Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And Baby Makes Three...

I'm sure if you are friends with my mom or my mother-in-law on facebook, you know by now that Travis and I have a little one on the way.  =]  As far as I know, I am at 8 weeks tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also my first doctor's appointment, so I am excited!

I would share the completely terrifying picture of Travis and me with the first test, but 1) It will haunt you in your sleep and 2) It is a First Response pink dye test with an extremely light second line indicating pregnancy.  Thus, I will share with you our digital test.  After all, you cannot get a more straightforward answer than the word "Pregnant"!

Here is a movie my mom made to help break the news to Travis's parents as well as the facebook world!  She is so creative and technologically skilled!  Check it out!  =]

Travis and I feel extremely blessed beyond reason and are so happy and excited for January 12, 2012 to come!  We are already in love with him or her... and he or she is already causing mommy to not fit into some clothes... uh oh!!!


  1. yay!!! So excited for you two!!! And your little darling is due about the time that mine was born :)

    (Jan 14)

    Also, that video is adorable!

  2. It still isn't completely real to me yet... but I am excited! I am really looking forward to the next 8 months!

  3. Congrats Brittany & Travis- how exciting!


  4. Congratulations!!! I have two January babies (2007 and 2011) and I was once a Jan. baby too :)
    It's a good month at my house.
    Enjoy this time, it's an amazing, life changing experience!
    Angie (somehow cousin to Travis)

  5. Oh my gosh, cutest video ever. The shot of him getting choked up at the wedding was PRECIOUS!

  6. As I said on my email, I am so happy for you both! This is such an exciting time of your life. I hope the pregnancy goes well. I am waiting for those preggo pics to start coming! :)

  7. How do I like this a million times?!

    Everyone around me is getting pregnant, having babies - and I love it! I really didn't get it until my best friend told me she was pregnant, and then I got to be in the delivery room when he was born. Seriously, if you think you've known God's love and magnitude before, you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet! Love. Lovelovelovelovelove. YAY BABIES (crossing fingers for twins)!!!

    :::confetti::: <--- I've officially stolen that from you (which you posted on your mom's FB wall) because it made me laugh out loud.

    Kt Murray

  8. @Tryna Oh yay! Wouldn't that be neat if he or she came a little late and ended up having the same birthday?? =] My mom made the video! She is super skilled technologically!! Thanks for commenting!

    @Travis When you see my big, giant belly emerge, it will be more real! Hehe!

    @Heidi Thanks girlie! I'm now following your blog! ;] Not sure I knew that you had one! Thanks for the comment!

    @Angie Wow! That IS a good month in your house! We are so excited! You're right! This is going to be the most life-changing thing that has happened to us yet! Thanks for commenting! =]

    @Nikki Thanks! My mom put together the video- she is amazing at techie stuff (amongst so many other talents!). I LOVE that shot... it almost chokes ME up every time I see it!!! Thanks for the comment, girl!

    @Jen Thank you!!! We are hoping for an uneventful pregnancy! =D So far so good! No pregnant pics until it is CLEAR that I am PREGNANT, not just getting FAT! LOL!!!! Well, I may just suck up my pride and post some... we shall see. ;] Thanks for taking the time to comment even after you sent that lovely e-mail!! =]

    @Katie You are too funny! I agree, YAY BABIES!!! Oh girl, I would LOVE twins... but it would probably cause premature balding for us parents from all the stress... LOL! Hey! Steal away! I stole it from someone, too! Haha! <3 Thank you for your very sweet comment! =]

  9. Um, heck yes, we need a date day! That would be beyond fun.