't see it till now.

    @Erica I am due January 12th! =] I am NOT going to be posting pictures of my BUM ever!!! So don't hold your breath! LOL!!! I am not sure when/if I will post them here on the blog... Maybe at 20 weeks. We shall see! =D Stay tuned!

  6. oh gee! where is auto-correct when you need it??! ha! well perhaps I will"bump" into you about the town and see your cute pregnant self in person. you are local now, afterall, right?

  7. Hey!! I love your blog! I actually wanted to ask you if you were looking for a church to go to by any chance? I don't know where you are in your life,probably with two kids) but yea let me know. If by any chance you see this blog comment lol :)