Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our Fabulous Weekend Out and About!

So over last weekend, Travis and I did a lot of stuff- fun stuff (yay!) and necessary stuff (boo!). Truth be told, it really started on Thursday with our trip to the DMV. I won't bore you with any details from that trip as I already blogged about it. If you haven't read about it... then, my dear, it is time to catch up, don't you think? Hmmmmm???

Let's begin with Saturday, shall we? On Saturday, I had the idea that Travis and I should go into the city to spend the day relaxing in Central Park together just because. After all, he is gone for so much time during the week in the city, and he is also working on writing a book that has deadlines (therefore his time home in the evenings is eaten up by writing). Thus, a day to relax was the doctor's orders! ...Okay... So technically, I "ordered" it... and I'm not a doctor... but... ignore that and move on! Okay then!

We went into the city via train into Grand Central. This was a lovely experience as it helped me
to have a greater appreciation for what Travis does each morning and evening. Yuck + Boring = train. Once arriving we walked all the way from Grand Central to Central Park ( after, of course, dropping by Starbucks- you know...). We arrived at central park, found a place to lay our Abbey Road blanket, and plopped down to rest and relax in the amazingly clear and cool weather. Ahhh, joy.

We then decided to get up and grab some hotdogs! So... we did! =D After that, we hunted for a bathroom. While the public restroom at Central Park with the line longer than the Mississippi on steroids looked appealing, we opted for the bathroom at a Starbucks. Now, normally Starbucks keeps its bathrooms looking really clean and nice. This one was t
he black sheep of that family of restrooms. It smelled like pee... had pee on the floor... and was just... guhhhhhhhh! Still, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do- ya know what I'm sayin'? *proceeds to do the awkward elbow-nudge thing whilst winking and side-smiling like an awkward, old man* Therefore, I did it... I used that bathroom. GAH-ROSS!

The good news is that I am still here to tell the tale. Yay for living! After the restroom, we trudged to Central Park again (me having a more comfortable bladder situation), and we played some frisbee like champs! We actually don't stink at frisbee anymore; I am really proud of us. All silliness aside, we are actually pretty good at frisbee now. I'm not trying to brag; I am just being honest- we used to be HORRIBLE!! That is the only reason I can say we are good... because we were so very, very terrible before. Ha ha! Anywho, we played for a little bit and then decided it was time to hit the Stage Deli before hoppin' a train back to good ol' Somers.

As we were heading out of Central Park, we heard a familiar voice singing and saw many people sitting all around. We looked at where the people were huddled to find a huuuuge screen with John Lennon's face on it. Through the speakers, his voice was being blasted. "Ahhh, that's right. Today is John Lennon's birthday," we thought... yes... together, in unison like that. I know... eerie. We are married, though, so it is okay. =] Wait... where was I? Oh yeah, John Lennon's 70th birthday! Woohoo! We decided we wouldn't stick around- we were tempted, though. We then saw the line. The people we saw sitting around were sitting on the outside of the little stadium area; the line to get into the stadium area to sit on actual benches, instead of Central Park grass and dirt, was gihunkous.

We then walked to the Stage Deli where we ordered a piece of the most amazingly, delicious chocolate cake. If you read my posts from the New York apartment hunting trip, you will know that I am seriously in love with this cake. It is sooooo good that we don't live in the city because I would weigh 1,000 lbs. That cake is just... gahhhh! Aaaanyway... besides my love affair with the Stage Deli's chocolate cake...

After eating half of the cake (if even
THAT- the piece is big enough for 4 people!), we got a box for it and headed to the station. We grabbed a much needed bottle of water and sat down to rest our feet after walking nearly 5 miles around the city! Foot/leg pain? I think yes! We then rode the long train ride home after a great day together in the city!

We decided that we needed to sleep in on Sunday, so we were bad and didn't go to church- I knowwwwww! Anywho, after we finally rolled out of bed and got ready, we headed to the Danbury Mall in Connecticut where we did some much-needed winter shopping. Travis bought a water-resistant, long trench coat with a liner that zips out, gloves, and another dress shirt; I bought a long, winter coat, 2 pairs of tights (to keep my legs warm whilst wearing a dress/skirt), gloves, 2 bellybutton bars, and a set from BareEscentuals (foundation, Mineral Veil, bronzer, three different brushes, and brush cleaner- at an amazing price! If you use this makeup, check the set out online- it will save you a lot of $$).
After that long shopping day and two pretzel dogs, we headed home. We both hate shopping, so this was quite an accomplishment to get everything we needed in one trip without checking out early! We did it! We bought our winter stuff- just in time, too! It is getting super chilly here, so I am glad we endured the trip.

Well, that was our fantastically fun weekend (the 9th and 10th). It seems silly to post about LAST weekend during THIS weekend, but I post when I have time and get around to it- oh well! Maybe NEXT weekend you will hear about THIS weekend! Ha ha! Cheerios!


  1. What happened to the "One, Two Three..." thing? ha

  2. Haha! You know, I thought about doing it in list form as always, but then I was like... I oughta mix it up a bit. Thus, no list! Haha! The next one, however, will surely contain a list- it is like an addiction! LOL! Thanks for commenting! =]