Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today started off productively with getting a 45 minute treadmill workout and floor exercises out of the way. I then held each of the babies individually in my hands. I even LET Jasmine bite me a couple of times to realize that it was "okay" and that I wasn't an enemy/predator. She nipped a few times but then kind of let it go, realizing that I wasn't going anywhere. Isn't that kind of our relationship with the Lord? We tend to nip Him over and over because for some reason we think His will may not be best or we don't fully trust Him (just like Jazz doesn't yet fully trust me), and yet, He is faithful. His hand remains in our lives; He shows us that He "isn't going anywhere". Many times I'm sure He would love to just whack us once for nipping Him!!! Well... I know I would want to whack someone for doing that! ...Everyone should be VERY happy that I am not God!!!! Haha!

Well, as is custom, I digress... back to the topic!
I held both the babies individually in my hands for around 20-25 minutes each: important bonding time. I know, "A whole 20-25 minutes each!?!? You are going to be an AWESOME parent!" you are all thinking. Haha! Clearly I am being sarcastic. See this is why we get pets prior to having human babies! We need practice being unselfish. =] I will spend more time with them tonight. I cannot wait until they have bonded to me to the point where I can just keep them on my shoulders and chill. When I hold them now, I have to make sure they don't "escape". Once they have bonded, the word escape won't be in their vocabulary! "Why?" you ask. Because dear one, Sugar Bears don't speak English. silly goose.

Now then... after holding the babies, I got ready for the day. However, it wasn't just a matter of getting ready for the day... it was a matter of getting ready for my LICENSE PICTURE- UGH! This means I had to put on makeup and do my hair- joy to the world. Once I did that and gathered all of the paperwork needed for the DMV, the reeeaaallll fun began.

Before I discuss this DMV experience, let me just say that I had already gone to the DMV once in New York trying to get my license and car title thing done... did it work? Ummmm.... need I remind you that I live in NEW YORK and I was working with the DMV??? DMV = horrible. New York = difficult and governmental (a strong emphasis on the "mental" part). DMV + New York = WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Now that I have prepped you, let's begin:

Travis told me to come to the White Plains train station. The White Plains DMV stays open until 6:00pm on Thursdays- sweet deal! Therefore, Travis logged some extra hours in the beginning of the week so that he could get off early for our Thursday trip to the DMV. Welllllll, I looked up the train station in White Plains and drove there in time to pick him up (he was to get in at 5:33pm which would allow us time to park and get into the DMV by around 5:45pm).

Did you know that there are two train stations in White Plains? No? me neither.

Once we had spent a decent amount of time trying to explain to one another where we were and how to find each other, Travis confirmed that I had not gone to the North White Plains station, right? oops.

Because the DMV was so close to the train station, Travis just walked straight there so that he could get into the building in time. Meanwhile, I needed to find the DMV, park, and hustle to the DMV before 6:00pm! I punched the DMV into the GPS, headed out, found it, punched in "Parking", and parked in a straight-up sketch parking lot that displayed a sign that warned me that my property and car was not their responsibility. That was encouraging. I was like... okay great... my car is going to get broken into- joy!

Either way, I made my way to the DMV and got into the building literally 1-2 minutes prior to them shutting the door. By the way, when the people at the DMV shut the doors... you can look down at your cellphone to see that they do it at EXACTLY 6:00pm. Those people want to get the junk out of there! And for good reason! I wouldn't want to work there and deal with all of the cranky people who come in there only because they have to get something done. If you work at a place where people kind of have to go- such as the grocery store- it can be annoying enough. But when you work at a place where people have to go because the government forces them to, oh that is a treat... like a "candy-made-out-of-poo" kind of treat. Well, either way, the people there were actually quite cordial to us- especially the last girl with which that we worked (we jumped around from person to person- who knows? DMV...). She was super friendly and funny. She made it an actually pleasant experience. No... your vision isn't going bad... I did write "pleasant". DMV... pleasant???? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!?!?!?! Shocking.

Oh, DMV... as lovely as it was to work with that last employee... I shall not miss you. BOOYAH! Driver's licenses and car title- DONE!

P.S. "DMV" is written in this blog 19 times... that has to be a record or something.

P.P.S. I know some of you are double-checking my counting abilities. That's right... you can't hide.


  1. You are so funny.
    I enjoyed your first paragraph.
    Just think, in a few years you will know your way around EVERYWHERE.. or hopefully a bit sooner than that. :)

  2. Haha! Thanks! Tricia, I appreciate your confidence in my abilities to know my way around in a few years, but I must tell you... I have the WORST sense of direction. I went to college at Florida State University in Tallahassee, and I kid you not, I could STILL get lost on the way to the supermarket during senior year. Oh yeah, it's bad. LOL! =]